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As WordPress continues its evolution, and one of the main reasons is the big number of designers and developers who are devoted to the community.

As a result a number of new plugins get released on a monthly basis, which is great as these plugins offers useful features.

But there’s a problem with finding what are the recently plugins and for most of us it’s the time to do so due to our busy schedule.

So I’ve put some time a side, and searched through the plugin directory to show you, 10 recently released plugins which offer a range of features and functions that you may be interested in.

1. Easy Social Sharing


Easy Social Sharing plugin provides you with an easy way to display various popular social share buttons. It’s comes with Social Share count feature too, 18 Popular social sharing buttons that you can embed right into your posts, page.

Sharing your content has never been so easy. The plugins developers has packed the plugin with some very handy features like  multiple layouts, multiple design, custom colours and more.

2. Media Cleaner


Clean your Media Library from the media which you aren’t using in any of your posts, gallery and so on with this plugin. But first, before using this plugin, just make sure you have a proper backup of all your files and database.

This is the most important step on the usage of this plugin, you can’t trust any file deletion tools.

3. Wrap Form Fields in GravityForm


An add-on for Gravity Forms which allows you to wrap form items in a div with a custom class for styling purposes. Supports conditional statements too.

4. Image Hover Effects for Visual Composer


This Image Hover Effects is an Visual Composer Extension, this plugin that will allow user to add 40+ hover effects to images with captions.

As this add-on adds 20 circle and 15 square CSS3 transitions of hover thumbnail to the Visual Composer. Most of the transitions have 4 type of directions, thumbnail support lightbox or custom link, give user a lot of flexibility to add a grid gallery.

5. Custom Page Templates Setup


This plugin offers you the ability to add custom page template files to your WordPress installation without having to manage theme folders or use a ftp client. Simply upload the custom template file you have been working on and it will be registered with WordPress as a template option for your pages. This plugin is straight to the point and has a clean user interface.



WP HRMS is basically a WordPress based human resource management plugin, which can be used to maitain the records of human resource of your organization. It is a light weight plugin which is focused to maintain the records with ease.

7. WP Async CSS


When loading a webpage with a lot of CSS-files then the loading time can go through the roof! With this plugin you can choose which files to load asynchronously and therefore cut down the time before the page starts to show. This plugin uses a polyfill called loadCSS which allows us to use JavaScript to load selected CSS-files after the page have started to appear on screen.

8. WP Reset


This plugin resets the WP Database to the default installation. Its delete  all customisations and content of your WordPress site but does not modify files only resets them.

9. Popup Manager


Popup Manager is the newest and powerful popup builder. With this plugin you can easily create attractive popups and manage their style, dimensions, effects, triggers and much more with no coding skills required.

This plugin is a great tool for your marketing campaign that allows you to build highly customisable popup windows. It allows you to create unlimited amount of popups and them to any page you like.

Each popup comes with advanced styling options where you can specify things like font, margin, background, close icon, colours, and much more.

10. FrontKit for WordPress


FrontKit for WordPress is a front end editor that enhances the WordPress publishing experience by providing users access a new intuitive editor directly from the front end of their web site.

The streamlined interface allows for a distraction free editing experience that integrates an array of tools that are available from the dashboard, including access to the media library and image formatting.


WordPress Wednesday – 10 Recently Released Plugins from the Official Plugins Directory