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For all of those who run a WordPress powered website which allows any one to logins such as a forum, BuddyPress site, membership site etc, then you will might wanting to choose to customise the WordPress login system in a way or maybe even hide the fact that your are running on WordPress.

The default WordPress login is fine and functional for single person use but you may wish to customise if you want to go that extra step for clients to further their branding or you may even wish to provide extra functionality such as authentication to stop those spammers & hackers or you may just want to allow people to login their social accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Amazon or Google to login.

Whatever your need to customise the WordPress login system, there are a huge number of plugins available to you to use. For this weeks WordPress Wednesday roundup you will see that we’ve collected many different free & premium plugins that will help you achieve what you need.

1. Sideways8 Custom Login and Registration – Free


The way your site is presented to your users is important. That is why we made the “Custom Login and Registration” plugin. It is designed so that both you and your users never see the built-in WP login, registration, and password reset forms. It is still compatible with all of WordPress’ built-in functionality and logout links will still function as they should.

A login form widget is included to make it easy for your non-logged in visitors to find the login form. You are even able to add content to the login, registration, forgot password and password reset pages through the settings page.

2. zM Ajax Login & Register – Free


zM Ajax Login & Register allows you to create a custom login and registration page or login and registration modals. Complete with AJAX verification and Facebook login support. You can create a custom login and registration page. No need for any custom post types, just create a normal WordPress page, add your own custom logo, text, and use the following shortcode [ajax_login], [ajax_register].

3. Social Login – Free


Social Login is a professionally developed and free WordPress (BuddyPress compatible) plugin that allows your visitors to comment, login and register with 25+ Social Networks like for example Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, PayPal, LiveJournal, Instagram, Вконтакте and Yahoo.

4. Facebook Login Widget – Free


This is a Facebook login plugin as widget. This widget also supports default WordPress user login. A Facebook application API needs to be created to setup this plugin. The setup is simple. Instructions are provided below.

5. Webriti Custom Login – Free


Webriti Custom Login plugin allows you to customise the default login page. With this plugin you can add a custom logo and customise the back ground colour. It is ideal for Web Developers you would like to put their brands in front of the client.



The WordPress Login Themes plugin allows you to now have the ability to upload your own custom company logo as well as choose from 8 of the latestWordPress colour schemes or create your own colour schemes, allowing your to match the login page; to your dashboard.



WP e-Commerce Social Login extension allows users to login and checkout with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Windows Live.



The Login With Amazon for WooCommerce WordPress Plugin allows your users to log-in to your WooCommerce driven shop using their Amazon credentials. Nearly everyone today has an Amazon account. Why not using this possibility of an easy-login without remember another password? It simply displays a “Login With Amazon“ Button right beside your WooCommerce-Login page and/or on WordPress‘ Login screen.



Hipster Login let’s you change your boring WordPress login page into a modern and beautiful, full-screen background login experience in literally 1 minute. With more than 50 options for you to play with, you can customise nearly everything: fonts, background colours & images, colours, spacings, etc.



Pathway let you customise your WordPress login page, You can customise with an unlimited design from the admin options, and bring to your clients a new login page design


WordPress Wednesday – 10 Plugins to Customise your WordPress Login System