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WooCommerce is just plain awesome as it’s lets the average people to turn their regular old WordPress site into a full featured eCommerce website, i probably don’t havve to tell you that WordPress is now definitely one of the best solutions for powering any site and/or online store. Not only does WordPress allow you to manage your any type of content with it’s for a blog or as showcasing your complete business website as a CMS, it’s also a great solution for building an eCommerce sites without the need to learn complex code or use a difficult e-commerce CMS. Especially since WordPress is already so popular, it’s easy to see why it would be the first choice for someone to build an eCommerce site.

So for this WordPress Wednesday roundup you will see some of the latest and probably some of the greatest WooCommerce based plugins (or add-ons if you want to call them that) that you can find today that will help you on your way running your eCommerce site.

1. WooCommerce Shipment Tracking – Free


The free WooCommerce Shipment Tracking is a WordPress plugin that allows you to manage easily shipping information concerning your order and that lets your customers be notified about their order shipping. Discover all the features of the plugin and install it in your theme: the result will be extremely satisfying.

Once you’ve installed and activated this plugin along with the WooCommerce plugin you will in your dashboard that a new tab called “Order Tracking” has been added, this is where you are able to configure all plugin settings.

2. WooCommerce Product Search – Free


WooCommerce Product Search is a really a free and easy-to-use plugin, all uou just need to install it and it’s ready to work. It creates a simple search box in which, when you start to type your keyword, the plugin will suggest you the products that matching your searching criteria. It is very useful to provide assistance to your users while they are trying to search any products in your website.

3. Beanstream for WooCommerce – Free


The Beanstream for WooCommerce plugin will allows you to process credit cards through its gateway. This plugin aims to show anyone that they can use Beanstream to take credit card payments in their WooCommerce store without having to write a single line of code. All you have to do is copy Merchand id and API pass key to a settings page and you’re done.

4. YITH WooCommerce Request A Quote – Free


The YITH Woocommerce Request A Quote plugin lets your customers ask for an estimate of a list of products they are interested in from a single button that located in the product detail page, users can create their own list to receive a quote from the administrators.

Quotations are one of the best ways to deal with certain types of purchases and it is very difficult to be played for online purchases.



This is an ultimate tool for those who wanting to manage their WooCommerce shops, right at the frontend, this plugin features live product editing! It has never been this easy to manage a professional online store! WooCommerce Frontend Shop Manager integrates itself all over your shops frontend and adds the live editing product functionality.

It supports product archives, single products, and even the shortcodes! All WordPress templates are supported by default. This tool will improve your shop, and will save you a lot of time spent on managing your products. Well, WooCommerce just got better! Get up to 50% more time for you life!



The WooCommerce Rapid Stock Manager allows to update your stock inventory and variants sizes very quickly, displaying everything within one screen.

Automatically updating without reloading the page, so your stock inventory gets updated automatically. Friendly interface to allow you to access and update your stock with ease and you can adjust your stock for any of the products(including variants), so your current stock without effecting the inventory if users are purchasing the item.Set your stock for any of the products (including variants), so your stock will be the value you entered.

This plugin has a Low stock indicator which will allow you to know straight away what is in low stock to take immediate action. row/column highlighting on products have been modified and need to be saved. Stock report to export to excel with available list or grid view.



The WooCommerce Product Disclaimer plugin exists to give any shop manager the ability to show some disclaimer information of a specific product or product category that pops up and asking you to agree to the terms before the item gets added to the cart, If you accept, item gets added to cart, if you decline, item does not get added to cart.



This plugin allow the admin to specify the branches for the customers to pickup purchased products, the admin can specify the working hours, working days and urgent vacations . Also you can specify the time date picker for the front-end to match your website theme



WooCommerce Gateway Discounts is a WordPress plugin which adds payment gateway based discount on your WooCommerce powered store. This is very helpful when you want the user’s to use some specific payment gateways because of the fee difference between different gateway charges. You can easily offer discount for specific payment gateways.



This is a unique WordPress plugin as it adds a visual cart on your WooCommerce site, when a customer adds a product to the cart, he literally sees the product go into the cart. When the customer clicks on the cart link, instead of going directly on the cart page, the visual cart is showed without page reloading. Products can also be removed directly from the visual cart.


WordPress Wednesday – 10 of the Latest WooCommerce Plugins