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Here’s once again is another roundup of the newest wordpress plugins that you can find through the plugin directory as we can see if you are running any type of WordPress powered website the endless list of plugins that can provide some new sort of enhanced functionally is the best to give the vistor a better experience on your site.

Today’s roundup features 10 newest wordpress plugins and all plugins below are compatible up to the latest WordPress 3.6 and there is something for everyone including plugins for publishing blogs news, putting messages in the admin area of wordpress, theme options, maps routes with google,  limiting quantity in woocommerce, support videos, invoice extension, adding custom scripts, social testimonials and showing google feedburner subscription

1. WP News Bulletin

WP News Bulletin

WP News Bulletin, this wordpress plugin help your to publish your company or blog’s news & updates. It also have a user friendly front end UI which appears with a nice auto news slider. Your website’s visitors can read the full news through a popup box.

2. EP Admin Messages


With EP Admin Messages you can show messages in the admin area of WordPress. Each message can be shown at multiple places and can be limited to only be shown to specific user groups using capabilities.

This plugin requires that you add a config file to your themes folder. It’s mostly useful for theme developers that want tho show messages in the admin to the users of their site.

3. Tea Theme Options

Tea Theme Options

The Tea Theme Options (or Tea TO) allows you to easily add professional looking theme options panels to your WordPress theme. The Tea TO is built for WordPress v3.x and uses the WordPress built-in pages.

4. Google Maps Travel Route

Google Maps Travel Route

Google Maps Travel Route enables you to easily insert Google Maps along with a travel route, tour, etc in your WordPress website. Via dashboard you can add,edit or delete locations or edit the options for the map itself.

The map can be inserted in pages, post or sidebars via shortcode. A widget is also available. You will only need to have a valid Google Maps API key which you can get here.

5. WooCommerce Max Quantity

WooCommerce Max Quantity

WooCommerce Max Quantity is an extension for WooCommerce that lets you set a max limit for the number of items that can be added to the cart. It’s a universal limit, meaning this limit affects all products in your WooCommerce store.  The limit is per product, not per the entire cart.  This works for guest buyers, as well as logged-in buyers.

6. DevSup WordPress Support Videos


Giving you and your users complete access to the development support video library, from inside WordPress, this is the ultimate video training plugin.

7. WooCommerce-InvoiceXpress


The InvoiceXpress Extension for WooCommerce allows you to invoice your clients via InvoiceXpress ( based on the orders you take on your WooCommerce store. When an order comes in the extension checks if the customer exists in your InvoiceXpress account and creates an invoice that can be e-mailed or archived.

8. Simple Scripts

Simple Scripts

An easy-to-use WordPress Plugin to add custom scripts (like Google Analytics) to your website’s header and/or footer. Great for Administrators who don’t want to store their custom scripts in a theme’s options. These fields will remain even if the theme is changed.

9. Kudobux


Kudobux Testimonial Widget plugin allows you to display social testimonials or selected quotes on your WordPress blog.  Kudobux grabs all the positive and great things people are saying about you on social media(Facebook,Twitter,Blogs,G+,Emails…), filters them and display it on your website with an easy to customize clean widget.

With Kudobux you always get upto date testimonials on your website, this will wow your web visitors and improve your SEO drastically. It is easy to setup and 100% free.

10. Feedburner Follow Me

Feedburner Follow Me

Feedburner Follow Me is a simple plugin that allows you to show Google Feedburner subscription form either as a floating button or in sidebar(widgetized areas of your site). This plugin is very helpful for your visitors to subscribe to your feed and receive every new update into their inbox right away.

Even you don’t have to worry about managing subscription and email content, it will be automatically managed by Feedburner. This plugin is quite easy to use and customize, just put your Feedburner user name via admin panel and you are ready to rock!


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