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WordPress is certainly one of the most feature best rich and user-friendly publishing platforms available today as it is because of the openness, extensibility and the widely open source community,but at the same time we want to improve our site overall and make it even stronger so for today’s WordPress Wednesday post features 10 new and free plugins to help make it stronger.

1. HC Custom WP-Admin URL

HC Custom WP-Admin URL

With this wordpress plugin you can reduce the possibility of your website been hacked or hijacked as you can change the wp-admin and wp-login.php to any of your choice as this will make it impossible for hackers to access your adminsitration login page.

So for example instead of having and you can have or

2. iPad Rubberneck Disrupter

iPad Rubberneck Disrupter

When you login to your WordPress site on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, each character of your password will be displayed as you enter it. This is not ideal when you login to a WordPress site from your iPad as part of a presentation or someone is looking over your shoulder.

This plugin obscures the password as you type it on your iPad; Each character of the password will appear as a plain disc.

3. Plugins Security Level

Plugins Security Level

This plugin makes a classification indicating which active plugins are safe to use and which not, based on the following factors:

  • You are using the last version of the plugin.
  •     The plugin was recently updated.
  •     The plugin is in the repository.
  •     The plugin is compatible with the WordPress version you are using.

The security level for each plugin goes from -4 (Worst) to 3 (Best).

There is also a global level based on the points of all plugins. This level can be (from the worst to the best): Danger, Caution, Good, Very Good and Excellent.

4. Map Images

Map Images

This plugin parses a post looking for all image files with GPS exif data. It then appends a Google Map to each post with a marker for each image found in that post. It can include both locally stored images and remotely stored images.

In order for Google Maps to work properly, a Google Maps API Key must be obtained. Please be aware that the key is free for a limited number of map generations, 25,000 requests/day.

5. Custom Field Finder

Custom Field Finder

Allows you to easily find the custom fields (including hidden custom fields) and their values for a post, page or custom post type post.

Just go to Tools -> Custom Field Finder, enter the post ID of any post and you’ll see all the custom fields, including the ones that start with an underscore ( _ ) that are normally hidden from the custom fields interface

6. Bootstrap MCE Elements

Bootstrap MCE Elements

This plugin creates a button inside of every rich text editor within WordPress which allows the user to insert pre-built Bootstrap compatible code into the editor. This plugin includes the ability to add Buttons, Wells, Labels & Badges of different sizes and styles easily into your WordPress pages or posts.

It also allows you to include the default Bootstrap CSS for these objects in your WordPress editor and your template if you wish.

7. Easy WP SMTP

Easy WordPress SMTP

Easy WP SMTP allows you to configure and send all outgoing emails via a SMTP server. This will prevent your emails from going into the junk/spam folder of the recipients.

8. PressPay


Press Pay is a fast and easy way to turn your WordPress Blog into a Web Store. After signing up for an account with Stripe, insert a shortcode into any Page or Post and you’ll be given a payment button which pops up a credit card form when pressed.

Your customers enter their credit card information in the form and Stripe processes the sale. Simple, Easy, Straightforward.

9. Google Map Lightbox Popup

Google Map Lightbox Popup

Google Map Popup plugin allows you to add a google map popup image which on click pops up the google map for your business or the address that you want to portray.

10. Columns


This plugin is help you boosts your website with columns. You will just need to include Create a column group with the [column-group] shortcode, then add columns to the group with the [column] shortcode.

All the styles are located in columns.css but if you’d like your use your own margins and stuff, you can dequeue the columns.css style during wp_enqueue_scripts with a priority of 11 or more.


WordPress Wednesday – 10 New Plugins From The Plugins Directory