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It’s time once again for WordPress Wednesday and it’s time to take a peek inside the official WordPress Plugin Directory to see what new plugins that are available for all of us who use to download, install and try, below in today’s post you will find 10 new plugins that hopefully can help you to put something new or extends some functionality into WordPress powered website.

Some of the plugins that you can find featuring in today’s post can help you with create a simple contact details for your contact page, allowing you Etsy store to show in your WordPress site, allowing for some smooth accordion for your content, highlighting new posts, allows your users to shout with a shoutbox plugin plus many other awesome new WordPress plugins

1. Contact Details by WooThemes


The Contact Details plugin is a simple little plugin that will allow you to configure various contact details in the WordPress admin then display them on your website, the items you can configure are such as the Phone number, Fax number, Location name & address, Email address, This plugin has also the capabilities of showing your social media profiles or even showing a map directly to your location of your business.

2. WooCommerce Loyal Customer


Woo Commerce Loyal Customer provides any who has acess to the dashboard aka the admin staff a way to view the total number of orders received per registered customer in a very user friendly manner with the help of color codes. It also gives a functionality to search registered customers by name and email.

Beside this, the admin can also sort the order count by ascending and descending order. Please note that if a registered customer posted a single order, which has status of failed or in process, It will be not be accounted in our plugin. In short, order count will work fine in case of those registered customers who have posted one successful order in the past.

3. Esty360


Etsy360 is a smart and easy to install WordPress plugin that allows you to showcase your Etsy Shop Listings on your WordPress website. As you make changes to your Etsy Shop all newly added or updated items are updated in realtime on your website or blog.

4. Ultimate Profile Builder


Ultimate Profile Builder which been built by CMSHelpLive will lets you create and manage profiles on your site!, With this plugin you can define custom user roles like Authors, Actors, Tennis Players or anything you want. It will also allow visitors to register on the site, fill out custom fields specific to user roles and upload profile images. Their profiles can be edited by the users anytime by logging into the profile area of the site.

You can display member profiles as list or box view. The profile view will show image thumbnail, profile snippets and user posts contribution.

5. WordPress Strong Authentication


WordPress Strong Authentication lets you authenticate users with a second factor of possession like OTP, EMail or SMS.

6. Smooth Accordion


With this plugin you can simple add a easy collapse accordion plugin for post and page. You can easily insert accordion in your post or page. You don’t need to remember the shortcode. Just install and you will find a shortcode button in your WordPress TinyMCE editor.

7. Highlight New Posts


With this Highlight New Posts plugin you can highlights new posts for your (returning) visitors. Posts that were published after the most recent visit by your visitor get a “NEW” label appended to their title. It’s a great way to help users find new content and to increase your pageviews.

8. Shouty


Shouty (shoutbox) is a WordPress plugin for you to receive messages from your users. It creates a custom post type called “shout” which will allow you to administer shouts from the Dashboard as you do for the default post types. You can add Shouty in a post, page or a widget using its shortcode.

The shortcode has certain options for you to customize the look and function of the Shouty. Shouty shares messages using AJAX and protects your blog using Honeypot spam protection technique. All users must log in to share shouts, when a shout is shared, the user’s avatar is set to be the featured image of the shout so that you can later make use of it. It doesn’t accept any HTML but http and https links are converted to a tags when the shout is shared. You don’t have to worry about unclickable links.

9. Grid Gallery Ready!


With the Grid Gallery Ready plugin you can create responsive and filterable portfolios and image galleries. One Gird Gallery plugin with unlimited layouts. Unlimited options with responsive and adaptive design.

10. RVM – Responsive Vector Maps


With RVM (Responsive Vector Maps) plugin it will allows you to create responsive vector maps for your WordPress site. As we all know that vector maps have the advantage to not loose quality when reducing or increasing their sizes. Using RVM you will not need to create static images for area map tags.


WordPress Wednesday – 10 New Plugins from the Directory