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WooCommerce is arguably the most popular eCommerce platform amongst the many eCommerce platform options available. The popularity of WooCommerce can be credited to the fact that it’s WordPress based.

And as WordPress is the most popular and easy website building tool, pushed the popularity of WooCommerce up and established it as the most popular and easiest eCommerce tool.

In this WordPress Wednesday post, I’ll share 12 New and Free WooCommerce extensions available in the official WordPress plugin directory to help you improve your online store.

1. PW WooCommerce Gift Cards

Gift Cards are convenient and increase sales organically. The WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin makes it easy to sell gift cards to your store. So easy to get started, you can be selling gift cards for your WooCommerce store.

2. Price Bands

Create and assign price bands to products. Update a price band and all assigned product prices reflect the changes.

3. GetLoy Payment Gateway

The GetLoy payment gateway for WooCommerce is a free payment gateway for WooCommerce that allows you to accept payments using the following payment providers PayWay by ABA Bank and Pi Pay.

4. Quick Orders

Quick Orders for WooCommerce let you create simple quick order forms for your products. The shortcode [quick_order] is configurable.

5. WooCommerce UPS Shipping

This free UPS WooCommerce plugin lets you offer a full range of UPS shipping options. You’ll integrate the plugin in just 5 minutes. Your clients will see every UPS shipping option in the checkout with its real price. The shipping cost is calculated automatically online due to UPS API connection.

6. WooCommerce Added To Cart Notification

WooCommerce Added To Cart Notification will open a popup to notify the customer immediately after adding a product to cart.

7. Shop as Client

Allows a WooCommerce store Administrator or Shop Manager to use the frontend and assign a new order to a registered or new customer, taking advantage of all the frontend functionalities that might not exist on the backend, which can be very useful for phone or email orders.

8. WooCommerce Product Review Export/Import

WooCommerce Product Review Export/Import is a plugin for export and import review, rating and comments meta of WooCommerce products .

9. Floating Quick Buy Button

Here is a plugin that allows your e-commerce site to float a customizable buy button at the bottom of your mobile screen after a certain scroll-depth that you enter (the default is 200).

10. Non-Purchasable WooCommerce Products

Set certain WooCommerce products to be non-purchasable (display-only), with a custom message and button text.

11. W3nuts WC Multistep Checkout

The WooCommerce Multistep Checkout plugins creates number of steps of the WooCommerce checkout template. You can manage the steps as per your desire numbers. Fully customizable through WooCommerce and WordPress starndard coding. You can add your own title, step’s page heading and text, button text and your custom error message.

12. WooCommerce Product Addons

Woocommerce Product addon plugin. Add custom fields to your Woocommerce product page. With an easy-to-use Custom Form Builder, now you can add extra product options quickly.Custom Product Options or fields can be added to product ordering page. This extra form data submitted by customers will be shown in site backend along with order details.


WordPress Wednesday – 12 New & Free WooCommerce Extensions