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The great popularity of WordPress stems in large parts from its almost unlimited expansibility with plugins as no matter on what you want are creating with WordPress, you absolutely can find a certain a plugin. However, it is not easy to find the proper one out of the 38,144 currently listed plugins in the WordPress plugin directory and around 4,000* premium plugins you can find on the web.

But this problem tends to intensify when it comes to a specific niche of plugins that offer solutions for the uncommon problems. So for this weeks WordPress Wednesday round up you will see that I’ve have come up with only 10 of many new & awesome plugins that are possible be unknow to the public.

*Please note the amount of plugins listed in the premium plugins stat is just a guess of my very own.

1. Minimal Shortcode UI – Free


This plugin allows theme/plugin developers to make their custom shortcodes easily accessible to their users through a modal dialog from the content editor.

2. Responsive Testimonials – Free


This plugin adds a “Testimonials” section to the admin panel which allows you to display your references/testimonials on your website the easy way. You can quickly add your testimonials with their authors, jobs and pictures. When done, simply re-order them at anytime and display them anywhere with a simple shortcode.

3. Geolify – Free


Geolify is a plugin that allows you to create geo targeted URL redirects and popups for your WordPress blog. It also allows you to get accurate visitor location data such as continent, country, state, city, latitude and longitude in your WordPress blog using a simple list of shortcodes.

4. Database Backup Amazon S3 – Free


Database Backup Amazon S3 to create Database Backup & Restore Database Backup easy. Database Backups can be uploaded to Amazon S3 Cloud to store database backup on safe place – Amazon S3 Cloud

5. Better Analytics – Free


The Better Analytics plugin allows you to easily add Google Universal Analytics code to your website and gives you the power to track virtually everything. Includes heatmaps, reports, charts, events and site issue tracking in your WordPress admin area.

6. Nude Image Blocker – Premium $20


The role of this plugin is to help WordPress administrator(s) / website owners to control and block images with explicit such as adult content. It can be described as a background running process which is activated on every image upload and/or comment posting. The plugin is highly customisable so, its scanning behaviour can be changed according to your needs.

7. Visual Styler – Premium $25


The Visual Styler plugin lets you to customise any element on your WordPress website using friendly visual interface with live preview. You can change almost any CSS rule, eg. colour, background, border, font size and so on. Also you can set specific CSS rules for mouse-hover state and responsive breakpoints (mobile screens, tablets and large screens). You can see history of all changes and edit/disable or delete any change that you have made. This plugin is compatible with all WordPress themes, WooCommerce, Visual Composer and works fine on WordPress Multisite Installations.

8. Plate III – Premium $16


Plate III player is one of the best player plugins for WordPress. It will be a good choice both for internet radio stations, blogs and artists fan sites. Plate III is fully responsive, also it’s got retina ready design so you don’t have to worry about the picture, the retina display users will see. Say “no” to blurry reflections!  Plate III copes with mp3 files, Shoutcast and Icecast streams, uploads artists and titles from meta, and uses covers from Its fully compatible with WordPress native media gallery.

9. WordPress Formula Editor – Premium $16


As we all know that WordPress has no math formula plugin default. This plugin is a formula plugin for WordPress called “WordPress Formula Editor”, you can use it inWordPress to insert math formula easily.

10. xSlider – Premium $18


xSlider is a multi-purpose plugin for WordPress that allows you to easily create stunning sliders. It already comes with a lot of features and ready-to-use animations, it’s fully responsive, SEO friendly, supports touch navigation and more. Its one-page interface is amazingly easy to use and full of very useful features for moving sliders to other wordpress websites, copying slides & settings between sliders, duplicating elements and so on. xSlider can be extended with ready-to-use slider templates that you can easily import, adapt to your needs and use in your website without having to create them from scratch!. (You can also find a free lighter version of this plugin right here if you don’t want to spend $$$)


WordPress Wednesday – 10 New & Awesome WordPress Plugins