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As we all know that WooCommerce is a great eCommerce platform to start with and since it’s built on top of WordPress you will find that there are literally hundreds of extra plugins that are available to make your WooCommerce store even better.

So for this week WordPress Wednesday post you will find some of the newest & awesome WooCommerce plugins that you can find around, most of these plugins will allow you to improve your all aspect of WooCommerce and some only parts of your store to maximize your sales.

1. OlalaWeb – WooCommerce Category Prices – Free


This plugin allows you to display your products’ prices on WooCommerce Category Archive pages, this plugin also works with Regular price, Sale prices and lowest to highest price and also includes formated micro data.

2. WooCommerce to Autoresponders Email Syncing – Free


This WooCommerce plugin is used to sync the email address of WooCommerce orders to Autoresponders. Whenever the plugin’s cron hits, it fetches all the complete WooCommerce orders email id and sync them to the connected Autoresponders account. Also if any order is updated then that Order will also be used to sync on autoresponders.

3. Woo Button Text – Free


Woo Button Text Changer allows you to change any WooCommerce button text globally. You can change button name directly from WordPress dashboard and also change the number of related product number in single product page.

4. Easy Custom WooCommerce Product Tabs – Free


The Easy Custom WooCommerce Product Tabs plugin extends the WooCommerce plugin to allow site admins to add custom tabs to products.

As tabs are managed on the Edit Product screen and can be added on a per product basis. Tabs can be easily added, deleted and rearranged and the Tab content areas may contain text, html or even shortcodes.

5. WooCommerce PDF & Print – Free


The WooCommerce PDF & Print plugin simply adds PDF, Doc and Print buttons on all WooCommerce Product Page. Which will allows the customer to print and save product information as PDF and MS Doc file.



Improved Variable Product Attributes plugin is for WooCommerce that extends the default variable product attributes.
With this plugin you can improve your customer product selection, setup your shop attribute styles and never show the Out of stock option.



WooCommerce Product Request plugin allow your customers to send multiple product requests with specific information to the shop owner.



WooCommerce Add To Cart Popup giving you avaibility, display popup window, with currently added product, with some extra informations for customer. You can show, how much must spend for available free shipping and for each product is possible define cross selling products and display them.



Woocommerce Group & Daily Deals is a plugin that integrate and works with all versions of WooCommerce plugin.

To add the feature of group & daily deals means that you can set a deal at a specific time and make that deal success only if certain number of buyers bought you product in a certain duration of time.

Thus, you can create a win-win situation between you, the seller and the buyer as it create a discount which will only be available if certain number of buyers which you set purchase the deal.



The Age restricted shopping plugin allows you to easily assign any product or category to be only viewable by a certain age group of users.

As this plugin adds functionality to assign any product or category to be only viewable by a certain age group which you can set on the WooCommerce admin settings.

The plugin works by asking the vistors their date of birth and then calculates the age and checks if the user’s age is able to view certain products then display those products and if not then it automatically hides those products from the shop.


WordPress Wednesday – 10 New & Awesome WooCommerce Plugins