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It’s a new year and probably some of us who use WordPress are either back at work either for ourselves or for someone and you probably are looking for the newest plugin but don’t have the time to do it, so for today’s WordPress Wednesday post is roundup of 10 of the latest WordPress plugins.

1. Compress PNG for WP


The Compress PNG for WP plugin will allows the users to shrink PNG files using the TinyPNG API. All the files can be automatically resized when uploaded as well as manually re sized within the Media Library.

2. WPFront Scroll Top


The WPFront Scroll Top is a plugin that will allows the visitor to easily scroll back to the top of the page, this plugin has fully customisable options and button image.

3. Ultimate WP Query Search Filter


The  Ultimate WP Query Search Filter let you search through post type, taxonomy and meta field. You can choose either search template or Ajax call to display the search results

4. WP Post Series


WP Post Series is a lightweight plugin for making a series of posts and showing information about the series on the post page. The information box is prepend to the post content and as this plugin can work with any theme by just using a bit of CSS styling.

5. Icon List


The Icon List plugin will provides a powerful and flexible widget to use standard list with icons. It can be used to display variety of information in an easy way with  icons.

6. Menus History


The Menus History plugin provides history of changes to WordPress menus items. The  information that will add to any site may be useful in restoring deleted or misplaced menu items.

7. Simple Site Speed


Simple Site Speed plugin will adds advanced load timing to each page. So you will know exactly what is causing a slow(or fast page loading on every page. This plugin does not require any settings and is displayed at the bottom-left of the page. The overall load time is shown initially, and when clicked, the advanced load times appear.

8. Google Font Manager


The Google Font Manager plugin will easily add any Google fonts to your WordPress website. This plugin was developed and dDesigned for both regular and advanced WordPress users in mind.

9. HS Custom Admin Theme


This plugin will allow you to create your own wordpress admin colour schemes. by allowing you to use t hadmin dashboard to customise the complete admin dashboard by using the colours that is your own choice.

10. Admin Toolbar Menus


This plugin will add 3 new menu locations to the WordPress toolbar that you can quickly and easily create your own custom toolbar menus using the built in WordPress menus page. This plugin will supports multi level and works seamlessly with the existing toolbar menus.


WordPress Wednesday – 10 Latests Plugins From The WP Plugins Directory


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