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Once again it’s time for this week WordPress Wednesday Post and for Today’s post we will be having a look through the plugin directory to see what were some of the newest plugins that been released in the last 12 days of March.

Below you will find 10 plugins that can hopefully help you to put something new and awesome into your site, some of the plugins that been featuring in today’s post will help you to fix duplicate posts that been made in your site, giving you a facebook and twitter share buttons that been inspired by Mashable, protecting your admin from hackers by giving you a special key that you enter in each time, a plugin that install a booking system and a plugin that change the WP Dashboard colour scheme

1. Meet My Team


If you ever needed to display a lot of team members but you find it too lengthy to put into a single page then you will need to use Meet My Team, as this plugin will solve the problem by providing you an intuitive interface that allows you to add your team members and display their information in a modal.

2. Fix Duplicates


The Fix Duplicates plugin will help you to find and delete duplicates posts that been made throughout your site. There are extensions that allow you find posts with similar content, redirect duplicates to the post you are keeping etc

3. Shortcode Shortcode


The Shortcode Shortcode plugin could be useful for you if you like to write about WordPress plugins and want to be able to show examples of shortcodes usage, but without the shortcodes being processed. The resultant display will be the same whether the plugin or theme providing the shortcode you are writing about is active or not.

4. ShiftNav


ShiftNav is an small but awesome mobile menu for WordPress. As ShiftNav looks and acts like native app off-canvas slide-out menus such as apps like Facebook, Gmail, etc.

5. Mashshare Share Buttons


Mashshare sharing plugin is a high-performance share functionality that was inspired by the great website Mashable for Facebook and Twitter, once you’ve activated the plugin the Mashshare Share Buttons will shows the total share counts of Facebook and Twitter at a glance and also the plugin will also put out some beautiful and clean designed Share Buttons on top and end of your posts to get the best most possible social share feedback from your user.

6. WP Admin Protection


The WP Admin Protection plugin will prevents access to administration area without appropriate access key. As this plugin adds a higher level of security to your WordPress website. And for ever reason your user and password has been access by a hacker they will not get access to administrator area without the special secret key.

7. WooCommerce Products Per Page


The WooCommerce Products Per Page dropdown is easy to install and has several other product page configurations. When activated the plugin already works and has multiple settings you can set to your desire.

8. WP Shortcode


The WP Shortcode which was developed by MyThemeShop is a free premium WordPress plugin that provides you some 24 easy to use over shortocdes. This  Shortcode plugin has all the normal items that you need every day such as easy to add buttons, alerts bars, videos, Google maps, tabs and much more.

9. WP Booking System


The WP Booking System is a simple booking system plugin. That will get you up and running in just a few minutes,this plugin will allow you to start receiving bookings from your visitors today with this plugin you can create booking calendars and forms, and even manage your bookings.

10. Coeur Admin Color Scheme


This plugin will allows you to give your WordPress dashboard a fresh new look. once you activate this plugin your admin panel will look clean and will allow you to focus on what’s really important for you and your users. This colours scheme is set as default and the plugin also prevents users from changing it.


WordPress Wednesday – 10 Brand New WordPress Plugin from the Directory