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WordPress is certainly one of the most feature best rich and user-friendly publishing platforms available today as it is because of the openness, extensibility and the widely open source community,but at the same time we want to improve our site overall and make it even stronger.

Today’s WordPress Wednesday post is a roundup of the 10 new WordPress plugins that you can find through the plugin directory.

1. Woocomerce HTML5 Video

Woocomerce HTML5 Video

This plugins will need WooCommerce to work as this is an add on which allows you to add videos to any of your products inside your online store by adding a new tab on the single products pages that will contain the selected video/s, This plugin s uses HTML5 to render videos in your product description page.

You can embed multiple videos which you can upload and store on your site or use videos directly from YouTube the plugin will also support MP4 and Ogg videos formats.

2. TSP Featured Posts

TSP Featured Posts

The TSP featured posts plugin will allow you to add featured posts to your WordPress website via a widget or on a page or a post using a shortcode. Featured posts have five different layouts that can include thumbnails, post gallery and quotes.

3. Slidely Slideshows embed

Slidely Slideshows embed

With this plugin you can easily create stunning sideshows to your site, you can instantly created from the photos and music you love in under 6 minutes.

4. BuddyPress Social

BuddyPress Social

Buddypress social plugins can add Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email share buttons to all of your community activity from members updates to group activity and even to media uploads.

This plugin will fit right in with most WordPress themes and will pick up your themes standard colours and adjusts the social buttons accordingly but with say that you may wish to override the colours with the colour picker inside the admin settings.

5. Meetup Winner!


This plugin will connect to the API and select a random member of your Meetup who have given a RSVP to your event so you can give out a prize at the event.

This is a simple plugin to install and activate as you will need to include your API key in the settings then add the shortcode of [meetup_winner eventid=”110963702″] to any page on your site and replace the number with the Event ID of your Meetup Event. Whenever you visit that page or refresh the page a new winner will be selected.

6. LateralPress


The plugin creates a custom post type called “lateralpress” and then a shortcode will display those posts in an on-screen scrolling timeline. The plugin is just an conversion of the script Lateral On-SCroll Sliding with jQuery written byMary Lou, Manoela Ilic.

7. Timber


This plugin will help you create themes faster with more sustainable code, With Timber you write your html using the twig template separate from PHP, once you’ve installed Timber it will give any WordPress theme the ability to take advantage of the twig template and other timber features.

8. Responsive Image Widget

Responsive Image Widget

This is a very simple widget that displays a single responsive, rationally proportional image inside a widget area. Intended to make adding images (whose proportions are important) to sidebar areas easier for non-technical users who would have trouble using the text widget to insert images into the sidebar.

9. Facebook Comments Master

Facebook Comments Master

Any heavy-duty WordPress website needs a top of the line comment system so users can express their opinions in certain blog categories, pages or posts.With Facebook Comments Master it is specially recommended for heavy-duty websites because it takes all the hassle of your website keeping it fast, and error clean.

10. mPulse Real User Measurement

mPulse Real User Measurement

mPulse captures and aggregates the performance and engagement metrics most important to your business in real-time, giving you the real user intelligence needed to correlate the impact of performance on the bottom line, take immediate action as required, and feed critical information back into the development life-cycle. All data is presented to you in a vivid, easy-to-understand and actionable format.


WordPress Wednesday – 10 Brand New & Free WordPress Plugins