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One of the best things about running any type of WordPress site is the endless list of plugins that can provide some new sort of enhanced functionality over the other to improve your site overall experience for the visitor. Today’s WordPress Wednesday post i want to highlight 10 of the newest WordPress Plugins that you can find directly on the Plugins Directory every type of plugin such as creating and manging photo albums, giving your images some retina support, putting hootsuite into your wordpress dashboard, creating an awesome FAQ page and many other great plugins

1. Easy Photo Album

Easy Photo Album

This plugin enables you to create and manage photo albums, just like posts. You don’t have to change any theme files, the album displays nice right away. Photo’s can be viewed by a Lightbox. The size of the thumbnails is all yours. So is the display size of the lightbox. You can manage the order of the photo’s (very easy with drag and drop) and tell your storie in pictures!

2. WP-Client Lite

WP-Client Lite

One plugin configures multiple areas of your WordPress installation and allows the site Administrator to easily create new Client Areas, Client Management Portals, Client Estimates & Invoices, Client File Upload Areas, or Private Staff Pages on the site by entering just a few data fields and clicking submit. Additionally, clients can upload/download secure files.

3. IMDb Markup Syntax

IMDb Markup Syntax

This plugin makes it possible to insert movie data in your text from the IMDb Web Service which is the same datasource that IMDb:s Mobile apps is using IMDb Mobile Applications.

4. Expand Portfolio


No need extra configurations for Expand Portfolio WordPress Plugin. Expand Portfolio allows to create unlimited Portfolio Items with Title, Description, Thumbnail, Portfolio URL. With the plugin installation’s a page named “Portfolio” will be create automatically. You have to add this page in your Navigation where you want to show this page. No shortcode needed, just choose a template for your portfolio and update the page.

5. Retina Image Support

Retina Image Support

This plugin will help you get setup to support retina images, making your website look great on retina devices like the iPhone4+, iPad3+ and the MacBook Pro Retina. This plugin will update your htaccess file and add one line of javascript to the header of your website. After you install and activate the plugin, you can add @2x images for retina support.

6. WP HootSuite Dashboard

WP HootSuite Dashboard

This plugin now puts the power of HootSuite in the palm of your WordPress hand, by enabling an admin area gateway for your HootSuite account. You can now do all of your scheduling and posting directly from your WordPress dashboard.

7. Country Code Failed Login

Country Code Failed Login

This plugin checks the two letter country code of anyone trying to login to wp-login.php. If the country code is different to your country code which you selected in the setup and the login fails a single attempt, it lists the IP address to a database hosted with

Each time a login attempt is made from a country code outside of your own, the IP address is checked against this database and if the IP address is in the block list, the wp-login.php form is not displayed.

8. EM Beer Manager

EM Beer Manager

This plugin allows beer creators from home brewers to professional breweries to easily manage and display their beers. Includes a comprehensive beer management section with a variety of options, including:  A custom beer “style” taxonomy for categorizing your beers, Shortcodes and template tags for displaying all or a select number of beers, Custom meta boxes to store detailed information about each beer, including abv, ibu, and ingredients,Simple beer checking integration with Untappd

9. Tweeple


Setup Twitter feeds to pull a user’s public timeline, public list, favourite tweets, or a custom search term, phrase, or hashtag all with this excellent plugin

10. WP Awesome FAQ Plugin

WP Awesome FAQ Plugin

No need extra configurations for WP Awesome FAQ Plugin. WP Awesome FAQ Plugin allows to create unlimited FAQ Items with Title, Description. With the plugin installation’s a Custom Post Type named “FAQ” will be created automatically. A shortcode [faq] needed, just crate a page for your FAQ section and update the page.



WordPress Wednesday – 10 Best & Newest Plugins From The Plugins Directory