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WordPress is certainly one of the most feature rich and user friendly publishing platforms that is currently available but at the same time designers and developers love it as it is one of the most widely open source and extensibility platforms and many of them want to improve their wordpress site to make it even stronger but with so many plugins available finding the best and new wordpress plugins can be hard and time consuming.

So today’s WordPress Wednesday post you will find 10 new wordpress plugins that you can find all through the Plugin Directory.

1. WP Headmaster


WP Headmaster is a free plugin to help webmasters correctly include, organise and enqueue common items into your theme’s head tag. WP Headmaster has been designed to work perfectly alongside other popular plugins like Yoast’s WordPress SEO, without any cross-over. WP Headmaster will continue to develop, but at present comes with the following features likegoogle analytics & web fonts,inline javascript, icons,jQuery and responsive polyfills.

2. Restore Default Widgets

Restore Default Widgets

Some themes and plugins unregister WordPress’s default widgets, usually to replace them with enhanced versions. However, there are cases in which you may want to use the original widgets. This plugin simply re-registers all default widgets.

3. WP Audiofanzine News


This widget allows you to include Audiofanzine’s news feed on your WordPress website, the Audiofanzine will provide news about musical instruments and audio gear to your visitors. By filtering the news feed according to the subject that is the most relevant to you you can select from computer music, recording, guitar, bass, drums, electronic instruments, DJing or lights.

4. Diagnostic Tool


The Diagnostic Tool plugin will allow you to test email setup including hooks that other plugin use, outgoing connections that wordpress uses, DNS server and also spots file changes within your wordpress that could possibly compromised your websites.

5. Primal for WordPress

Primal for WordPress

The Primal for WordPress plugin gives publishers the ability to deliver news and information from across the Web, tailored to each individual page within your WordPress site. Unlike other WordPress plugins that recommend related content, Primal’s plugin provides you the ability to target the related content to the specific subject matter of each individual page and post.

6. Ultimate Auction Plugin

Ultimate Auction Plugin

Hosting auctions on WP is something that not a single one of the plugins has ever gotten really right but this plugin aims to fix that by allowing you to setup a quick and easy professional auction website just like ebay. The Ultimate WordPress Auction plugin is simple and flexible that will works with any WordPress theme.

7. PauPress – CRM Plugin


Manage your contacts, customers, clients, constituents or any other group important to you easily within WordPress. You can create and arrange as many profile fields on your user profile pages as you need. Search those fields to find commonalities or differences. Keep track of your interactions using notes. And capture new contacts through easy-to-use contact forms. These are the basics of any CRM (contact relationship management) application and PauPress does it all with the ease and simplicity of WordPress.

8. Fiat Alert Bar

Fiat Alert Bar

Create an alert notification bar anywhere in your website. Place the shortcode in a page, post, widget or template file one time. Then use the Alert post function in the dashboard to create and edit alerts, which will appear wherever you’ve placed the short code. This plugin uses a custom post type to generate the alert so editing the alert is as easy as creating a post or page. This is an intentionally light weight plugin (no jquery or javascript of its own) that aims to avoid theme or plugin conflicts.

9. SEO Extended


This plugin builds on WordPress SEO by Yoast by adding two pages: one where you can view and edit the SEO Titles of every Page, Post, and Custom Post Type on your site, and one where you can view and edit the Meta Descriptions of every Page, Post, and Custom Post Type on your site.

10. SmartFilter


SmartFilter enables your audience to share links, embeds, markups and rich content in their posts and comments without the risk of being hacked.


WordPress Wednesday – 10 Best & New Free WordPress Plugins