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It’s doesn’t matter whether you are a dentist, manage a hotel or a hair salon having a appointment booking system will help you to streamline your business. Now days, nearly everything happens online, and nearly everyone prefers to check it online before they purchase or  visit any businesses.

So if you wanting to allow your customers to make appointments directly from your WordPress website then this WordPress Wednesday is for as i will be showing you 10 free and premium appointment/booking plugins that you could add to your website.

1. Booking Ultra Pro – Free

Booking Ultra Pro is a great appointment free plugin that has a suite of features that will help you manage your online appointments 24/7.

The appointment scheduling plugin allows your customers to book appointments for your services directly from your website giving your customers a seamless booking experience. The unique 4 steps booking process will help you to attract new customers and generate repeat business from existing ones. All customer details are stored so you can run promotions and market directly to them.

2. Bookly – Free

Bookly Plugin is a great easy-to-use and easy-to-manage booking tool for service providers who think about their customers. Plugin supports wide range of services, provided by business and individuals service providers offering reservations through websites. Setup any reservations quickly, pleasantly and easy with Bookly!

3. Booking – Free

Booking Calendar plugin will enable online booking services for your site. It’s highly supported, oldest (since 2009) booking WordPress plugin with intuitive interface and flexible functionality, which is possible to use in wide range of businesses.

Your website visitors can check availability of property (like apartment, house, hotel room, etc.) or any service you offer and make a booking in a minute.

4. SimplyBook – Free

This plugin will solve the problem of online appointment scheduling on your website. If you need your clients to book online, SimplyBook will provide a perfect solution for time-efficient and easy management of your reservations.

SimplyBook Word Press plugin allows adding your Simplybook booking page to your Word Press website. After you create your own account in Simplybook, you can easily connect it to WordPress site with the help of API keys. SimplyBook can be used for free is you have no more than 50 appointments per month.

5. Ultimate Appointment Scheduling – Free

Installing the Ultimate Appointment Scheduling WordPress plugin help you to set up scheduling for customers through your website. Set up locations, services, providers for those services and let your clients start booking their appointments online today!

This plugin is great for businesses that need to set up one-on-one or one-to-many services, such as exercise classes or corporate training sessions. Also works for scheduling phone calls, if your business calls to give free quotes, an overview of your services, etc.

6. Booker – $18

Booker is a WordPress plugin which give you the most responsive and 100% user friendly booking appointment plugin. Where you will be able to create a smooth process for your users to book an appointment on your site. The advanced options panel of the plugin will offer you easy option to set up everything quickly.

The plugin gives you the option to integrate Google calendar, it comes with instant email notification system, cron job auto scheduler system, multi language support and a lot more.


WordPress Wednesday – 6 Appointment/Booking Plugins