The future of learning is eLearning. In the last 15 years alone, online education has evolved from academic fringes to a widely accepted educational channel. eLearning is expected to be fully mainstream within a couple of years.

And software companies are aware of this. As with eCommerce it’s the tools for starting online courses. With minimal design or development experience. When you are a topic expert, there is never been a better time to start.

So, to create an online course using WordPress, you may want to look for common WordPress themes for your site. However, it may not go far. Online learning requires specialised site features such as gated course content, lesson plans, and interactive activities.

To create an online course in WordPress. You need a Learning Management System (LMS) WordPress theme to do all of this. Some LMS themes handle the entire course, while others are designed to work with the WordPress LMS plugin.

In this WordPress Wednesday I’ve put together a list of 10 WordPress theme for your eLearning website.

1. Eikra


Eikra is an educational WordPress theme ideal which is ideally built for publishing courses online. The demos in this theme is perfect for schools, universities, and other institutions. That want to publish their courses online. Rather than individuals looking for ways to make them available online.

It offers a wide range of templates. These templates include not only the website home-page. But also internal pages such as course overviews, individual lesson pages, instructor pages, and pages displaying course pricing details.

It is also designed to seamlessly integrate with LearnPress, which is one of WordPress’s most popular e-learning plugins. Therefore, installing this theme and the LearnPress plugin on your website will give you access to all the e-learning and LMS features you need. Plus there’s a Zoom integration which is a useful of Eikra. This feature is certainly useful if you move to delivering educational content online. Eikra also allows you to publish online events on your website.

To make this a flexible online course topic, Eikra comes with a premium WP Bakery Page Builder plugin while being compatible with the Elementor Page Builder plugin. For this reason, you should be able to easily edit the Eikra template to ensure that your online course website is well designed.

Lastly, Eikra demos can be imported with just a few clicks to help you get started with your project right away.

Price: $49.00

2. MaxCoach

Max Coach

MaxCoach WordPress theme is suitable for anyone who wants to publish their own courses online. This theme is especially suitable for life coaches, fitness trainers, and health coaches who need online space to share their classes.

All demos come with a stylish home-page designed to help promote themselves. And the course to visitors. This theme provides many other off-the-shelf templates which you can use, such as some information page designs, home-page templates, and content for publishing terms of use. You’ll also have access to many templates for publishing actual online learning and course content.

The theme is designed to integrate seamlessly with the LearnPress plugin. And like the first theme in this list it’s also can be integrated with Zoom. You can use this popular service to deliver online sessions. It also has some additional features to make your online course website more effective.

Examples of these features are pop-up windows which can be used to promote offers to visitors. And encourage them to participate in email newsletters, and related course views to showcase other similar content. There’s a system that students can rate and review. Provides feedback on the content.

Accepting online payments using PayPal and Stripe in exchange for access to learning content is another useful aspect of this topic. MaxCoach supports WooCommerce, so you can add almost any e-commerce feature you can think of to your website. The

The theme been built to work with the Elementor Page Builder plugin, so it’s easy to customise.

Price: $69.00

3. CorpTrain

Corp Train

The CorpTrain theme mostly appeals to organisations that are trying to publish multiple courses online. Thanks to the theme demo, CorpTrain is highly recommended for offering courses online and creating corporate e-learning portals.

The flexible nature of the CorpTrain theme makes it easy to modify the demo to suit your purposes. It’s possible by including a powerful drag-and-drop page builder tool and a set of advanced theme options.

A useful educational feature of the theme is support for creating events. Since these events can be managed and delivered from the website. This theme is a great option for creating one-off or regular virtual seminars. Or training sessions that take place in real time. This theme has a great set of e-commerce features. So it’s okay to sell access to these events and other educational content on the site.

In addition, CorpTrain provides excellent integrated support with educational platforms such as Udemy and Teachable. This allows you to promote your content from multiple sources.

Price: $49.00

4. Educavo


Educavo is compatible with all LMS WordPress plugins. This theme is suitable for publishing a series of online courses on various topics. It’s also suitable for a variety of course publishers, from individuals to large organisations.

The demo been created for each of this type of main plugin, but as well as a demo created for the LearnDash, LearnPress, and TutorLMS plugins. So with the right demo, all the features of these plugins should look great on your website.

It was developed for full compatibility with the WPML plugin. If you publish your website and course content in multiple languages, this multilingual plugin handles the technical details when serving translated content. The RTL language is also supported. So you shouldn’t limit yourself when creating websites for international audience.

Importing one of the theme demos has no restrictions on website customisation. All templates are compatible with the powerful Elementor WordPress plugin. Easy to edit with this intuitive tool, it opens up so many creative possibilities for online course websites.

It is very impressive and most people need to have everything they need to start publishing their courses online.

Price: $39.00

5. eCademy


eCademy is an online course that publishes WordPress themes that are very easy to customise. So you don’t have to start from scratch when building an online course website with this theme.

You can choose from 14 website demos, each with its own focus. Options include demos of post-yoga training content, language courses, and common courses found at colleges and colleges.

One of theme main features is that this theme been built with Elementor. So with this freemium plugin you can customise the website with ease.

When it comes to LMS plugin compatibility, this theme is specifically created to work with LearnPress, Tutor LMS, and LearnDash plugin. It’s also compatibility with WooCommerce so there are no restrictions when deciding which tool to use to create a course.

Another useful feature of eCademy is support for the WP Events Manager plugin. This plugin can be used to promote online and offline events on your site. And with some configurations, you can process bookings and payments. It works with the Paid Members Pro plugin as this provides another way to control who can access you’re content and how.

This theme is a great example of a versatile WordPress online course theme.

Price: $65.00

6. Edubin


Edubin is an online course and educational WordPress theme built for professional purposes. The 12 website demos of the Edubin theme are ideal for individuals and organisations looking to publish their courses online.

So no matter what if you’re a tutor or a member of a large company. If you want to share educational content. Than this theme may be perfect for your ideal. This theme is designed to work with three major LMS plugins (LearnPress, LearnDash, and Tutor LMS) to add all the features you might need.

It’s also integrated with Zoom to enable delivery of distance learning content. Thanks to this, you can use this popular video conferencing tool to conduct individual or online group sessions. This feature is useful if you have recently switched to an online learning format instead of a face-to-face session.

All the demos and templates in this theme looks great. And the pre-made content is easy to customise. This theme is designed to take full advantage of the Elementor Page Builder plugin. So regardless of the type of educational content you publish online, Edubin has a large number of matching templates.

Price: $69.00

7. iGuru


iGuru has a number of stylish templates for promoting and displaying online courses on your website. Designed to integrate with the Freemium LearnPress plugin. This theme has all the e-learning related site templates you may need.

It, all thanks to the 3 homepage layouts in the theme package. You get several different options for how this important part of your website will look like. You can use the included WP Bakery Page Builder plugin to edit all your pages to get the look you want. Also includes all the page templates needed for online courses. Includes the course overview page, individual course content templates, and user account sections.

Some templates include a panel that displays the learning content in an easy-to-read format. So that visitors can find more courses. The controls in these panels allow visitors to use tabs to filter the course selections. Each block of the course contains important information. If multiple publishers are creating courses for your site. You can easily share the details of those people using the links to the published learning content.

iGuru and its templates provide different ways to view your courses online.

Price: $69.00

8. MasterStudy

Master Study

MasterStudy provides all the e-learning features you need in combination with some stylish website WordPress theme.

Whether you’re publishing your own online course, creating another course on your website, or promoting your offline course or educational content elsewhere, MasterStudy builds the right type of website.

For the online course features of this theme, is that the creator of this theme has developed its own e-learning plugin. The Master Study LMS plugin for WordPress is at the heart of this theme. The plugin provides all the course creation, content management, and student-related features you need for an educational website.

The plugin also supports collecting payments online, so you can sell access to your content without having to install any additional extensions. Themes and plugins were created by the same team, so they integrate seamlessly with each other to provide a consistent user experience throughout.

Other notable features include the ability to create quizzes and ratings, course presentation tools, and an online messaging system. Another interesting feature of MasterStudy is the ability to import course details from Udemy and turn your website into a platform for promoting external courses as a partner.

It is a highly flexible e-learning theme that includes everything you need to create an online course website using WordPress.

Price: $69.00


WordPress Wednesday – 8 WordPress Themes For Online Courses