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Your WordPress site’s conversion rates and email list-building efforts can benefit from having a pop-up plugin installed. Finding the ideal WordPress plugin for creating your pop-ups can be difficult, though, because there are so many of them available.

I’m here to help if you run into this problem. The best WordPress pop-up plugins, both free and paid, will be examined in this WordPress Wednesday. To help you focus your search for the top WordPress pop-up plugin to install, we will discuss each of their advantages and disadvantages.

What is a Pop Up plugin and what purpose does it serve?

A pop-up is a small window or image that appears on top of a live web page. It typically has a trigger that determines when to appear, such as when a page loads, when you scroll past a certain section of the page, or when you try to leave a website, to name a few.

You can save time and money by using the pre-built pop-up templates and pop-up builder provided by the WordPress pop-up plugins rather than having to create them from scratch.

Pop-ups assist in converting first-time visitors into loyal clients. Pop-up campaigns can increase the number of people who subscribe to your newsletter via email opt-ins, lower the website’s cart abandonment rate, and highlight ongoing events.

What to Look for When Selecting a Pop-up Plugin.

You should take into account a few factors when selecting the a pop-up plugin for your website, even though every developer and business owner has different needs.

  • Price: Choose a WordPress pop-up plugin that won’t break the bank. Some plugins offer specific functions as a paid add-on, so be on the lookout for upsells and hidden costs.
  • Features: Make certain the plugin has everything you require to start various pop-up campaigns. Additionally, the pop-up plugin needs to be quick and efficient without affecting the performance of your website.
  • Ease of use: The plugin should provide you with a simple setup process, a user-friendly pop-up builder, and a variety of trigger options so you can easily create customized pop-up campaigns.
  • Support: A good WordPress pop-up plugin ought to have a team of tech support specialists on hand to address any problems whenever they arise. Make sure there are numerous ways to contact the support staff.
  • Integrations: For a better workflow, confirm that the pop-up plugin supports integration with well-known website platforms and email marketing services.
  • Customisability: The triggers, campaign type, design, and placement of the pop-ups should all be customisable.

Now that you know how these pop-up plugins could benefit you. This WordPress Wednesday then can help you find the best WordPress pop-up plugin.

1. Popup Maker

Popup Maker

Popup Maker pledges to grow your revenue and email list without hassle by providing all the tools required to create pop-ups, slide-ins, and banners.

Along with a variety of pop-up types, Popup Maker features an integrated pop-up editor that enables you to personalise your pop-up designs.

Along with WPForms and Ninja Forms integration, the plugin also supports other well-known form builder services.

Popup Maker is compatible with email marketing platforms like HubSpot and Constant Contact to help you build your email list. For the best conversion rates, targeting particular visitors with a variety of triggering options and cookie creation events may be helpful.

The free version of Popup Maker includes all of these features. Premium extensions, pop-up analytics, and WooCommerce integration are all included in the premium plans, which range in price from $87 to $247 per year.

2. Icegram


One of the top WordPress pop-up plugins available is Icegram. This WordPress plugin helps increase traffic, subscribers, and conversion rate without coding thanks to its simple setup and range of features.

Icegram allows you to make toast notifications and CTA messages by providing four different types of opt-in forms.

For adding announcements to the header and footer bars of your WordPress site, this pop-up builder’s action bars are especially suitable. Maximum visibility is ensured while maintaining a positive user experience.

Controlling the visual aspects of each campaign is simple thanks to the display targeting options. Using a straightforward shortcode, you can base the trigger on particular pages, posts, categories, or even site visitors.

Along with a variety of pop-up themes. Also it allows for advanced customisation with custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

If you’ve never written copy before, This plugin innovative headline generator will come in handy.

A freemium WordPress plugin is called Icegram. More opt-in types and features, such as A/B testing, geo-targeting, and advanced targeting, are available after purchasing the premium version.

The premium version of this plugin costs $97 per year, and Max costs $147 per year on Icegram.

3. Sumo


Sumo is a straightforward yet functional WordPress plugin for email marketing and pop-ups. There are many features in this freemium tool that help you gather email addresses from website visitors and create email marketing campaigns.

Your ability to create individualised marketing strategies is made possible by the opt-in email forms’ customisable designs.

By providing you with visitor-targeting and social media sharing tools, Sumo can also increase your conversion rates and broaden your audience.

You can accommodate an infinite number of subscribers and send up to 10,000 welcome emails and newsletters each month with it.

Integrations with well-liked mailing services like Mailchimp and AWeber help you organise your work.

Sumo offers a discount code generator and analytics tools in addition to cart abandonment emails to track your marketing campaigns and increase conversions.

Both a free and a paid version of Sumo are offered. With the latter, you can get the A/B testing feature and get rid of the Sumo branding from your forms for $39/month.

4. Ninja Popups

Ninja Popups For WordPress

This is yet another top-notch pop-up plugin for WordPress websites, providing numerous integrations with other well-known plugins and a wide variety of responsive pop-up themes.

WordPress developers who are looking to maximise the effectiveness of their pop-up campaigns should consider Ninja Popups.

Ninja Popups’ drag-and-drop builder is simple to use and comes with a selection of free opt-in panels. Search engine optimisation, graphics workload, and quicker loading times are all taken into account in all pop-up designs.

Making customised pop-ups for each page or post on the website is also made simpler by the page-level targeting.

With the help of this pop-up plugin, membership websites can lock exclusive content and promote subscriptions. It is also compatible with WooCommerce and WPML, making it ideal for accommodating online shops and extending the reach of your website.

A/B testing and Google Analytics integration are other features. By investing in the Ninja Popups Regular License for $24 or the Extended License for $155, you can gain access to all of them.

5. Bloom


Bloom is a WordPress email opt-in plugin renowned for its contemporary designs. To create effective pop-up campaigns, it provides more than 100 pre-built templates and a variety of design tools.

Your needs can be met by choosing from six different automated opt-ins, each of which has three different form orientations and a number of triggering options.

For attracting visitors who interact with or express interest in your content, the after-commenting and bottom-of-post triggers are especially helpful.

Bloom has a page-level targeting feature that enables you to display pop-ups on particular site posts or pages in addition to supporting integration with Mailchimp and AWeber.

From your WordPress dashboard, you can more easily manage and monitor pop-up campaigns thanks to Bloom’s custom panel.

Having access to a statistics panel and integrating all of your email marketing accounts to combine subscriber counts are additional helpful features.

You can access Bloom, additional Elegant Themes plugins, and Divi website packs with the premium plan, which costs $89 per year or $249 for a one-time payment.

6. Green Popups

Green Popups

Multi-layer animated pop-ups are the specialty of Green Popups, formerly Layered Popups. With over 150 pop-up templates and a variety of display options, this WordPress pop-up plugin will definitely grab the attention of your visitors.

You can modify the pre-built designs and make them unique using the drag-and-drop visual pop-up editor. Utilizing the A/B testing function, compare two pop-up campaigns side by side and track their effectiveness with integrated analytics.

Layered Popups guarantees a quick page load time despite having animation-heavy pop-up designs. In addition, the plugin supports Mailchimp, AWeber, and other well-known email service providers for email list building.

The plugin’s integration with well-known payment processors like PayPal and Stripe is advantageous for online store owners. Even payment pop-ups can be used to persuade customers to make certain moves after making a purchase.

The Regular License for Green Popups costs $21, while the Extended License costs $105.


WordPress Wednesday – 6 WordPress Popup Plugins