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Not long ago, page builders didn’t exist, so anyone without programming knowledge couldn’t create a simple sales page for a business or landing page.

So we had to rely on web developers and designers and it was expensive. Moreover, these developers and designers had to make even the smallest styling changes to their website using CSS and HTML.

Then came the shortcodes to speed up the development process for those who don’t want to learn HTML. However, something is starting to appear and it is the WordPress page builder that has turned the design into a more intuitive procedure.

Developers can now create more sites at a specific time. Also, beginners and startups don’t have to rely on hiring developers. This is because you can create a site using drag and drop elements.

Why do you need a WordPress page builder?

Have you ever made a simple contact page? You can include a contact form with all required fields. You can then insert the card. It also adds some links to support pages and company information. The

Contact page is one of the easiest pages to create, but it requires a significant amount of formatting and coding to complete the process without using the visual page builder. However, everything changes when you install the WordPress page builder.

Also, most of the content is displayed on the screen just as it is displayed on the website. Just hit the preview button, no small adjustments!

So, in this WordPress Wednesday, find the best WordPress page builder for your website. There are quite a few WordPress page builders on the internet and thus makes it very difficult to choose one of them. Here are 8 of the many that will help you stop coding!

1. Elementor


Elementor is available as a free plugin download, but also you have the option to purchase the Pro version. The Pro version starts at $49 for one site and goes up to $999 for unlimited sites. You’ll find with the features listed in this plugin, and with the ease of use, this plugin is quite the steal.

Within the free Elementor download, it offers a straightforward but also powerful page builder for WordPress. Elementor page builder plugin has one of the fastest interfaces, you can find on the market.

The standard page builder features, includes animations, dividers, backgrounds gradient, and text effects. There’s even a template library with WordPress templates. All of which you can pick and choose from.
Also, there are some handy tools for maintenance mode, under construction pages, landing pages, and more.

The overall performance and feature-set of Elementor, doesn’t matter on which option you can go either pro or free version. It largely depends on what the needs you want for the particular site.

To start, Elementor Pro includes over 90 widgets for creating the perfect pages, whether it be for eCommerce, portfolio work, or a regular business website. And with the live form editor means that you no longer have to spend time in the backend working with forms.

2. Live Composer

Live Composer

Live Composer is free and open-source page builder. So you can navigate to the site, and download the plugin by simply putting in your email address and name. This plugin offers a front-end drag-n-drop interface so you don’t need to know anything about coding.

The editor makes a powerful responsive design and it comes with 40+ content modules for quick and easy page composing.

Live Composer has three themes for you to get started with your design, and it provides a specific integration for WooCommerce that you can buy for $69. This delivers full customisation for everything from product pages to cart pages.

The only part you would have to pay for is if you needed that WooCommerce support, or one of the numerous extensions. The extensions are sold in a package starting at $49.

Other than that, the Live Composer plugin is a basic, intuitive builder for any skill level.

3. Oxygen

Oxygen Builder

The Oxygen is a bit different than your average page builder for WordPress. Since it works through a separate module but it’s still connected to WordPress. With, Oxygen it cuts out most of the main menu items and toolbars that you typically would see from WordPress and only focuses on the page builder options that you need to create containers, paragraphs, and text blocks.

Oxygen starts at a price of $129 and that’s a one-time fee. This includes a 60-day money-back guarantee and lifetime updates for an unlimited number of websites that cost a bit more.

The point of using this service is to make sites within minutes. The pre-built components within Oxygen allow you to generate your own page designs. There are HTML elements that are included if you’d like to build your site in a more traditional manner.

It has an import and export feature for you to help move your design from one site to another site. Additionally, you can use Oxygen alongside other page builders. This is an advantage you find in certain features of each WordPress page builder.

4. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a strong page builder for any creative types who craves something more than the simplicity of other builders. Like many page builders there’s both a free and a premium version. The pricing is on the same line as most builders. So you can expect to use Beaver Builder on an unlimited number of websites starting at $99.

There’s a White-labeling version that is offered in the Agency plan which cost $399, so it’s clear that the team at Beaver Builder are also thinking about developing houses that have clients.

With this WordPress page builder. It allows you to gain full control over your design elements. All by starting with modern and beautiful templates and cleaning your site up with a drag-n-drop function. It boasts preciseness with the visual builder, which places it ahead of other page builder options that have fussy controls.

With the live, front-end editing is where Beaver Builder proves itself. Since you don’t have to maintain clicking the Preview button or guessing when making adjustments. It is also a mobile-friendly builder, and there’s WooCommerce supported as well which is useful for online stores.

You can save and re-use rows and modules for later use. You can also utilise shortcodes and widgets when third-party plugins don’t integrate with Beaver Builder. Lastly, there’s reusable templates, an open API, and an import/export feature.

5. Brizy


Brizy is another great page builder plugin on the market. It’s developed by ThemeFuse, who’d been creating WordPress themes for years. This making them seasoned veterans to the theme and WordPress. They have learnt what users need and want. And they have been focussed on making it as easy as possible to design pages for your website.

There are a free version and a pro version of Brizy. The pro version starts at a price point of $49 per year. Brizy has everything you need to get started designing without having to know any code. Everything is either a single click or a drag away.

6. WP Page Builder

Wp Page Builder

For a page builder that came out into the market in 2018, WP Page Builder, and has already made name for itself. The features provided by this page builder are there for a reason.

The smooth and simple design of this page builder plugin helps you understand it faster. The plugin is very easy to understand, making the use of rows and columns even easier. These add-ons have been created to perform a specific set of tasks. The library section allows you to save any row consisting of a set of add-ons at any time of your work.

The pre-designed blocks and layouts of WP Page Builder are some useful elements. So take advantage of the simple drag and drop feature. These blocks are very vibrant in contents and offer great design.

The layout packs are a great set of tool that helps you create a ready-made page in seconds. The packs contain one or more pages making it possible to use just one page from a bundle.

7. WPBakery Page Builder

Wpbakery Page Builder

WPBakery Page Builder is the most popular page builder plugin for WordPress. Back in the day, it used to be called Visual Composer. But that has since separated off into a separate tool with the page building features remaining with WPBakery. 

The page builder serves as both a front-end and back-end page builder which enables the creation of responsive web designs. With many templates and loads of flexibility, so it’s a solid choice. 

As it has been around for a long time so you will find many integrated layouts and building blocks to design your content including boxes, icons, text blocks etc. Also, many third-party vendors offer thousands of useful elements for a unique appearance and have 250+ integrations with other plugins like WooCommerce.

The WordPress page builder work with nearly all themes, pricing is pretty straightforward, the Regular license for the WPBakery Page Builder plugin is $56 and includes updates, premium support and access to the Template Library for use on a single site. And then there’s the extended license costs $299 which includes updates, premium support and theme integration for use in a single SaaS application.

8. Themify Builder

Themify Builder

Themify Builder has the special benefit of being built into all Themify themes. So if you come across a Themify theme that fits your needs, you will not to worry about incorporating a third-party WordPress page builder. Themify Builder sells for $39. Also there’s a Builder Lite version, which you can download for free.

The page builder has responsive elements across all screen size, the front-end live preview editing removes the need to mess around in the back-end. While the default drag-n-drop module includes the following: Text, audio, accordion, gallery, post, widget, and more.

The import/export feature, copy and paste modules, draggable column widths, and an undo/redo feature is available in the free version.

The premium Themify Page Builder offers more for advanced developers since it has an area to type in your own custom CSS. This opens up all sorts of customisation possibilities. The advantage of the choosing premium version is the over 60 pre-designed builder layouts. Also, you get 60+ animation effects and responsive styling for the most realistic design centre.

Finally, the add-ons help turn your page builder into one of the only plugins you need.


WordPress Wednesday – 8 Best Page Builders for 2022