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Using a WordPress multisite network is probably the easiest and most efficient way to manage multiple websites. Not only can you use the most popular content management system. But you can also take advantage of one of its most powerful tools.

As having a multisite networking allows you to manage any number of websites all from the same WordPress dashboard.

That’s why I’ve put together the must-have WordPress multisite plugins in this WordPress Wednesday post. To help those who using or planning to use a multisite network. And wanting to add more features that the default installation normally has.

Now, each plugins in today’s list will work seamlessly with WordPress Multisite. And it provide valuable functions that you can use to make your life easier, improve your site, or even both.

Let’s talk a small bit what is a WordPress Multisite Network?

A WordPress Multisite Network manages multiple websites in the same dashboard as a single WordPress installation, but instead of managing a single website, you can manage an entire collection of them.

All sites in the network use the same resources and framework, but each site has their own media repo and WordPress database.

Stand out features of a WordPress Multisite Network

There’s a few features that make it stand out.

Which include:

  • Ability to manage multiple websites from a single installation
  • Choose either subdomains or individual domain names
  • Create a network layer on top of individual websites for ease of administration.
  • Monitor your entire network with the new Super Admin role.
  • Implement security, backups, and themes for all your websites from a single interface

Here are the best WordPress multisite plugins that will help you a lot in managing your website.

1. WP Multisite Content Copier

Wordpress Multisite Content Copier Updater

WP Multisite Content Copier makes it easy to copy pages and posts between sites in your network. Functionally similar to the Multisite Post Duplicator plugin, but much more intuitive and convenient.

This plugin allows network administrators to quickly and easily add content to new websites without manual intervention.

Price: Free

2. User Switching

User Switching

This plugin allows you to quickly switch between WordPress user accounts with the click of a button. You will be immediately logged out and logged in as the desired user. As this plugin is useful in a test environment, a customer of a WooCommerce website, or any website where an administrator needs to switch between multiple accounts.

Price: Free

3. Multisite Language Switcher

Multisite Language Switcher

Multisite Language Switcher is a WordPress multisite plugin that makes your site accessible from all over the world. It includes support for the most common languages, lets you add flags to help users identify their native language, and manage translations for posts, pages, custom post types, tags, and categories. A very useful add-on for websites that need to appeal to the widest possible audience.

Price: Free

4. Individual Multisite Author

Individual Multisite Author

Individual Multisite Author is a useful WordPress plugin for multi-site. If you manage multiple authors or languages. This little add-on allows you to create a unique author bio for any of her websites or any instance of your site in any language.

This is a handy little plugin that quickly proves its worth when working with multiple authors.

Price: Free

5. Multisite Dashboard Switcher

Multisite Dashboard Switcher

Multisite Dashboard Switcher is a plugin made for WordPress that allows multisite admins to easily switch between dashboards. The MSDS provides convenient access to options pages from anywhere on your network, reducing the number of clicks required to manage your settings. For large networks, sites can be grouped by letter.

Price: Free

6. Admin CSS MU

Admin Css Mu

A simple plugin that allows you to add custom CSS to style your WordPress admin. Works with WordPress single install and WordPress multisite.

Version 2.0 has been updated to add a management interface. It’s under Appearance > Admin-CSS-MU. Admin CSS MU uses CSSTidy to clean up CSS and minify it if necessary. CSS is minified only when in use. The editor always shows non-grained CSS for easy editing.

Price: Free

7. Multisite Shared Blocks

Multisite Shared Blocks

This plugin allow contributors to share blocks from posts on the network. Other contributors can embed a view of each shared blocks on other sites of the network.

Price: Free

8. Multisite Multidomain SSO

Multisite Multidomain Single Sign On

When switching sites using the My Sites links in the admin menu, this plugin will automatically authenticate you into the site that you’re going to.

You do already have to be logged into a site in the network; this plugin just cuts down on having to log in again due to cookie isolation between domains.

Price: Free

9. Beehive Analytics

Beehive Analytics

Track and view Google Analytics statistics for your entire multisite network (both subdomains and mapped domains). Simply add the network-wide tracking code. You can also combine this plugin with domain mapping to collect data for subdomains and mapped domains.

Beehive puts all your important stats right in front of you with beautiful charts and graphs. You can also set user roles that have access to the analytics dashboard and allow site administrators to customise the configuration of their site.

Price: Free

10. Spectra

Spectra Ultimate Addons For Gutenberg

Setting up multiple sites on your network can be time consuming, especially if you’re just starting out. Fortunately, there is the Spectra plugin which was formerly known as Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg.

With its advanced and powerful blocks, anyone on your multisite network can instantly create almost any type of his website, be it a blog, corporate website, or personal portfolio.

Price: Free

11. User Role Editor

User Role Editor

User Role Editor is another useful plugin for admins. This add-on lets you manage users, roles, permissions, and control everything each user can do on your network.

The plugin uses a simple checkbox dashboard to assign or remove permissions for individual sites or entire networks. You can add, remove, and even remove roles. You can do the same for users.

Price: Free

12. Beyond Multisite

Beyond Multisite

Beyond Multisite Plugin is one of the most feature-rich plugins on this list. This is a super admin management plugin that helps you manage users, spam, comments, content, etc.

The list of features is extensive and covers all aspects of managing a multisite network. This plugin does things from copying entire websites. To moderating users and comments. This plugin does it all. Which isa very powerful plugin with lots of tools that are invaluable for busy admins.

Price: $29.00



WordPress Wednesday – 12 WordPress Multisite Plugins