You’ve already have seen website builders, but what about form builders?

For every WordPress site, a form builder is a must-have WordPress plugin. As having a contact form on your site helps visitors to easily communicate with the site staff without using their email box. Surely, having a contact page that has a contact form works as a connection between a site owner and the visitor, ensuring a better user experience.

A contact page simply used to have an email address, street address, phone number, etc which site visitors had to copy or save for contacting the site owner. Such a traditional way seems really inconvenient to the visitor but it was the opportunity for spammers which might harm your valuable site data.

With the WordPress core, there’s no more a problem. As we have to thank Contact Form 7 whom pioneered contact forms and helping the WordPress developers. As of today, we have a number of free and premium form plugins that been introduced in the WordPress community. This WordPress Wednesday, I’ve selected 8 WordPress form builder plugins for 2020!

1. weForms

Weforms Easy Drag & Drop Contact Form Builder For WordPress

Launched in the latter part of 2017, this form builder plugin is somewhat new in the WordPress form builder plugin market.

It has already proved itself to be the easiest and fastest contact form builder for WordPress. It has also made its name for offering the most number of premium features in its free version which compares to other form builder plugins.

The free version is loaded with features that you could use in any simple website, quickly generate contact forms, leads generating forms, user or event registration forms and more. Not to forget its comprehensive range of pre-defined customisable form templates for various events, that creates pre-customised forms with one click.

So get a unique feel of form creation with its drag & drop form builder and with its easy to manage user interface, design any types of forms much quicker.

With the 20+ custom fields, you can quickly create any form of your imagination and instantly preview the form that you created to know how it is looking in the front0end for the users. With its growth being popularity & reliability, it can be concluded that weForms will go a long way in the years to come.


  • Drag & Drop Builder that comes with Live Preview.
  • Forms are fully responsive.
  • Export & Import Forms Option.
  • Customising Admin Email Notification.
  • reCaptcha Enabled.
  • Form Redirection to Custom URL
  • Sync eMail Data with MailPoet, MailChimp, etc.
  • Multi-Step/Multi-Part Forms.
  • Entry Restrictions & Scheduling.
  • Geolocation & SMS Notifications.

Price: Free, but also has premium versions starting at $39.00

2. WP Fluent Forms

Wp Fluent Forms Fastest Contact Form Builder Plugin

WP Fluent Forms is a form builder plugin by WPManageNinja, With this WordPress plugin, you can build forms within a few minutes.

With the form builder it is a drag and drop editor which allows you intuitively add elements to your form easily without writing a single piece of code. The plugin comes with three templates which you can choose from when you are building your form. This helps you quickly get started and save your time when creating a form from scratch.

With WP Fluent Forms it has every possible form field you will require for your forms, from Name field to customisable HTML, everything is available in the plugin.


  • Action Hooks.
  • Conditional Email.
  • Repeated Fields.
  • Form Scheduling.
  • Conditional Logics.
  • File and Image Upload.
  • Integrations with 15+ third parties
  • Multi-step Forms.
  • Forms are Responsive.

Price: Free, but also has premium version starting at $59.00 per year

3. Everest Forms

Everest Form Form Builder For WordPress

Everest Forms is a different drag and drop form builder plugin for WordPress. This plugin is packed with a lot of great features which help you create forms hassle-free.You can easily drag and drop form fields and elements onto your forms.

This plugin supports single and multi-column forms. While forms that get created utilising Everest Forms are fully responsive. and you can add forms to your pages using shortcodes.The plugin offers two different templates for you to choose from while creating a new form.


  • 26 Form Fields.
  • Unlimited Forms and Entries
  • Multiple Column Design.
  • CSV Export for Form Entries.
  • reCAPTCHA (V2, V3)
  • Email Notifications.
  • Multiple Email Recipients.
  • Form Templates.
  • File Upload.
  • Conditional Logic.
  • Anti-Spam Honeypot.
  • Smart Tags for Dynamic Messages.

Price: Free, but also has premium version starting at $69.00 per year

4. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a powerful form builder plugin that is loved by millions from all over the world. It has its unique form building features for creating and designing WordPress forms.

Many developers have claimed it as one of the most exceptional form builder plugins for WordPress. This premium plugin contains many advanced features that can immediately make anyone a fan of this plugin.

It’s a very highly customisable form builder that offers some awesome features like email notification on form submission and the conditional logic option for receiving only a certain amount of submission each form. If you want to make any form valid & visible for only a specified period, you can create the form in advance. It will set the form expiration time and display a customised message when the form time expires.


  • 30+ Form Fields
  • Form Entry Limitation feature
  • Expiration Period and Validation of Forms
  • Email Notifications
  • Conditional Logic

Price: Plans starting at $59.00 per year

5. WP Forms

Wpforms Drag & Drop WordPress Form Builder

This plugin is presumably one of the best premium form builder WordPress Plugin where it enables you to create forms for your WordPress site.You can immediately create a bunch of different types of forms like contact forms, payment forms, registration forms, etc.

WPForms also comes with some pre-built form templates that can be used to generate some professional-looking forms in no time. And the big thing is, you do not need to have any coding skills to build these forms as you do it all by using a drag and drop builder.


  • Useful Built-in Form Templates.
  • Drag & Drop Form Builder.
  • Embeddable Forms.
  • Gutenberg Blocks.
  • Online Payments Collection Forms.
  • Spam Protection
  • 100% Responsive Forms.

Price: Plans starting at $79.00 per year

6. Ninja Forms

Ninja Form The Drag And Drop WordPress Form Builder

Ninja Forms is another very popular and easy to use form builder plugin to come out for your WordPress site. It has a convenient and simple drag and drop form builder interface.For those advanced users, there are large numbers of features and functionalities available.

Any specific options of each field can be controlled and managed from the settings section in Ninja Forms.It offers a vast range of extensions to add more functionality. Choosing the right add-on for the plugin can help you design some incredible looking forms.

Also, it makes collecting payments and donations easier by having integrations to some of the popular payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, etc.


  • One Click Plugin Update.
  • Big Range of Extensions.
  • Developer Friendly.
  • Easy To Use & Configure.
  • Hassle-Free Integration.
  • Translation Ready.

Price: Plans starting at $99.00 per year

7. KaliForms

Kaliform Plugin

KaliForms is a powerful and user-friendly WordPress form builder plugin that allows you to create various forms such as contact forms, payment forms, feedback forms, and more.

With this plugin you can break all of your long forms into multi-page forms, it has a drag and drop builder that allows you to quickly create powerful forms. This plugin also comes with pre-designed templates that can be used as a starting point for all your forms and it lets you create advanced forms using conditional logic as well.


  • Advanced Fields.
  • Multi-page Forms.
  • Conditional Logic.
  • Submissions Handling.
  • Form Notification and Templates.
  • reCAPTCHA Integration.
  • PayPal and Wire Transfer.

Price: Free, but also has premium version starting at $29.00 per year

8. Formidable Form

Formidable Forms

With Formidable Forms plugin, you can build the complex of forms with ease. The developer of this plugin claims that a user can create form and get it up and add it into their WordPress site within just 60 seconds. This runs as a big selling point for this form builder, as people love to save time.

Even with the least of knowledge about a form builder, you can create form easily with Formidable Forms’ drag and drop builder. This plugin does not require any additional plugin to run with it to filter, display, collect and edit user-submitted data.

Similar to other form builders, it also sells extension separately for their plugin, all of its premium extension works well along with its own email notification.Any users can build a form with up to seven field types. And also, with the convenience of shortcodes & autoresponders, you will certainly like using the Formidable Forms plugin.


  • Add Form Fields Dynamically.
  • Display Form Data with Custom Views.
  • Progress Bar with Multipage Form.
  • Multiple Numbers of File Upload Forms.
  • Front-end Edit.

Price: Free, but also has premium version starting at $149.00 per year


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