Let’s us take a look back at what were some of the best plugins and themes for WordPress for August 2023!

What you are about to read in today’s post is what were some of the best WordPress plugins and WordPress themes that have been released during the 31 days we’ve spent in August. In this roundup. I’ve divided them up into two categories lists, the first list showcases both free & premium plugins for WordPress.

The plugins you can find below in the post includes a plugin that is cutting-edge AI-powered platform that empowers users to swiftly create chatbots, loan repayment calculator plugin to a WordPress that gives you OAuth Social Login that gives you the convenience of Single Sign-On within your WordPress website and plenty other great plugins.

And with the themes list, you will see another set of free and premium WordPress themes that include nearly any type of themes that you may need. WordPress Themes includes business based themes, gutenberg compatible themes, blogging themes, multi-purpose and eCommerce supported themes, you can use these themes as-is or customise them to suit your or your client needs.

Plugins – Free & Premium

1. Comment Form WP

Comment Form Wp

Comment Form WP is a highly popular WordPress plugin that empowers you to effortlessly customise and enhance your WordPress website’s comment form. With this plugin at your disposal, you can effortlessly modify the text associated with your comment form. Whether you wish to include or exclude fields such as name, email, website, or text area, this plugin offers seamless control.

Furthermore, you can easily incorporate placeholders into your comment form, and even add or remove comment form labels, all thanks to the user-friendly Comment Form WP Plugin.

Price: Free

2. Instant Answers Chatbot

Instant Answers Chatbot

Instant Answers is a cutting-edge AI-powered platform that empowers users to swiftly create chatbots from their pre-existing content. By either uploading a document or supplying a website URL, users can fashion chatbots that adeptly respond to inquiries related to the provided content.

Through this plugin, seamlessly integrate the chatbot created using Instant Answers directly into your WordPress website, delivering a top-notch support experience to your site visitors.

Price: Free

3. OAuth Social Login

Oauth Social Login

The WordPress OAuth Social Login Plugin offers the convenience of Single Sign-On within WordPress by enabling users to log in using various apps such as Discord, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Amazon, Yahoo, WeChat, and over 35 others. Allowing for unlimited login and registration instances. Instead of requiring users to laboriously complete traditional registration forms, it streamlines the process by permitting them to register or log in to your website with a single click using their social media profiles.

Furthermore, this plugin authenticates users using OAuth and openID protocols, ensuring that only authorized users are registered or logged in.

Price: Free

4. Smart Loan Calculator

Smart Loan Calculator

The Loan Repayment Calculator plugin is crafted to provide website visitors with a user-friendly tool for computing their monthly repayment amounts based on variables like the loan amount, interest rate, and loan term. Ideal for financial institutions, lenders, brokers, or any website aiming to enhance user experience. This calculator offers quick insights into financial obligations.

It seamlessly integrates into your website, is fully responsive. And can be extensively customised to suit your needs, ensuring your visitors gain immediate clarity on their financial commitments.

Price: Free

5. WooCommerce Advanced CAPTCHA

Woocommerce Advanced Captcha

WooCommerce Advanced CAPTCHA is a cutting-edge plugin meticulously crafted to fortify the security of your WooCommerce store, safeguarding it against nefarious bots and automated attacks. By harnessing its potent CAPTCHA implementation, this feature-rich extension erects a formidable barrier, guaranteeing a secure and frictionless shopping experience for your esteemed clientele.

Price: $29.00

6. Next3 Offload

Next3 Offload

Next3 Offload stands out as a highly-rated, exceptionally swift, and user-friendly WordPress plugin. Its primary goal is to significantly enhance your website’s speed, transforming it into a blazing-fast platform.

The plugin accomplishes this by seamlessly automating the offloading of WordPress files from the WordPress Media Library to various cloud storage options such as Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, Bunny CDN, and Wasabi Cloud. Furthermore, it efficiently reconfigures Media URLs, ensuring lightning-fast content delivery when coupled with Amazon CloudFront or any other content delivery network (CDN).

Price: From $89.00 per year

7. BWD Restaurant Price Menu

Bwd Restaurant Price Menu Addon For Elementor

Boost your restaurant’s digital presence with the Restaurant Price Menu Add-on designed for Elementor. Effortlessly create visually appealing, mobile-responsive menus using the intuitive Elementor page builder.

You can easily handle menu items, enrich them with captivating descriptions, and showcase prices with flair. This user-friendly add-on seamlessly merges with your current Elementor-powered website, elevating the overall customer experience.

Bid farewell to outdated PDF menus and usher in a dynamic, tantalising online menu. Whether you’re a restaurant proprietor or a web designer, this add-on is your secret ingredient for success in the digital era. Today, transform your website into a culinary masterpiece!

Price: $10.00

8. WordPress Nearest Places

Wordpress Nearest Places

WordPress Nearest Places is a highly intelligent plugin designed to display nearby locations utilizing posts, pages, and custom post types. This plugin assigns specific coordinates, longitude, and latitude to each post and then effectively presents which posts are in close proximity, complete with distance measurements.

Price: $21.00

Themes – Free & Premium

1. FlexiVerse


Introducing FlexiVerse, the ultimate WordPress theme empowered by comprehensive site editing capabilities, delivering unparalleled adaptability and versatility! Elevate your website to new heights with its intuitive design and a plethora of customisable options.

With FlexiVerse, effortlessly craft a stunning and distinctive online presence. Present your content with flair through 16 user-friendly, customisable templates, and select from a wide array of colour schemes to harmonise with your brand identity.

Price: Free

2. The Daily News

The Daily News

Newspaperly is meticulously crafted for bloggers, magazine publishers, newspapers, and writers of all kinds. This theme seamlessly supports various schema markups, including JSON, enabling you to effortlessly incorporate reviews and various types of affiliate content. The focus on optimising SEO ensures that websites utilising our blogging theme can easily be discovered on popular search engines like Google, and even on ASK. We’ve thoughtfully allocated ample space for advertisements, allowing you to strategically place them in the header, sidebar, footer, and more, all through user-friendly widgets.

This makes integration with ad programs such as AdSense a breeze. Newspaperly boasts full responsiveness and a clean, sophisticated, and contemporary design.

Price: Free

3. Nevo


Nevo stands as a nimble WordPress theme meticulously crafted to prioritize both speed and user-friendliness. We harness the power of the block editor, commonly known as Gutenberg, to empower you with greater content creation control. It boasts a user-friendly drag-and-drop header and footer builder, allowing you to fashion various header styles effortlessly within minutes.

With its seamless integration with a plethora of renowned third-party plugins, Nevo facilitates the swift creation of striking ecommerce platforms, captivating magazine sites, professional business websites, and much more.

Price: Free

4. Fota Agency

Fota Agency

Fota Agency functions as the offspring theme derived from FotaWP, seamlessly inheriting all the remarkable features of its parent. Tailored exclusively for the agency niche, Fota Agency empowers users with comprehensive block-based full site editing capabilities.

Its sleek and uncluttered design serves as a versatile canvas, enabling the creation of a wide array of agency websites, including startups, tech companies, counseling services, consulting firms, and various other collaborative business ventures, all with ease and finesse.

Price: Free

5. Bexper


Bexper presents the ideal solution for travel enthusiasts eager to share their adventures with the world. Seamlessly integrated with WordPress, it offers effortless customization to reflect your brand’s distinct personality. Showcase captivating destinations, craft diverse tour packages, and furnish comprehensive trip details to simplify customer choices.

One of Bexper’s standout features is its capacity to provide tours with multiple dates and prices. This flexibility empowers customers to select dates and prices that align with their schedules and budgets. Streamline booking management and save time with Bexper’s user-friendly interface.

Boasting rich theme tags such as “vacation” and “tour booking,” Bexper ensures optimal search engine visibility and captures the attention of potential customers.

Whether you’re a travel company or a dedicated travel blogger, Bexper serves as your dependable online companion. Harness its capabilities to construct a vibrant travel community and share your wanderlust narratives.

Price: $19.00

6. Motta


Motta transcends being just a theme; it becomes the canvas for your creative vision. With its polished design and intuitive interface, you’ll craft websites seamlessly blending functionality and aesthetics. The theme encourages your artistic expression, enabling you to curate captivating online storefronts that enrapture your audience.

Whether you’re taking your first steps into e-commerce or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, Motta adapts to your requirements. It provides a platform to showcase an array of products, be it fashion, crafts, electronics, or any other niche.

When using this theme, customers will relish browsing your marketplace without the vexation of sluggish page loads. Motta further empowers your vendors and delights your customers with its user-friendly vendor dashboard. Vendors effortlessly manage their products, orders, and inventory, while shoppers savour a streamlined shopping journey that keeps them returning for more.

Price: $19.00

7. Majextic


The Majextic Auto Parts Store WooCommerce Theme stands as an impressive design meticulously tailored for the sale of automobile accessories online. This remarkable theme equips you with the tools to establish your online store for auto parts, car repair services, vehicle components, spare parts, tire sales, vehicle parts retail, mechanic services, and tools supply stores, all in a matter of hours.

This theme boasts a plethora of impressive features and functionalities, making it accessible even for those without prior experience in website development and management, allowing them to effortlessly create their online shop.

You’ll find a selection of 05+ premade modern demos tailored to your car parts store. Each is thoughtfully designed and expertly coded. To showcase your store and products attractively, Majextic offers exceptional shop and product pages with comprehensive shopping functions. Simply upload your car accessories and automotive spare parts to kickstart your selling journey. Powered by the WooCommerce plugin, the car parts store theme contains everything necessary to launch your online sales. It seamlessly integrates a range of remarkable features, including Quick Search, Mega Menu, Shop Filters, Header & Footer Styles, and Testimonials, which will significantly aid in managing your car/bike parts shop business.

Furthermore, this theme supports essential WooCommerce plugins from WPClever, such as WPC Smart Wishlist, WPC Smart Compare, and WPC Smart Quick View, which enhance online visibility, sales, and profits. Visit the website to find the ones best suited for your eCommerce store needs. Moreover, Majextic can also serve as a blog, featuring a beautifully prebuilt blog page that allows you to easily write and post articles to inform or share ideas with your customers. Additionally, it is SEO-ready, which will contribute to higher search engine rankings for your blog.

Price: $13.00

8. Sarin


Sarin, developed by Wpbingo, stands as a robust WordPress theme tailored for Handmade Stuffs and Jewelry WooCommerce stores. It harnesses the latest version of Bootstrap as its foundational framework, presenting a design that you’ll undoubtedly find impressive and well-suited for your store. Sarin places considerable emphasis on organizing products based on their respective categories while also showcasing various web components designed to highlight special products.

Built upon the Elementor plugin, Sarin offers the flexibility of easy drag-and-drop customization for your website. Moreover, Sarin boasts compatibility with three Multi Vendor plugins (MultiVendorX, Wc Vendor, Dokan), enabling you to construct Multi Vendor websites effortlessly.

Sarin comes equipped with widgets that showcase top-selling products, banner sliders featuring featured and trending products, and product categories that provide a seamless user experience. Furthermore, the search function is exceptionally comprehensive, particularly for an eCommerce store. Customers have the freedom to tailor their searches based on categories, availability, product conditions, brands, price ranges, sizes, colors, and various other custom specifications.

In summary, if you’re seeking a theme that seamlessly caters to your Handmade Stuffs and Jewelry WooCommerce store needs, Sarin is the ideal choice for you.

Price: $19.00


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