Allow me to make an guess: it’s quite likely that you’ve already set up a WooCommerce store where you’re selling a diverse range of products, be they digital or physical. You might even have a combination of both in your inventory, and your primary focus is on establishing a strong customer base.

Your goal is to nurture loyal, returning customers, create product bundles, and perhaps entice shoppers with appealing discounts. These strategies, as you’re well aware, promise a consistent revenue stream and a dependable customer foundation.

The good news is that WooCommerce subscription plugins can come to your rescue. These handy tools can help you implement a sales strategy that not only retains customers but also streamlines payment processes and supports your promotional efforts, among other things.

In this WordPress Wednesday, I’ve carefully curated a selection of five subscription plugins that seamlessly integrate with your store. Whether you require assistance in collecting payments through WooCommerce or aspire to introduce enticing offers, these plugins offer a diverse range of features to suit your needs.

So, without further ado, let’s delve into the world of top-notch WooCommerce subscription plugins.

1. YITH WooCommerce Subscription

Yith Woocommerce Subscription

Yith WooCommerce Subscription is a freemium plugin that simplifies the process of offering subscription services to your website visitors. This plugin is ideal for creating subscription plans for a wide range of content, including videos, podcasts, courses, reviews, or virtually anything you wish to provide to your customers on an installment basis.

While you can kickstart your subscription offerings with the free version, for an enhanced user experience, the paid version is recommended. The premium version boasts several standout features, such as enabling users to make payments via credit cards, establishing manual subscription plans, and offering flexible recurring payment options.

Below, you’ll find a list of key features offered by the plugin:

Key Features

  • Users can conveniently access subscription information on the “My Account” page.
  • It supports the creation of subscriptions for both physical and variable products.
  • Full compatibility with PayPal and Stripe for seamless automatic payments.
  • Admins have the flexibility to delete subscriptions as needed.
  • Easily facilitate subscription plan upgrades or downgrades (please note that this feature is exclusively available for variable products).

Price: $199.99/year

2. WebToffee for WooCommerce Subscriptions

Webtoffee For Woocommerce Subscriptions

WebToffee for WooCommerce Subscriptions stands as an excellent plugin to facilitate the establishment and management of recurring payments and billing within your online store. This is a premium plugin, and it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring your satisfaction.

This plugin boasts support for multiple payment gateways, including heavyweights like PayPal and Stripe, with their extensive user bases, making it incredibly convenient to receive payments for your products.

Furthermore, it offers multilingual support, allowing you to reach customers across different geographical regions. It’s unquestionably a valuable plugin to consider if you’re in search of an effective subscription model for your store.

Key Features

  • Configure both simple and variable subscriptions for physical or digital (downloadable) products.
  • Support for synchronized renewal with prorate options.
  • Offer various billing schedules, free trial periods, signup fees, recurring subscription discounts, and email notifications.
  • Synchronize the subscription product renewal dates to a specific day of the month.
  • Complete compatibility with multiple payment gateways for seamless transactions.

Price: $89/year for a single site, $129/year for a 5 site, $199/year for 25 sites

3. Sumo Subscriptions

Sumo Subscriptions

Sumo Subscriptions serves as a comprehensive subscription solution tailored for your WooCommerce online store. This dynamic plugin empowers you to establish a range of subscription types, including simple, variable, and grouped product subscriptions. Furthermore, it allows you to effortlessly craft and market subscription-based products within your existing WooCommerce shop.

For added convenience, you have the option to secure an additional 12 months of support for this plugin at a nominal cost of $16.5. Notably, the plugin seamlessly integrates with the majority of WooCommerce-supported themes, ensuring a smooth and harmonious user experience. What’s more, you can explore the plugin through a free trial before making a commitment to incorporate it into your WooCommerce store.

Key Features

  • This plugin consistently maintains compatibility with both WooCommerce and WordPress updates.
  • Benefit from excellent customer support with rapid response times.
  • Enjoy seamless integration with popular payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, and more.
  • Facilitate the creation of multiple subscriptions in a single checkout process for increased efficiency.
  • Achieve compatibility with Sumo Reward Points and WPML for a well-rounded feature set.

Price: $49.00

4. Woo Subscriptions

Woo Subscriptions

Woo Subscription, developed by WooCommerce itself, serves as a valuable addition to your WooCommerce store, introducing a new payment method. While it is a paid extension, the investment is undoubtedly worthwhile. This plugin offers significant enhancements to the process of establishing and overseeing WooCommerce subscription offers.

Designed by the very developers behind WooCommerce, this plugin has the power to elevate the shopping experience for your customers. Right from the start, it enables you to configure recurring client payments, sparing you the need to continually send monthly payment reminders to your customers.

Moreover, you can harness its capabilities to provide tailored trial periods, enticing discount offers, and time-limited promotions, making it versatile for a wide range of WooCommerce subscription requirements, whether you deal in digital or physical products.

Key Features

  • Empowers store owners to create multiple subscriptions for products and services.
  • Grants the flexibility to offer trial periods.
  • Endows subscribers with the autonomy to manage their own subscription plans.
  • Allows you to set subscription expiration dates.
  • Facilitates the creation and management of subscription products within your WooCommerce store.

Price: $19.92 per month/month

5. Paid Member Subscriptions

Paid Member Subscriptions

Crafted by Cozmoslabs, Paid Member Subscriptions emerges as a compelling choice when considering a WooCommerce subscription plugin. This plugin provides a high degree of customization for your subscription-based content.

With robust control at your fingertips, you can determine pricing for your offerings and access valuable sales reporting data. Moreover, the plugin simplifies user interactions through the use of shortcodes, making login, sign-up, and subscription management a breeze for your users.

It’s worth noting that this plugin falls on the higher end of the pricing spectrum when compared to its counterparts. However, it compensates for this with an array of features and add-ons designed to aid with tasks like taxes, email management, and invoicing, thus justifying its cost to a significant extent.

Key Features

  • Simplify user login with the [pms-login] shortcode.
  • Enable customers to manage their subscriptions, particularly for those interested in higher-priced packages.
  • Embrace the convenience of recurring payments and the usage of discount codes.
  • Implement safeguards to prevent unauthorized account sharing, ensuring that only legitimate purchasers access your content.
  • Access a range of beneficial add-ons, including Pro-rate, Tax & EU VAT, Group Memberships, and PayPal Express.

Price: $104 for Basic, $211 for Pro, $223 for Agency


WordPress Wednesday – 5 Subscription Plugins for WooCommerce