As you probably know, Gutenberg serves as WordPress’ integrated visual content editor, employing a block-based approach. This innovative tool empowers you to effortlessly edit content on your posts and pages by utilising a variety of useful blocks. What might be less apparent is the growing trend among theme developers who are crafting entire WordPress themes centred around Gutenberg.

While numerous WordPress themes incorporate page builders. Offering a plethora of options to tailor your theme to specific needs. Not everyone seeks an abundance of choices or page builder elements. Sometimes, a preference lies in a clean and straightforward theme with ample features to brand your WordPress site and tweak layouts as needed. This is where Gutenberg WordPress themes truly excel. What does this translate to for you? A faster site setup, simplified customisations, and a more lightweight configuration for your site, potentially boosting overall speed.

To honour and showcase the flexibility of Gutenberg, we’ve compiled a list of the finest Gutenberg WordPress themes. These aren’t merely themes claiming “compatibility.” Each theme featured here has been meticulously crafted and designed to seamlessly integrate with Gutenberg.

How ever, some of the themes listed also has additional WordPress page builder plugins; but most of leverage the built-in Gutenberg editor as the primary builder and the live Customizer inherent in WordPress. Let’s dive in and explore some premium Gutenberg themes for this weeks WordPress Wednesday!

1. Genox


Genox is a visually stunning MultiPurpose Creative WordPress Theme designed to cater to businesses, freelancers, agencies, consulting firms, and portfolio websites. Discover a diverse range of pages suitable for every need, as we’ve meticulously crafted an extensive collection of components and styles for your website.

One standout feature is the seamless demo import capability — with just one click, you can effortlessly import any live preview demo in under 2 minutes. Say goodbye to time-consuming setups and hello to a swift start to your website development. Focus on adding your content and experimenting with design rather than building everything from the ground up.

The theme prioritises quality, ensuring that every element is built with high responsibility. Achieve optimal responsiveness with every block, making the theme both responsive and retina-ready.

Enter the realm of creativity with Genox, a theme tailored for creative and design agency websites, as well as individuals in the creative field who wish to present their work in a distinctive and contemporary fashion. Packed with an array of creative agency and design portfolio elements and layouts, Genox empowers you to realise the design portfolio you’ve always envisioned. Start building your website with Genox today!

Genox stands as a modern, vibrant, flexible, and robust WordPress theme specifically crafted for Web Agencies. Explore numerous possibilities that facilitate the effortless creation of a beautiful, stunning, and unique website tailored to your preferences.

Price: $29.00

2. Cartify


Meet Cartify, the ultimate WooCommerce theme designed exclusively for Gutenberg. This feature-rich, conversion-focused theme ensures a seamless user experience, free from distractions. With over 20 responsive and unique demo layouts, all constructed using Gutenberg blocks, you have the power to create any type of shopping website.

Explore the variety with 4 unique layouts each for general-purpose stores, furniture stores, fashion shops, grocery stores, jewel shops, electronics gadgets, shoes, watches, sportswear, baby products, skincare items, and modern arts. Each demo is meticulously crafted to align with modern design trends, providing a contemporary look and a smooth experience across all devices. Mix and match sections or blocks from different demos effortlessly without the need for any adjustments.

Consistency is key, and we’ve maintained the same fonts, typography, and spacing throughout all demos, ensuring a cohesive visual flow.

Recognising the importance of functionality alongside design, we’ve packed Cartify with an array of features. For instance, enable your users to complete purchases using a multi-step checkout, offering them a visually guided, step-by-step process without leaving the page. Allow users to add products directly from the shop or any page, even if they have variations – configuration and addition made easy. Additionally, showcase multiple images for each variation without any limitations. Cartify is not just about aesthetics; it’s about enhancing the entire shopping experience.

Price: $59.00

3. Florian


Florian is meticulously crafted to showcase your content with sophistication, allowing it to eloquently speak for itself. The sleek and clutter-free design beckons your users to immerse themselves in the captivating creative space you’ve meticulously curated. Ideal for diverse niches such as photography, fashion, beauty, interior design, nature, health, and spirituality, this contemporary and chic personal blog theme guarantees a truly engaging browsing experience. With Florian, the canvas is yours, and you have the freedom to let your imagination and creativity run wild, crafting something as distinctive as you are.

Enjoy limitless possibilities with a myriad of blog styles and layout combinations, including various header and menu styles, 7 blog listing layouts, a posts slider, a selection of 650+ fonts, and more. The theme also features restyled Gutenberg blocks, offering enhanced visual appeal. Choose from an array of unlimited colour themes, with 10 predefined options and the flexibility to create your own.

Florian comes complete with additional features such as a post reading progress bar, a display for worth-reading posts, popular posts, editor’s picks blocks, and robust theme options, all conveniently controlled through the WordPress Customizer. Experience real-time live previews as you customise your blog, ensuring every detail aligns seamlessly with your vision.

Price: $59.00

4. Ruki


Ruki is a fantastic WordPress theme designed for personal bloggers and content creators. It’s optimised for Gutenberg, offering a variety of theme options, layouts, post styles, and colour choices to showcase your content beautifully.

With full back and front-end block styling, Ruki is tailored for Gutenberg, supporting all alignments and custom colour palettes. It empowers you to create stunning posts and pages effortlessly. Ruki even styles WooCommerce Gutenberg blocks, allowing you to build custom shop pages with its attractive design.

You can place widgets directly between posts for ads or other content, feature top posts for each category, and customise the layout, colour scheme, and post style. Ruki provides maximum exposure by featuring selected posts on the homepage, letting you customise the display for attention-grabbing content.

Create multiple post block displays on your homepage, customise colour schemes for each block, and showcase your favourite products from your WooCommerce shop. Ruki’s Hero area allows you to display favourite posts in a slider or carousel for added impact.

Engage your readers with related posts, configured in various styles and layouts. Ruki is fully compatible with WooCommerce, offering additional settings and styling for all WooCommerce Gutenberg blocks. With Ruki, you have complete control over elements like post meta, thumbnails, titles, and site features, allowing you to tailor the theme to your preferences.

Easily change your theme’s colour scheme, individual element colours, widget colours, border colours, and category tag colours to achieve the desired look. Ruki also lets you choose thumbnail aspect ratios for post loops, providing flexibility for landscape, portrait, square, and un–cropped options, along with a special hero aspect ratio for single posts. Add visual impact to post loops with configurable image formats for meta data, titles, and thumbnail aspect ratios.

Price: $59.00

5. Qrten


Meet Qrten, the ultimate WordPress theme designed with precision to meet all your website needs. Packed with a variety of features, Qrten is the ideal choice for different online ventures. Explore our library of templates crafted for News sites, Magazines, Blogs, Editorials, and any publishing website you can think of. Easily set up your website by replicating your favourite Qrten demo with our user-friendly automatic import feature.

Building your website with Qrten is a breeze, thanks to intuitive tools like the Gutenberg editor and drag-and-drop functionality. Qrten seamlessly integrates with the Gutenberg Editor, including its Frontend Editor.

With a focus on performance optimisation, Qrten adheres to Google Core Web Vital standards, ensuring swift loading times. Achieve outstanding results on website speed testers like Pingdom, GTmetrix, WebPageTest thanks to our top-tier cache plugins, site settings, and page contents.

For SEO enthusiasts, Qrten goes the extra mile. They use JSON LD structured data rich snippets (rich results), a Google-recommended practice for excellent SEO performance. Our theme is also compatible with various SEO aspects, providing dynamic enhancements to boost your content’s SEO.

Qrten offers abundant monetisation options. Explore diverse revenue streams, including Google Ads and AdSense integration, WooCommerce for online shops, Paid Post Submission, Paywall, Paid Content Subscriptions, Sponsored Posts, and the option to leverage Marketing Affiliate links through the Review system. Rest assured, our theme offers full responsiveness for Google AdSense, Page Level Ads, and Google AMP Ads, ensuring seamless ad display across all devices and screen sizes.

Price: $19.00

6. Anienews


Anienews stands out as a sophisticated theme for news and blogs, combining vibrancy with modern versatility. With the purchase of this theme, you gain access to 12 unique layouts, each tailored for a different category.

The demo now includes blog layouts catering to authors, creatives, weddings, lifestyle, SEO blogs, technology, gaming, medical, finance, and food bloggers, with more layouts expected in the future.

Readability has been a focal point in Anienews’ design. Everything is crafted to facilitate easy reading and navigation, ensuring a seamless experience from site design to post presentation.

As more people turn to smartphones and tablets for news consumption, we’ve prioritised 100% responsiveness and mobile compatibility. Your pages will look fantastic, regardless of the device type or screen size.

Embracing WordPress’s new content editor, Gutenberg, Anienews is fully compatible. You can use Gutenberg to both write posts and design custom pages, offering a refreshing way to publish content.

If you’re looking to expand your blog or news site beyond content, take advantage of WooCommerce integration to sell your brand’s products. Whether it’s t-shirts, merchandise, posters, or anything else, Anienews provides a custom pre-designed shop layout ready for use from day one.

Price: $21.00

7. EpicMag

Epic Mag

Boost your online magazine or newspaper website effortlessly with EpicMag, our user-friendly WordPress Block theme. Enjoy a quick setup, professional designs, SEO optimization, and lightning-fast loading for an exceptional publishing experience. It’s a must-have for modern publishers!

Our theme is designed to enhance search engine rankings and expand your audience with its blazing-fast loading times. We’ve optimized every aspect of EpicMag, incorporating features like lazy loading, automated SEO attributes, removing unnecessary animations, and providing clean designs. All of this ensures your readers stay engaged without the need for extra plugins.

Choose from a wide array of professionally crafted layouts suitable for various niches and styles. Our dedicated team regularly releases fresh layouts, and with a one-time payment, you get lifetime updates. Explore an ever-expanding library of options to keep your website in style.

Kickstart your website journey with a single click. Easily import entire demo content or pick specific parts from multiple demos like headers, footers, design patterns, or blocks. This streamlined process accelerates your site development, allowing you to create a unique online presence quickly and effortlessly.

Enjoy the beauty of responsive pre-built designs that adapt perfectly to every device. Our design principles eliminate dependencies, ensuring compatibility with popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, SEO tools, and social media integration. You have the flexibility to extend your website’s functionality without constraints.

Visually customize everything, from colors and fonts to layouts and styles, using simple toolbars within the WordPress drag-and-drop site builder. This gives you infinite possibilities for designing and the freedom from costly support fees for both minor and major changes.

Price: $29.00

8. Zeplin


Zeplin is a creative and user-friendly Gutenberg WordPress theme that allows for easy editing with the Gutenberg block editor. You can visually edit all sections without wasting time, thanks to the flexibility it offers. With the “One Click Demo Import” feature, you can swiftly import beautiful, ready-to-use websites tailored for your agency, creative, corporate, or business needs. Zeplin provides a variety of pre-designed blocks and patterns, streamlining the process of creating the perfect website.

Utilising the Gutenberg block editor, you can customise every aspect without the need for coding knowledge. The drag-and-drop visual editor makes it simple to set up website content, including contact forms. MailChimp integration, sliders, images, colours, and more. And the theme authors offers fast and friendly support whenever you need assistance.

Notably, the theme’s appearance remains excellent on mobile devices, tablets, and various screen sizes, as all Gutenberg blocks are responsively developed. You have the freedom to use and easily edit patterns wherever you desire, enhancing the overall flexibility and convenience of Zeplin.

Price: $49.00


WordPress Wednesday – 8 Premium Gutenberg WordPress Themes