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WordPress is a fantastic platform for building online stores, and jewellery businesses are no exception. You’ll be able to build a beautiful and expert-looking online store. To help you sell more of your products online thanks to this collection of the top jewellery eCommerce WordPress themes for this WordPress Wednesday.

All of the themes in this collection work along with WordPress’ WooCommerce eCommerce plugin without any issues. Everything you require to begin selling products online is included with the free WooCommerce plugin. You can browse the expanding collection of WooCommerce extensions as your needs change to expand the features and functionality of your online business.

WordPress can be used to establish a variety of eCommerce stores using many of these themes. However, each theme needs to have at least one ready-made eCommerce demo for a jewellery business in order to be included in this collection. You may rapidly build the framework for your online jewellery store by importing this demo content, after which you can add your own products, pictures, and text.

The themes in this collection will provide you everything you need, whether you want to build a sizeable eCommerce jewellery website or simply add a shopping cart and checkout feature to your online jewellery works.

1. VW Storefront

Vw Storefront

With VW Storefront, you can launch almost any e-business quickly, whether it be a jewellery store, fashion house, supermarket, or book store.

The theme was created specifically with beginners in mind. Enabling them to build the website of their dreams without having to engage in the time-consuming coding process.

The pro version is always an option if you want to access amazing premium features like the mega menu option, shortcodes. And seamless customer support even though the free version is brimming with features that will make your website stand out. Like the mega-menu option and seamless customer support.

Price: Free

2. Jewelry Store

Jewelry Store

A free eCommerce theme called Jewelry Shop was created specifically for using WordPress to sell jewellery and other similar things online. Given that this theme is compatible with the free WooCommerce plugin. You should be able to add all of the necessary e-commerce capabilities to your website. You also have the option to buy extra extensions to give WooCommerce and your online jewellery store greater flexibility.

Also, you can rapidly import all the templates you’ll need to get your eCommerce site ready for launch because Jewelry Store includes a fully-built online shop demo. While employing a free jewellery WordPress theme. The pre-built homepage design has many high-quality components to offer your store a professional appearance.

If the theme’s pre-built content and general design aren’t exactly appropriate for your online jewellery store. You may adjust a few aspects of your website’s appearance through the settings and control panel. With this theme, it is very simple to add your contact information to the store’s header area.

Price: Free

3. Multipurpose Ecommerce

Multipurpose Ecommerce

Another theme that may be utilised to sell a variety of goods online, including jewellery and other accessories like watches, is multipurpose ecommerce. And you can utilise the pre-built themes to show off some big, eye-catching photos on your site’s homepage to assist give your store a premium appearance.

You now have yet another choice for greeting customers to your store and showing some of your most important goods thanks to the slider tool. You can publish links to your store’s many product categories in other sections of the homepage design, as well as showcase some of your most well-liked products. Your homepage could be a terrific method to advertise some of your best-selling goods, depending on how you use it.

Multipurpose Ecommerce is a flexible free jewellery theme that is also very mobile friendly. Check out the online theme demo, and then use the specialised buttons on the preview panel to change the viewport of your browser window to see how your store will seem on smaller screen devices.

Price: Free

4. BuzzStore


You should be able to build your very own online jewellery business website right now with BuzzStore, a free jewellery theme. BuzzStore has been designed to interface with WooCommerce, the most well-liked e-commerce plugin for WordPress, in addition to having some chic themes that work incredibly well for promoting jewellery items online.

In addition to the personalised templates, you also have access to a few special widgets that let you include dynamic content on your website. These widgets can be placed in the standard sidebar and footer locations as well as directly on your website’s pages. The homepage layout is widget ready, so you can rapidly add new items and rearrange them using the WordPress Customizer interface

BuzzStore includes all the information you’ll probably need to get started and complete the task if you’re new to setting up websites and ecommerce stores using WordPress.

Price: Free

5. Reprizo


A WordPress theme for a jewellery and watch store called Reprizo with five elegant and simple demos. While the core WooCommerce plugin makes it very simple to quickly establish an online store, its extensive add-on library provides you the choice of customising your shop to be configured exactly how your business needs it.

Reprizo’s collection of fashionable eCommerce themes, which let you present your goods in elegance, is one reason to choose it. You can quickly adjust all of the templates included in the Reprizo bundle because this theme supports the Elementor page builder plugin, whether you want to rearrange the contents of the pages, add new elements, or change other aspects of how they look.

Reprizo is a theme that would be suitable for selling watches or other sorts of jewellery.

Price: $69.00

6. Bijoux


Bijoux is a jewellery store theme for WordPress that comes with a emphasis on handmade crafts.

There are two jewellery website demos available for you to pick from with this theme, and the templates are well designed. The collections templates can be used to highlight your jewellery. Even though many of the Bijoux designs feature spaces for showing photographs of your pieces. The ability for each form of jewellery to have its own collection page makes it simple for your visitors to locate the items in which they are most interested.

Bijoux is effective for both online jewellery sales and collection display. So, you can use Bijoux to establish both a website where you can post pictures of your jewellery and an online store where you can sell jewellery to your visitors directly.

The supported Elementor page builder plugin can be used to change any of the templates that make up the theme demos. Bijoux is a fantastic-looking and incredibly user-friendly WordPress jewellery theme.

Price: $89.00

7. Rosey


Rosey is a powerful WordPress theme for WooCommerce jewellery retailers. You may easily find this theme’s design to be amazing and appropriate for your store. Because it makes use of the most recent version of Bootstrap as the back-end framework. Rosey places a lot of focus on categorical product alignment. But, it also demonstrates how some web components work. A layout that incorporates elements to promote unique products.

In addition to being compatible with 3 Multi Vendor plugins (MultiVendorX, Wc Vendor, and Dokan) to aid in the creation of Multi Vendor websites. Rosey is built on the Elementor plugin. Which makes it simple to drag and drop elements to modify the website to your preferences.

The best-selling products are displayed using widgets from Rosey. slider banners that show trending and featured products. The user experience is smooth when browsing product categories. Also, especially for an eCommerce store. This theme search function is as comprehensive as you’d like it to be. Consumers can choose many custom criteria for their search. Including categories, availability, product conditions, brands, price ranges, sizes, and colours. In essence. The theme for you is Rosey!

Price: $48.00

8. DiCi


DiCi is a WordPress jewellery eCommerce theme with numerous pre-built store demos.

High-end jewellery and other related establishments would do particularly well with this concept. Yet, you can still utilize DiCi to give your jewellery store a premium appearance even if your inventory isn’t of the highest caliber.

DiCi was designed to work with the well-known Elementor page builder plugin. So it is simple to load the templates from the store demonstrations. And make edits using a drag-and-drop interface. This includes the product templates, which provide you the flexibility to showcase your items however you like.

The premium Slider Revolution plugin is one more helpful feature included in the DiCi package. You can improve your chances of selling more things through your online jewellery business by using this tool to make slideshows of your products. This theme includes a variety of pre-built slideshows, which you can rapidly update with Slider Revolution before adding your own pictures and text. DiCi also offers a ton of helpful eCommerce features that will enhance the performance of your store.

DiCi is the best WordPress theme for building upscale online jewellery stores because of its premium style.

Price: $67.00

9. Auriane


There are several pre-built store samples available with the handcrafted jewelry for WordPress called Auriane. High-end jewelry and other related establishments would do particularly well with this concept. You may still utilize Auriane to give your jewelry store a high-end appearance. Even if your inventory isn’t of the highest caliber.

Since Auriane is based on the well-known Elementor page builder plugin. It is simple to load the templates from the store demos and make edits using a drag-and-drop interface. This includes the product templates, which provide you the flexibility to showcase your items however you like.

Price: $59.00

10. Basel


Basel is a flexible WordPress theme that may be used for any project involving eCommerce.

The theme includes a sizable collection of layouts and themes. Including 40 eCommerce examples (one of which features a jewellery store, hence why it’s on this list). They are excellent for customising your store’s separate pages. There are several grid layouts available among the various layout possibilities, including the well-liked masonry grid pattern. There is a good selection of templates for the product pages in your store as well. As a result, you have a wide range of alternatives for how to present your jewellery and other products.

You can select which header templates you want to use using the theme options control panel. Also, you can choose the layout for your website. There are various layout options, including full width, boxed, and a few others. It’s also simple to change the sidebar’s default position.

The potent WPBakery page builder plugin is included in the package to guarantee that you have complete control over your eCommerce store. A drag-and-drop front-end user interface will allow you to make both little and major modifications to your website.

When it comes to shop demos, eCommerce functionality, and customisation possibilities, Basel covers all the basics.

Price: $48.00


WordPress Wednesday – 10 Best Jewellery WordPress Themes