Are you ready to take your blog to the next level? The Gutenberg editor, introduced back in WordPress 5.0, has revolutionised the way we create and manage content. Its block-based approach provides a dynamic and customisable editing experience, allowing bloggers to showcase their creativity like never before. If you’re looking to refresh your blog’s appearance and functionality, Gutenberg themes are the way to go.

The Power of Blocks

Gutenberg themes leverage the power of blocks to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of your blog. Each block serves a specific purpose, whether it’s a paragraph, image, quote, or even a custom-designed element. This block system provides a user-friendly way to structure your content, making it easier to create engaging and visually appealing blog posts.

Seamless Integration

One of the key advantages of Gutenberg themes is their seamless integration with the Gutenberg editor. Unlike traditional themes that may require additional plugins or custom coding to achieve a desired look, Gutenberg themes are designed to work harmoniously with the block editor. This ensures a smooth and intuitive content creation process for bloggers of all skill levels.

Flexibility and Customisation

Gutenberg themes offer an unparalleled level of flexibility and customisation. With a wide variety of blocks and layout options at your disposal, you can easily tailor your blog to match your unique style and preferences. Whether you prefer a clean and minimalistic design or a bold and vibrant look, Gutenberg themes provide the tools you need to bring your vision to life.

Accessibility and Responsiveness

In an era where accessibility and responsiveness are crucial, Gutenberg themes shine. Many of these themes are built with a mobile-first approach, ensuring that your blog looks stunning on devices of all sizes. Additionally, the block-based structure promotes accessibility by making it easier to create content that is readable and navigable for all users, including those with disabilities.

Getting Started

Ready to explore the world of Gutenberg themes? This WordPress Wednesday I will dive into 8 of the best Gutenberg themes for bloggers.

1. Ruki


Capture your audience’s attention with Ruki, an impressive WordPress theme optimized for Gutenberg. Tailored for personal bloggers and content creators, Ruki offers a wealth of theme options, diverse layouts, stunning post styles, and an extensive range of color choices, providing an exquisite showcase for your content.

Specifically designed and enhanced for Gutenberg, Ruki boasts full back and front-end block styling, supporting all alignments and custom color palettes. Leveraging the power of Gutenberg, Ruki equips you with the tools to effortlessly build striking posts and pages. Additionally, Ruki features styling for all WooCommerce Gutenberg blocks, enabling you to craft custom shop pages and seamlessly embed products into posts and pages with Ruki’s beautiful aesthetic.

Enhance your posts by incorporating widgets directly within post loops, strategically placed between posts for adverts, Google AdSense, or any other widget. Choose the position and set a background color to amplify the impact.

Highlight your favorite posts in each category at the page’s top, configuring the layout, color scheme, and post style for maximum impact. Exclude featured posts from the category loop or duplicate them inside the loop for increased exposure.

Maximize post exposure by showcasing them in the featured display on the homepage. Handpick the posts you want to exhibit, filter them by category or type, set an offset (posts to exclude), determine the number of posts, and customize the post style. Toggle post meta and set your own color scheme to create an attention-grabbing display.

Craft multiple post block displays on your homepage, ideal for presenting favorite posts from various categories or post types. Design your own color scheme for each block and mix and match blocks to create unique and captivating displays. Post blocks also support shop products, allowing you to promote your preferred items from your WooCommerce shop on the homepage.

Keep your readers engaged with Ruki’s related posts, which can be linked by category, author, or tag, and configured in a variety of styles and layouts.

Build an outstanding online shop with Ruki and WooCommerce. Fully compatible with WooCommerce, Ruki includes additional WooCommerce theme settings, complete support, and styling for all WooCommerce Gutenberg blocks. With Ruki’s “In Loop” sidebars, you can add product widgets within post loops, maximizing product exposure and selling opportunities.

Effortlessly customize your theme with Ruki by quickly adjusting the color scheme, individual element colors, widget colors, border colors, and category tag colors to achieve the desired look. Choose a thumbnail aspect ratio that suits your preference, with options such as landscape, portrait, square, and uncropped for all post loops, along with an additional hero aspect ratio for single posts. Configure meta data, title, and thumbnail aspect ratio independently of the global loop settings for maximum impact.

Price: $59.00

2. Groovy


Groovy stands out as a distinctive and exceptionally modern blog template meticulously crafted by EstudioPatagon, aligning with the latest trends in web design. With a keen emphasis on speed and vibrant colors, this template seamlessly caters to various blog niches, particularly those focused on personal insights, travel experiences, technology, comics/anime, or biographical content. The versatility of Groovy is further accentuated by the inclusion of two distinct schemes: “Solid Border” and “Soft Shadow,” designed to harmonize effortlessly with a diverse range of images.

Remarkably lightweight, Groovy relies on just one essential plugin to unlock a plethora of features. This swift theme incorporates a myriad of techniques dedicated to achieving exceptional scores on Google Insights, underscoring our commitment to both code quality and SEO considerations. User-friendly and easily customizable, Groovy boasts 11 custom widgets and a robust Theme Options Panel, simplifying administrative tasks for a seamless user experience.

Noteworthy for its full compatibility with AMP in Transitional Mode—covering home, archives, author, and single post pages—Groovy ensures an optimized mobile browsing experience. Moreover, it is a multilanguage theme, currently supporting English and Spanish. The theme’s inherent flexibility also allows for effortless translation into any desired language, facilitating a truly global reach.

In essence, Groovy is more than just a blog template; it’s a dynamic and feature-rich platform that marries cutting-edge design with optimal performance. Stay ahead of the curve and infuse your content with energy and style, as Groovy provides the perfect canvas for bloggers seeking a modern and engaging online presence.

Price: $35.00

3. EpicMag


Elevate your online magazine or newspaper website effortlessly with EpicMag, our intuitive WordPress Block theme. Benefit from swift setup, professional designs, SEO optimization, and rapid loading times, ensuring an outstanding publishing experience. A must-have for contemporary publishers!

Designed to boost search engine rankings and broaden your audience reach, EpicMag prioritizes lightning-fast loading. We’ve meticulously optimized every facet, implementing features such as lazy loading, automated SEO attributes, the removal of unnecessary animations, and providing clean designs. All of these elements guarantee sustained reader engagement without the need for additional plugins.

Select from a diverse range of expertly crafted layouts suitable for various niches and styles. Our dedicated team consistently releases new layouts, and with a one-time payment, you receive lifetime updates. Explore our ever-expanding library of options to ensure your website stays on the cutting edge.

Initiate your website journey with a single click. Effortlessly import entire demo content or select specific elements from multiple demos, including headers, footers, design patterns, or blocks. This streamlined process accelerates site development, enabling you to establish a unique online presence swiftly and effortlessly.

Experience the aesthetic appeal of responsive pre-built designs that seamlessly adapt to every device. Our design principles eliminate dependencies, ensuring compatibility with popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, SEO tools, and social media integration. Enjoy the flexibility to expand your website’s functionality without limitations.

Visually customize every aspect, from colors and fonts to layouts and styles, using simple toolbars within the WordPress drag-and-drop site builder. This grants you infinite possibilities for design, liberating you from costly support fees for both minor and major changes. Unleash your creativity and design your online presence with EpicMag’s user-friendly features.

Price: $29.00

4. Zosia


Zosia stands out as a captivating WordPress theme designed for personal bloggers. Offering ample theme options for control without overwhelming complexity, Zosia boasts 25+ stunning blog layouts, 10 single post layouts, and optional plugins to enhance your theme. It’s a lightweight, fast, and user-friendly choice that not only performs well but also presents an aesthetically pleasing appearance—a classic blog theme with a touch of flair.

Featuring over 25 blog layout combinations without the need for plugins, Zosia provides options like Grid, List, Offset, Ascending, Descending, Masonry, and more. Simply install, select a layout, and let Zosia beautifully showcase your content.

Highlight your favorite posts from each category by featuring them at the top of category pages, ensuring maximum exposure. Zosia offers multiple query options to ensure a dynamic display of posts.

Add a personalized touch with post ratings, allowing you to rate and score anything from products to movies, food, and books. It’s a simple and user-friendly feature with options like stars, scale, points, and percentage ratings, enriched with snippets integration and schema support.

Customize the appearance of Zosia effortlessly by toggling post elements, theme elements, sidebars, and plugin elements, all with a live preview in the WordPress customizer. Personalize your brand with various color schemes, whether it’s pastels, moody blues, dark, or fresh, providing a quick color scheme change or individual element colors and category tag colors with live preview.

Choose a thumbnail aspect ratio that suits your preference, whether landscape, wide, portrait, square, or uncropped, with an additional hero aspect ratio for single posts. Zosia seamlessly works with your existing images, eliminating the need to upload new ones or regenerate thumbnails.

Enhance your advertising strategy with dedicated advertising areas, theme sidebars, and between post advertising. Zosia allows you to upload banners or add your advertising code for maximum effectiveness.

Make an impact with Zosia’s Hero area, showcasing your favorite posts in a static display or dynamic carousel. Keep readers engaged with related posts that can be configured based on category, author, or tag, offering a variety of styles and layouts.

Sharing and promoting content is made easy with Zosia. Share posts directly from archive and category pages, single posts, and pages, with multiple location options. Promote your social media channels in headers, footers, sidebars, and widgets, with plenty of icon and formatting options available.

Price: $39.00

5. Rosetta


Rosetta seamlessly blends advanced functionality with simplicity, offering a powerful tool for launching your site effortlessly in just 5 minutes—no coding skills required, thanks to an array of unlimited options. Carefully curated details make Rosetta an exceptional minimal WordPress blog theme, allowing you to effortlessly share articles, photos, galleries, videos, and products with the world.

With nine post layouts to choose from, the flexibility extends to hiding or selecting between two featured post styles, displaying or hiding featured images, toggling the drawer sidebar on desktop, adjusting the main menu, and adding a menu widget to the drawer sidebar. Opt for one of four navigation styles and freely customize fonts and colors. Rosetta’s unlimited options empower you to generate a multitude of layouts, ensuring your blog remains original and captivating.

Designed with readability and eye comfort in focus, Rosetta’s theme is developed to maintain visual appeal even when typography is altered. It accommodates various font styles and sizes while ensuring an optimal reading experience. For authors or writers emphasizing readability and typography, Rosetta enables the creation of a visually stunning blog even without images, thanks to its responsive typography-based design.

Leverage the power of the Gutenberg editor blocks and showcase posts exactly as you edit them, eliminating the need to manually add reading time for each article. Rosetta intuitively detects a user’s preferred color scheme from the browser, allowing seamless switching between light and dark color schemes, with the option to set dark mode as the default.

Effortlessly set up your own store and sell products with WooCommerce in just a few minutes. Rosetta’s smart customization options enable you to apply your brand’s color scheme, fonts, logo, and spirit. Tailor the display of related posts based on the current post’s category, tags, or choose to hide the related posts section altogether.

For those looking to start a right-to-left language blog, Rosetta simplifies the process—change the WordPress language to any RTL language, and the theme automatically adjusts from left to right. With full Arabic translation included, Rosetta makes it easy to translate the theme into any language, ensuring a seamless experience for a global audience.

Price: $49.00

6. Qrten


Introducing Qrten, the ultimate WordPress theme meticulously crafted to meet all your website requirements with precision and finesse. Qrten boasts a versatile range of features, making it the ideal choice for a variety of online ventures. Explore our extensive library of templates, thoughtfully tailored for News sites, Magazine platforms, Blogs, Editorials, and any publishing website imaginable. Simplify your setup process by effortlessly replicating your favorite Qrten demo with our user-friendly automatic import feature.

Building your website becomes a seamless experience with Qrten, thanks to intuitive tools like the Gutenberg editor, seamlessly complemented by drag-and-drop functionality. Qrten effortlessly integrates with the Gutenberg Editor, including its Frontend Editor.

Prioritizing performance optimization, Qrten adheres to Google Core Web Vital standards, ensuring swift loading times. Achieve outstanding results on popular website speed testers.

For SEO enthusiasts, Qrten goes the extra mile. We harness the power of JSON LD structured data rich snippets (rich results), a Google-recommended practice for stellar SEO performance. Our theme also boasts compatibility with various SEO aspects, providing dynamic enhancements to boost your content’s SEO.

Qrten offers abundant monetization options. Explore diverse revenue streams, including Google Ads and AdSense integration, WooCommerce for online shops, Paid Post Submission, Paywall, Paid Content Subscriptions, Sponsored Posts, and the option to leverage Marketing Affiliate links through the Review system. Rest assured, our theme offers full responsiveness for Google AdSense, Page Level Ads, and Google AMP Ads, ensuring seamless ad display across all devices and screen sizes.

Price: $19.00

7. Anienews


Searching for the perfect WordPress blogging theme? Look no further. Anienews is a uniquely sophisticated news and blog theme tailored for WordPress bloggers. It exudes vibrancy and modernity while offering remarkable versatility. By acquiring this theme, you gain access to 12 distinct layouts, each meticulously designed for various categories.

The demo now includes blog layouts catering to authors, creatives, weddings, lifestyle, SEO blogs, technology, gaming, medical, finance, and food bloggers. Anticipate even more layouts in the future!

Recognizing the importance of easy information retrieval for your readers, readability is a primary focus in Anienews’s design. Everything is crafted to facilitate effortless reading and navigation, ensuring a seamless experience from site design to post presentation.

 Regardless of the device type or screen size, your pages will always look fantastic. Embracing WordPress’s content editor Gutenberg, Anienews seamlessly integrates with it, allowing you to use Gutenberg for both writing posts and designing custom pages.

If you revel in overseeing site customization, Anienews offers numerous unique header and footer options. Choose your preferred look, add your menus or colors, and you’re good to go!

For those looking to expand beyond content, Anienews integrates with WooCommerce, enabling you to sell your brand’s products effortlessly. Whether it’s t-shirts, merchandise, posters, or more, the theme comes with a custom pre-designed shop layout, ready to use from day one.

Price: $21.00

8. Retal


The Retal theme is meticulously designed to usher in the next generation of magazine and blog WordPress themes, leveraging the powerful core functions of WordPress to align with the evolving landscape of news sharing and blogging. Launch your stories magazine or blog effortlessly in just a few minutes!

Choose from 14 post layouts for trending or featured posts, latest posts, related posts, each category, authors, tags, and other archives. Utilize landscape (16:9), portrait (3:4), or square (1:1) ratios with a single generated thumbnail, ensuring a consistently impressive appearance like the demo. Galleries, embedded audios, and videos seamlessly adapt to the selected layout ratio.

Set up trending calculations based on story views within a specified time frame using ready page templates for weekly, monthly, and yearly calculations and a custom trending widget. Theme options allow you to feature stories on the homepage from selected categories or specific posts and enable the trending algorithm for these selections.

Retal automatically saves user likes in browser cookies, syncing them with user accounts upon login. The theme retrieves stored likes and dislikes, offering a story likes page template for users to preview their preferences, whether logged in or not. Generate fixed or random likes and views numbers for upcoming or old posts with a single click, initiating view and like counts from these generated numbers.

No need to manually add reading time for each article—Retal does it automatically based on the average person’s reading speed. Enable automatic detection of user-preferred color mode, with the option for users to select their preferred mode and the theme storing this choice in browser cookies for future visits. Dark mode can be set as the default or disabled.

Organize your stories and facilitate archiving based on formats, allowing users to browse preferred story formats and filter website story sections accordingly. Retal prioritizes readability and eye comfort, ensuring that even with changes to typography, the content remains visually appealing and comfortable for readers.

Retal seamlessly combines advanced functionality with simplicity, eliminating the need for coding skills to launch your site in minutes. Utilize the powerful Gutenberg editor blocks to display posts exactly as you edit them.

Select related posts display options from current post categories or tags, with choices of 14 layouts or the ability to hide it altogether. Choose from four types of navigation (AJAX Load More Button, AJAX Infinite Scroll, Page Numbers, Old & Previous Buttons). Easily set up your store and sell products with WooCommerce in just a few minutes.

Price: $59.00


WordPress Wednesday – 8 Gutenberg Themes for Bloggers