WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg stands out as arguably the most transformative update in the history of this CMS. But what exactly is the Gutenberg WordPress editor? It’s the native WordPress editor that is block-enabled, sparking a widespread search for block themes. This post delves into the realm of the best free Gutenberg WordPress themes that have already gained trust among users.

Given that block-based editing represents the inevitable present and future of WordPress, it’s prudent to keep a watchful eye on Gutenberg and its associated products.

This article compiles a selection of both recently released and well-established Gutenberg WordPress themes, offering a detailed exploration of their features.

Gutenberg WordPress Theme Review – Unveiling the Purpose

The Gutenberg project has significantly disrupted the realms of content creation and web development. To ensure you stay informed, we’ve opted to begin with the fundamentals. Before anything else, it’s crucial to connect the dots and grasp the comprehensive picture of Gutenberg themes within the WordPress ecosystem.

Deciphering the Essence of the Gutenberg Theme

Introduced in 2018, Gutenberg, also known as the Block Editor, has replaced the WordPress Classic Editor, undergoing a thorough transformation to enhance the site-building experience intuitively. A Gutenberg theme revolves around user-friendly and flexible editing, employing a block-based approach.

Users gain control over layouts and content, with Gutenberg allowing customization of blocks, rearrangement, and enhancement through third-party plugin functionality. This democratizes content creation, making it accessible to a broader audience, regardless of technical expertise.

Understanding a Gutenberg-Ready Theme

Since Gutenberg became the default content editor in WordPress 5.0, themes designed with support for Gutenberg and its features are aptly termed Gutenberg-ready themes.

These themes seamlessly integrate styles and layouts with the Gutenberg editor. Furthermore, they elevate the editing experience by providing flexible styling options for Gutenberg blocks. A Gutenberg-ready theme takes editing to a new level with pre-made block templates, custom block patterns, and advanced block settings.

1. Gutenify Medicare

Gutenify Medicare

Gutenify Medicare presents a contemporary block-based theme that empowers users to craft their distinctive websites through the WordPress Blocks Editor. As a versatile and free block-based theme, Gutenify Medicare aligns with the Full Site Editing features introduced in WordPress 5.9. This means that every aspect, from colours and typography to the layout of each page, can be tailored to meet individual needs.

The true strength of the Gutenify Medicare Theme lies in its adaptability, especially when paired with the Gutenify Plugin. This plugin allows users to fashion various customised templates and leverage its built-in template kits, further tailoring them to specific requirements. By utilising different blocks in conjunction with the Gutenify Plugin’s robust additional blocks, each website becomes a visually striking showcase. The combination of strong typography and a clean design aims to achieve a distinct appearance for every website.

The Gutenify Plugin provides a wide array of flexible and user-friendly blocks, ensuring that your website becomes a truly unique spectacle. Whether you’re creating a single-page website, a blog, a Medicare-focused site, a portfolio, a construction platform, or an educational portal, Gutenify Corporate, paired with the Gutenify Plugin, empowers you to fashion something distinctive that truly reflects your own identity.

Price: Free

2. Kiddiemart Lite

Kiddiemart Lite

Kiddiemart Lite is a free and lightweight WordPress block theme designed for full-site editing, tailored for eCommerce. Ideal for creating an online store specialising in children’s clothing or toys, this modern WooCommerce theme encompasses all essential pages for seamless product customisation and sales. The theme boasts a visually appealing layout that injects excitement and dynamism into your online presence. With its advanced features, Kiddiemart Lite excels in constructing a WooCommerce-based website.

Utilise Kiddiemart Lite to showcase your services, display your store inventory, share a gallery, publish blog posts, and present fashion news through its various pre-designed pages. The theme offers an extensive array of resources, including 17+ block patterns, 19 templates, and 11 template parts. Examples of block patterns include 404 Header, Archive Post Header, Best Seller Category, Blog Header, Featured Content, Footer Three Columns, Header Media With Patterns, Hero Content, Post Header, Search Header, Shop Header, and many others. Notably, all block patterns, templates, and template parts are highly customisable, ensuring fast loading times and full responsiveness.

Price: Free

3. Minimalistix


Minimalistix is a versatile and sophisticated WordPress theme designed for bloggers, writers, and anyone in search of a sleek, contemporary, and responsive design. This free theme presents a polished, minimalist aesthetic, making it an excellent choice for blogs, news sites, and personal portfolios.

Beyond its visual appeal, Minimalistix is highly optimized for search engines (SEO). It seamlessly integrates with popular page builders like Elementor, Divi Builder, SiteOrigin, Brizy, Visual Composer, and Beaver Builder, ensuring effortless customisation for startups, agencies, and businesses of all scales. The theme supports lightweight ecommerce shops through seamless integration with WooCommerce, and its compatibility with Gutenberg and schema markup guarantees a sharp and professional appearance for your content.

Minimalistix prioritises simplicity and mobile-friendliness, making it perfect for beginners. It offers a range of widgets, a customisable sidebar, and easy integration with Adsense and affiliate links. Whether you’re a writer, photographer, or business owner, Minimalistix opens up endless possibilities within one stunning theme.

Price: Free

4. Drinkify Lite

Drinkify Lite

Drinkify Lite is a free eCommerce WordPress block theme crafted for the creation of engaging websites tailored to liquor shops. This block-based theme is particularly well-suited for liquor stores, brewery beer outlets, drink stores, pubs, cafes, restaurants, wineries, and various other online businesses. Boasting a sleek and distinctive design, Drinkify Lite provides a platform for effective online product sales.

With its impressive pre-designed pages, this theme facilitates the creation of an attractive and user-friendly website. Leveraging Drinkify Lite, you can effectively showcase a diverse range of products available in your store. The theme offers a wealth of resources, including 15+ block patterns, 20 templates, and 11 template parts. Notable block patterns include 404 Header With Background, Archive Header With Background, Best Seller, Footer With Three Columns, Header Media, Header Transparent With Search Cart, Hero Content, Logo, Post Header With Background, Recent Blog, and many others.

Designed with eCommerce stores and wine-related projects in mind, Drinkify Lite provides a wide range of layout options and numerous powerful features. Its carefully crafted page layout ensures that you can showcase your products in the most appealing and effective manner.

Price: Free

5. Fotografie Blocks

Fotografie Blocks

Fotografie Blocks is a contemporary and imaginative photography WordPress block theme available for free. Tailored for professional or freelance photographers, travel journalists, graphic designers, amateur photographers, and photojournalists seeking an online platform for their work, this theme is the block version of the popular “Fotografie” theme. It proves to be an ideal choice for constructing a gallery or portfolio website, allowing you to showcase your high-resolution photography with stunning layouts.

Featuring both dark and light colour schemes, Fotografie Blocks expands your presentation options. Leveraging its full site editing features, customisation becomes a seamless process, empowering you to tailor your site according to your preferences. The theme offers a diverse range of resources, including 17+ distinct block patterns, 16 templates, and 9 template parts. This variety ensures flexibility and ease in creating a personalised and visually appealing online presence.

Price: Free

6. Foodie Blog

Foodie Blog

Foodie Blog is an enchanting and feature-rich website template meticulously crafted for food bloggers, culinary enthusiasts, and creators of food-related content. This template provides a delightful platform for showcasing culinary creations, sharing recipes, and connecting with an audience passionate about food. The theme boasts a design that seamlessly blends visual appeal with functionality, incorporating elegant typography, tasteful colour palettes, and well-structured layouts to create a visually pleasing and user-friendly environment.

The responsive design ensures flawless appearance and functionality across various devices, ranging from desktops to smartphones and tablets, thereby ensuring accessibility for a wider audience. FSE Foodie Blog is versatile and user-friendly, catering to bloggers and content creators with varying levels of technical expertise. It seamlessly integrates with the WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg), streamlining the content creation and customisation process. This allows bloggers to concentrate on their core strength—creating delectable content—without requiring advanced technical skills.

Noteworthy among its features is the extensive customisation options it offers. Users can tailor the theme to reflect their brand and style preferences, resulting in a unique and personalised blog. The theme supports various post formats, facilitating the effortless sharing of recipes, cooking tips, restaurant reviews, and more. With its elegant design, user-friendly interface, and comprehensive customisation features, Foodie Blog provides bloggers with the perfect platform to share their culinary passion, connect with food-loving audiences, and establish a standout food blog.

Price: Free

7. FlexiVerse


FlexiVerse stands as the ultimate WordPress theme, fuelled by full site editing, providing unparalleled flexibility and versatility. Propel your website to new heights with its user-friendly design and an abundance of customisable patterns. With FlexiVerse, the creation of a stunning and unique online presence becomes effortless. Display your content with flair using 16 easily customisable patterns, and select from a diverse array of colour schemes to harmonise with your brand identity.

This responsive and mobile-friendly theme ensures a seamless experience for your visitors across all devices. Whether accessed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, your website will maintain an impeccable appearance. Stay at the forefront with regular updates and dedicated support from our team. Unleash the true potential of your website with FlexiVerse.

Price: Free

8. FotaWP


FotaWP is a nimble, block-based, multipurpose WordPress theme engineered for responsiveness, SEO friendliness, and optimised speed. It seamlessly aligns with both Full Site Editing (FSE) and the popular page builder, Elementor. Offering over 130+ pre-built patterns ready for immediate use, along with 40+ advanced Elementor widgets and 28+ pre-built demos that can be imported with a single click, FotaWP delivers a robust, versatile solution.

Fully compatible with preferred page builders and plugins, including Elementor, Gutenberg, Yoast SEO, RankMath, Contact Form, Jetpack, WooCommerce, and more, FotaWP empowers users to exert complete control over their sites. Even with zero coding knowledge, users can harness FotaWP’s exceptional support and compatibility with both FSE and Elementor to craft stunning websites tailored to their design and functional requirements. The theme allows for site redesign and reconstruction from the ground up, utilising professionally crafted patterns and demos.

With a broad spectrum of features and customisation options, FotaWP caters to diverse niches, including agencies, small businesses, corporations, startups, home services, HVAC services, education platforms, health and fitness centers, insurance services, e-commerce (WooCommerce), product catalogs, and various other professional services.

Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting, FotaWP provides step-by-step documentation, video tutorials, and top-notch support to guide you through your journey.

Price: Free

9. Gutenify Logistics

Gutenify Logistics

Gutenify Logistics presents a contemporary block-based theme, allowing you to craft a distinctive website using the WordPress Blocks Editor. This free and versatile theme aligns with the Full Site Editing features introduced in WordPress 5.9, providing comprehensive customisation options for colours, typography, and the layout of every page on your site.

The true power of Gutenify Logistics Theme lies in its flexibility, enhanced by the Gutenify Plugin. This plugin enables the creation of various customised templates and utilisation of its built-in template kits, further tailored to specific needs. By employing different blocks in conjunction with Gutenify Plugin’s robust additional blocks, each website can attain a unique and impressive appearance.

Focused on strong typography and a simple design, the aim is to achieve a distinctive look for every website. Gutenify Plugin offers a wide array of flexible and user-friendly blocks, ensuring that, in combination, your website becomes a truly unique spectacle.

Price: Free

10. Gutenify Infi

Gutenify Infi

Gutenify Infi is a contemporary block-based theme that empowers you to construct a distinct and personalised website using the WordPress Blocks Editor. As a multipurpose, free theme built in line with the Full Site Editing features introduced in WordPress 5.9, Gutenify Infi facilitates customisation of all elements, including colors, typography, and the layout of each page, to perfectly align with your preferences.

The true strength of Gutenify Infi Theme lies in its adaptability, enhanced by the Gutenify Plugin. This plugin enables the creation of diverse customised templates, utilising its built-in template kits that can be further personalised according to your requirements. Moreover, by combining different blocks with Gutenify Plugin’s robust additional blocks, each website can achieve an impressive and distinctive appearance.

With a focus on strong typography and a simple design, the goal is to attain a unique look for every website. Gutenify Plugin offers a variety of flexible and user-friendly blocks, ensuring that, in combination, your website exudes an individual and striking aesthetic.

Price: Free


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