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Running an Event is an exciting project. Especially when so many events been canceled in 2020. However, a successful event requires many organisations, promotions, and most importantly, impressive and informative websites. We’ve put together a list of the best events in the 2022 WordPress theme. To help you create the perfect web presence for this year’s conferences, trade fairs, seminars, or other events.

When choosing a theme. Pay close attention to the features it provides and the reviews and ratings it receives. Be sure to choose the theme that best suits your event and the unique needs of your audience. Not just a good-looking theme.

Luckily in this WordPress Wednesday there’s are some event WordPress theme collection contains a wide range of themes. With different features to help you find the best solution for your event. Let’s get started with 10 best themes for your next event.

1. Confera


Confera focuses on building websites for online meetings and events.

If you’re looking for a topic that will help you move your meetings or events online and refocus. Confera is designed with you in mind. The three pre-built websites in the Confera package cover several different styles and purposes. However, the most interesting to the readers of this article is the online conference demo.

Open the online conference demo to see for yourself what the front page. And other parts of your website will look like. To help promote the event, the main area of ​​the pre-designed home page has space to display important meeting details such as title, date, and number of speakers. However, you can quickly customize this to add other information. The must-see Sign Now button also needs to get the visitor’s attention and convince them to sign up for the event.

If a visitor does not want to register immediately, you can instead scroll down the home page layout to see the details of the event. If you use the home page template in its default state, visitors will see a countdown timer that runs on important days, a carousel that displays speaker photos, and a tabbed event schedule.

This scheduling widget works very well and is great for clearly showing what happens during a meeting. If you offer multiple ticketing or registration options, you can share those details using the Price List widget.

In addition to the feature-rich home page layout, Confera also comes with all the other templates you might need.

Price: $64.00

2. WellExpo

Well Expo

WellExpo is an event and conference theme for building effective and professional looking websites using WordPress.

Regardless of the type of event or meeting you need to create your website, you can find the right off-the-shelf options in the WellExpo demo. With the perfect theme for technology summits, business forums, music events, and more, you may be able to import one of WellExpo’s pre-built website demos into your WordPress dashboard and start adding event and meeting details.

If you can’t find a WellExpo demo that fits your project perfectly, you can edit the pre-made content to make sure it’s more suitable for the type of event or meeting you’re promoting. Editing the theme demo using the included premium WP Bakery page builder will take less time to make the necessary adjustments. The theme also has a wealth of content templates that you might need on your trade show or conference website, saving you time by posting event details, registration pages, and venue information.

Regardless of the number of sessions or tracks in the event, thanks to the schedule and schedule layout, you should be able to post important details to your website in an easy-to-read format. If you want to sell tickets and manage registrations from websites, WellExpo works with the best plugins and systems that make it possible. You can also create a meeting attendee badge and print it out yourself to register. These are just a few of the features of this highly functional and well-designed event WordPress theme.

This event theme should work well in many types of venues, with a good combination of stylish templates and useful features.

Price: $85.00

3. EvenTalk


EvenTalk is a feature-rich WordPress theme for creating websites for meetings and events.

This is a very flexible theme so it’s suitable for promoting individual events or creating sites that cover multiple events. If you run an event management company, using this theme may be a good option for it. To make your site look right on your project. This theme provides ten homepage designs you can choose from.

The theme designs can be divided into two categories: one-page designs and multi-page layouts. In addition to the modern designs. The EvenTalk theme has pre-built demo content which includes lots of features that will ensure your event or conference website is effective.

Features such as countdown timers to build anticipation for the start of your event, speaker profiles to promote the star attractions of your conference, and formatted schedule sections. There’s other useful widgets in this theme package include a pricing table builder tool so that your visitors can easily compare the different ticket options and CTA buttons to prompt your visitors to book a ticket for your event.

This theme has been built to be integrated with the WooCommerce plugin. So you can manage ticket sales yourself, or connect your site to any of the best third-party ticket vendors. Also, this theme is built around the powerful Elementor page builder plugin.

Price: $39.00

4. Booth


Booth is a WordPress theme for bright and lively events and conferences. The overall design and style of this theme will give your event or conference website a modern and bright look. It’s ideal for creating a meeting or event site with a very professional look, the booth should appeal to anyone who needs a vibrant and dynamic design for their site.

You have access nine different theme demos. All of these are event and conference oriented demos. So you should be able to use one of these in your project. However, the demos cover conferences, festivals, seminars, workshops, and conference sites. Each theme has a slightly different audience in mind. There are also webinars and virtual event demos. Which are good examples of comprehensive themes in this category.

If you look at the site demo of booth. You can see that it not only has a modern design. But also contains many useful elements. Features include an online registration form, speaker profile, schedule, countdown timer, etc. There are many other elements used in booth theme. So it’s a good idea to check out the demo to get a better understanding of how this theme can help.

If you want to sell event tickets through a website or other item, whether it’s a digital product or a physical product, the booth is fully e-commerce capable. The booth is not only impressively designed, but also has many important features suitable for the event.

Price: $85.00

5. Exhibz


Exhibz is a WordPress theme for events and meetings with over 10 home page layouts.

With proper home page layout selection, you are more likely to be able to use the Exhibz theme to create the right type of website for your event or meeting. Types of event websites that can be quickly created using Exhibz’s pre-built content include food festival websites, digital marketing events, and educational conferences. In addition to specially designed event templates, there are also more general options available for almost all types of websites.

If you look at the layout of the Exhibz home page, you’ll see that it contains all the many elements that help promote the event. It includes a speaker profile section, countdown timer, schedule, and price list for viewing and comparing various ticketing options. Exhibz also makes it easy to share the location of your events by displaying interactive Google Maps on your home page and other parts of your website.

In addition to the home page layout, there are also some templates for the internal pages of the website. This allows you to quickly add other important content to your event’s website. For example, conference center details, speaker details, and other information you would like to share with potential or identified participants.

Exhibz templates look great and contain many useful elements, but all can be easily customized using the supported page builder tools. When you open these templates in the Elementor Page Builder interface, you can add and remove sections from your layout, customize your look, and much more to adapt this default theme to the unique needs of your event or meeting.

Price: $45.00

6. Evently


With the Evently theme, there are nine homepage demos to help you build your event website in WordPress. The pre-built content and templates included in the theme cover a variety of events and festivals. Pre-made content is developed at a high level, so there’s no problem promoting Evently-themed premium events. There is also a demo to create a website for the organisers. Therefore, if you work in this area, Evently will help you promote your service online. All website demos in the

Evently theme use a home page design that is packed with useful features. You can use these sections to view timers up to the start of an event or another selected date. Count down the time when tickets will be sold. The home page also includes a section for viewing profiles of speakers and others attending the event, an event schedule, and a price list for comparing different ticket options. Displaying the sponsor’s logo, sharing photos of the venue, and posting the contact form on the homepage are all done with pre-made content.

In addition to the home page layout, you can also use the Evently theme pack to access a library of templates for other pages on your site. This makes it very easy to post the full details of the event, list the various attendance and sponsorship packages, and create FAQs. Simply import the demo content into your WordPress dashboard and edit the page using the included WP Bakery PageBuilder plugin. This plugin adds a visual editor to your WordPress website, so editing demo content is very easy.

Due to Evently’s long feature list, this theme is suitable for almost all types of event websites.

Price: $79.00

7. Evenex


Evenex is a WordPress theme for promoting and supporting events and meetings.

With so many demos, Evenex is a WordPress theme suitable for different types of events. This includes meetings, social gatherings, face-to-face events, and online events. The templates that come with this theme focus on helping you promote your event.

However, the site demo also comes with many templates to provide attendees with information about the event, such as:  speaker profile, event schedule, venue information. Evenex is so mobile friendly that participants can easily access this information on their smartphones during the event.

As you might expect from the popular WordPress event themes, it’s integrated with all ticketing platforms. Alternatively, you can install one of the supported ticket plugins and manage this aspect of the event yourself. The theme also designed to work with WordPress crowdfunding plugins. So it’s easy to accept donations from visitors.

Evenex shouldn’t be a problem. The one-click demo importer tool greatly simplifies the process of incorporating pre-made templates into your WordPress dashboard and configuring them properly. You can then replace the demo content with your own text and images, use the Elementor Page Builder plugin to further customise your template, and personalise your website through the WordPress customizer interface.

Evenex has some very well-designed templates for event websites that are easy to edit.

Price: $59.00

8. ConferPress

Confer Press

ConferPress is a WordPress theme for multipurpose event and ticketing with many useful features.

Other Events Like WordPress themes, ConferPress comes with several website demos that you can use to launch various meeting and event sites. Therefore, for all types of projects you are working on, the ConferPress package that is useful on your website should contain at least one demo. ConferPress is also focused on building all types of websites that involve ticket sales, so it’s not a rigorous meeting of event options, but it helps sell tickets for upcoming sessions such as fitness seminars and music concerts. There are some demos.

Another reason to consider ConferPress is that it is suitable for promoting a single event, such as a large conference, or for many events, such as a local conference or a schedule of speakers on a trip. It doesn’t matter how you use this theme. You can configure your website the way you want by choosing off-the-shelf content and providing a wealth of useful features. Integration with the Event Calendar Pro plugin is built into the theme, and you also have the option to sell your own tickets using WooCommerce, ensuring that ConferPress has everything you need since it started. ..

Customisation options are not limited to ConferPress themes. The demo selections for event and conference websites look great, but you can easily change their appearance to make sure they’re appropriate for your content and target audience. This package also includes a mobile showcase plugin to help introduce the event to more viewers at no additional cost.

If you’re looking for inspiration for an event website, check out the ConferPress page for a link to the actual live website built on this theme.

Price: $59.00

9. Grand Conference

Grand Conference

Grand conferences are a popular theme for demos on several different event websites. Compared to the other options here, there may not be many demos on the website for meetings and events on this subject. However, the traditional main conference demo contains everything you probably need for most websites of this type. So if you want to import a demo into your website and push multiple templates, images, sliders, menus and settings to your WordPress dashboard.

There are also demos that can help you create a music event website in WordPress. A one-page event demo is another option available when building a website. Whichever demo you choose, you can access different templates to quickly add registration, schedule, and speaker pages to your website. Thanks to the integration with Google Maps, you can publish useful pages on your website that cover the venue with directions. If you’re offering multiple tickets or packages for an event, a pre-built price list page makes it very easy to compare different audience options.

It also has some useful navigation and user experience features. For example, visitors to your site can quickly filter by topic to find sessions at the event they are most interested in. You can also organise your sessions by day to make it easier for participants to plan their schedule.

If you are building a website or using WordPress for the first time, you may be interested in the free theme installation and demo content import services that come with the Grand Conference. This is included in every purchase, so you can let go of some work when creating a new website

Price: $59.00

10. Event Camp

Event Camp

You can use Event Champ to create a website that promotes multiple events. Or you can create a single meeting page.

Whether you’re promoting a single upcoming event or launching a website that can cover multiple events. The EventChamp WordPress theme is a great and flexible option. The types of events that can be promoted on this theme. Also thanks to the impressive selection of demos on the website. With 14 demos currently available. You should be able to use this theme to find the right theme for your WordPress event website.

The website demos can be imported into WordPress with just a few clicks. Thanks to this, you can quickly start working on your new website by choosing from off-the-shelf demos for business meetings. Technical events, concerts, or sporting events. There are also educational, gaming, and wedding options. To make this the theme of almost any type of event or conference website. If the focus of the event is not covered by one of the theme demos, you can also use more general themes to adapt them to your website.

In addition to its modern design. This theme provides all the tools you need to customise your conference or event website. This themes panel has been packed with options and settings that will cover all the visual elements of your website. Therefore, any changes you want to make to your website design can be implemented with just a few clicks. Other useful features of this stylish event WordPress theme. Include different layout choices for displaying multiple events. Various search tools to help visitors find the type of event they are looking for, online. You can book and sell or integrate your tickets at. Third party service.

Whatever event or conference website you want to build with WordPress, Event Champ should be more than a challenge.

Price: $59.00


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