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Are you looking to find a WordPress knowledge base plugin?

Delivering a high-quality good or service is no longer enough to keep customers happy. Customers will have questions for you and want answers. Regardless of if you operate a consulting firm, clothes store, restaurant, or any other type of online-only business.

A knowledge base, an online repository of content with instructions on how to use a product and answers to frequently asked questions. Is a fantastic approach to service these clients. Users can discover the right documents more quickly by using search functions and hierarchical organisation in knowledge bases. Nobody wants to waste time reading pointless manuals when there are more pressing issues to address.

But it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you if you use WordPress that plugins are the ideal approach to include a knowledge base into your website. In this WordPress Wednesday, I’ll look at 8 of the best WordPress knowledge base plugins. Both free and premium, to help your visitors whenever and wherever they need it.

1. VS Knowledge Base

Vs Knowledge Base

WordPress support sites can use the lightweight solution offered by Very Simple Knowledge Base (VS Knowledge Base). With this free plugin, all you have to do to show your existing posts and content from custom post types in numerous responsive columns is include a shortcode or widget. These shortcodes and widgets can be modified to display specific post categories and modify the order in which these posts appear.

You’ll probably prefer an alternative if you require a plugin that allows users to search a knowledge base. And gives you the ability to administer a knowledge base independently from your other content. However, Very Simple Knowledge Base is the, well, very simple option. You’ll like if you already have support content and need a straightforward method to create it.

2. BetterDocs


BetterDocs offers an outstanding product for a freemium tool. You may offer visitors and clients a smooth support experience. By using the drag-and-drop adjustable templates of this knowledge base plugin. The plugin is designed to operate with any WordPress theme. But it performs best when used in conjunction with the Elementor page builder plugin.

Along with the live search results you might expect. This plugin also includes an immediate answer bot that looks for solutions to frequent user queries. Also BetterDocs has an automatic table of contents that. As you write your documentation, the plugin will add to. This feature makes it easy for users to navigate without any further work on your part.

On its website, BetterDocs also provides a pro version that enables quicker, more comprehensive searches. BetterDocs Pro costs $49 for use on a single website, $99 for use on an infinite number of websites with a year’s worth of support and updates. And $249 for usage on an unlimited number of websites with a lifetime’s worth of support and updates.

3. Echo Knowledge Base

Echo Knowledge Base

A well-liked freemium option for integrating a knowledge base into any WordPress website is Echo Knowledge Base. It has a few frontend themes that can all be customised to fit your website’s style and are all based on the traditional knowledge base structure that users are used to. Regardless of the layout you pick. Getting started is simple because this plugin guides you through installation and the fundamental customisations.

You can add articles to your knowledge base once it is set up. You can give each article tags and categories when the plugin creates it as a new custom post type. Up to five levels of hierarchical documentation are permitted. And you can arrange the articles however you choose. Additionally, you’ll get real-time Ajax search results, breadcrumbs, and comments for your support articles along with templates for FAQs.

Echo Knowledge Base’s base version is totally free. The developers provide a library of paid add-ons that you may browse on their website to further expand your knowledge base. You can see search metrics, establish access restrictions. And do other things with these add-ons. Add-ons can be purchased alone or as part of a package.

4. WeDocs


WeDocs is a WordPress plugin that organises your support docs into a helpful knowledge base and is available for free and open source. It allows you to organise these posts into sections and hierarchies. Thus it works best if you already have a library of support information that you wish to manage.

This plugin works well for anyone who wants a simple support component of their website for free. Even though the visitor interface is less complex than other paid choices which are out there. Plus this plugin provides a straightforward space in the dashboard for admins to see and manage all documentation.

5. Heroic Knowledge Base

Heroic Knowledge Base

Heroic Knowledge Base is a top knowledge base plugin from HeroThemes that gives any theme access to a user-friendly knowledge base. You’ll like how simple Heroic is to create and operate. And visitors will love having quick access to assistance materials.

Thanks to AJAX, this premium plugin is perfect for establishing a robust, searchable knowledge base. It will provide results as the user inputs their query. Visitors can comment on the assistance articles, and you can even arrange the search results so that the most important content appears near the top. Last but not least, Heroic Knowledge Base has built-in analytics to track what users are searching for and figure out whether they are truly discovering answers.

Heroic Knowledge Base is offered at three different price points: Essential ($129), Plus ($159), and Pro ($379). They(HeroThemes) has created a knowledge base WordPress theme called KnowAll that works excellent for specialised support websites in addition to Heroic Knowledge Base.

6. Yada Wiki

Yada Wiki

Try Yada Wiki if you’re seeking for a means to link the support posts on your website without using a search engine or a specific knowledge base page. A new wiki post type, tags and categories for your knowledge base, and an index of help articles are all created by this free plugin. It’s better for people who have a little more time to spare to structure a straightforward knowledge base on their own.

Yada Wiki has two shortcodes for linking to other wiki pages that make it simple to connect your supporting content and insert pertinent links where they belong. Additionally, you may create a table of contents to embed in other blogs. When you link to a new wiki entry in your table of contents, your entire website will update to reflect the change.

7. MinervaKB

Minerva Kb

MinervaKB is a fully functional premium plugin that gives your website a searchable knowledge base. With Ajax live search results and control over how your support content is organized together in results, the search page is straightforward, contemporary, and extremely customizable.

The MinervaKB plugin works with WooCommerce websites and integrates with Elementor and Visual Composer to make configuring the layouts of your knowledge base easier. Material limits, an analytics dashboard, like and dislike buttons, feedback forms, and a dynamic table of contents option that changes as you modify your content are some more premium features.

8. Helpie WP

Helpie Wp

A very collaborative WordPress knowledge base plugin is called Helpie WP. It’s one of the simplest ways to develop and distribute information among teams, as well as to design lovely websites for your goods’ and services’ documentation.

The publishing capabilities of Helpie WP allow you to control who can make edits and approve changes. It also has a revision system that allows you to go back and undo changes. A front-end editor with integration options, extensive style customizations, and integration with page builders like Elementor are some of its other key features.

Helpie WP is offered for use on one website starting at $69 (one-time cost).


WordPress Wednesday – 8 Best WordPress Knowledge Base Plugins