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A WordPress directory website allows you to list information that your visitors can search for. Building on WordPress is easy as there are many great WordPress plugins available for this purpose.

However, choosing the right WordPress directory plugin can be difficult. Each plugin may only fit certain types of directories, so you’ll need to find one that fits your needs.

In this WordPress Wednesday, I will discuss the 6 Best WordPress directory plugins that you can use to create a website that lists various information. We have selected different types of directory plugins to serve different needs.

What to Look for in a WordPress Directory Plugin

The first step in choosing a WordPress directory plugin is to determine the purpose of your site and the type of listings.

For example, paid listings require a WordPress directory plugin that supports online payments and subscription plans. Also, if your directory lists various business locations, you need a plugin with map integration.

Most WordPress directory plugins have common features that make it easy to manage your listings. Here are some features to look for:

  • Listing categorisation: A good WordPress directory plugin will categorise all your entries to make it easier for users to find the information they need.
  • Media support: The plugin should support photos and videos to visualise the list.
  • Front-end submission: You may want your website visitors to be able to add to your list without having to access your website’s backend. In this case, a front-end submission system can help.
  • Customisable form fields: Custom information can be listed in directory entries that require customisable forms.
  • Monetisation options: Creating a directory website is a great way to make money online. However, you need monetisation options such as online payment support.

1. Directorist


Directorist is a freemium directory plugin that comes with a modern design. In other words, even with just the default settings, the plugin’s UI stuff looks pretty good.

This plugin allows you to add unlimited custom fields to control your ads. You can allow people to submit listings from the user interface, including the option to charge people to submit featured listings, the premium version adds more monetisation options.

You can set the expiration date of the listing and give the user the option to renew the listing, which is ideal for classifieds and directory sites. If you need more features than the free version offers, the plugin developer has 17 premium add-ons that you can buy individually or in groups to extend this plugin.

Some of the most notable extensions include:

  • More monetization options, standalone or through WooCommerce. You can even charge for individual sections of your listing, such as upselling to let people add more images.
  • Live chat so visitors can chat directly with listing owners.
  • Social login.
  • Integrated map to display the list. Requirement List function.
  • The ability to rank feature lists.

Directorist works with any WordPress theme, but the developers also sell some of their own premium themes designed specifically for Directorist. These themes look pretty good, so I think they are a good choice if you want to use Directorist.

Pricing starts with the free plugin that is available at Then, individual add-ons are $19-$29 each or you can get a bundle of all add-ons starting at $129. The premium themes cost $25-69 each.

2. GeoDirectory


GeoDirectory is a popular WordPress directory plugins. There’s a free version of and a number of premium plugins that can be purchased individually or bundled up.

This plugin aims to create a scalable directory that works well with both 100 entries and 1 million entries.

Unlike other plugins in this WordPress Wednesday roundup, it is primarily focused on building corporate directories for physical locations.

Some of the features are:

  • Create a directory for a single location available only in the free version), while you can create unlimited locations (but only in the paid version of the plugin).
  • Provides a front-end form for visitors to submit their business. This includes the option to charge for paid listings.
  • Built-in form to accept user ratings for individual listings.
  • Advanced search functionality with options to filter by proximity, rating, reviews, or date.
    CSV import/export makes adding offers easy.
  • Google Maps integration for displaying listings on a map. This includes cluster functionality with paid add-ons.

Overall, the free version helps you create a simple, functional directory for a single site. Be sure to get some or all. Currently there are 18 paid add-ons and 3 free add-ons. Some of the most notable things you can do with paid add-ons are:

  • Add support for multiple locations.
  • Improve search.
  • Custom post types for multiple types of directory listings
  • Adds an option for business owners to claim listings.
  • Accepts more detailed user ratings.

GeoDirectory plugin works with any WordPress theme. However, for a more seamless setup, the plugin developer offers some free and premium themes that look great out of the box. Or, if you prefer to do it yourself, GeoDirectory has There are integrations with popular WordPress page builder plugins such as Elementor Pro, Divi and more.

Pricing starts free at Individual add-ons and themes are $19-39 each. Or, you can get a bundle of all the add-ons starting at $99 with including 4 months of support, updates.

3. Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro

Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro

Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro is a free plugin but is also available in a premium version with more features.

As the name suggests, it is useful for creating classified directory sites, as well as traditional directory sites.

And you can allow users to sign up for accounts that can manage, update, edit and delete lists. While you can also save a list of other users’ favourites.

You can add an unlimited number of custom fields and categories to manage your listing pages.

It also supports unlimited locations, including Google Maps integration for viewing listings on maps.

If you want to monetize your website, you can charge your users for:

  • Make the list featured or sticky.
  • Access the ability to create more types of entries.

The free version of this plugin is pretty functional by itself. But, however, if you want to monetise your directory, you may want to choose the premium version.

Pricing starts free but then paid plans start at $95.88 that includes one year of support and updates or $289.99 for lifetime access.

4. HivePress


HivePress is a freemium directory plugin that works with all kinds of directories, from physical locations to service provider listings, classified sites, job listings, and more.

One of the most distinguished details about HivePress is that the free version and extensions give you access to many advanced features that other directory plugins charge for. This is definitely one of the most flexible free directory plugins out there.

With the free version and extensions, with HivePress you can add support for:

  • Paid listings – Charge for adding a listing.
  • Claim listings – Let users claim existing listings either for a fee or free.
  • Reviews – Let people rate and review listings.
  • Social login – People can sign in using their third-party social media services.

On top of all the core free feature that you find in a WordPress directory plugin such as listing management, custom fields, and so on.

The plugin developers also sells numerous of extensions such as.

  • Listing statistics – Users can view stats for listings.
  • Bookings – Let users book listings.
  • Memberships – Charge users to view listings.
  • Opening Hours – Let businesses list their opening hours.

Pricing starts free at Then there’s numerous of free extension and premium extensions for $29-$39 each.

5. Directories Pro

Directories Pro For WordPress

Directories Pro is a well-rated premium directory plugin on CodeCanyon. This plugin helps create a physical business directory like Yelp but as well as other types of directories for users, websites and other non-physical entities.

You can add as many custom fields as you need and arrange them in the drag and drop content viewer editor.

Users can submit entries through a front-end form or manage entries through their own front-end dashboard. There is also an option for the user to request an existing list.

If you’re looking to monetise your website, Directories Pro integrates with WooCommerce for payment processing. To help visitors find your entries, Directories Pro includes both faceted search and auto-suggestions.

It cost $39 that includes the standard Envato licensing six months of support and lifetime updates for a single site.

6. Everest Business Directory

Everest Business Directory Is A Complete Business Directory WordPress Plugin

Everest Business Directory is another premium plugin that is available through CodeCayon that primarily here to help you create a directory of your physical business.

Its feature list isn’t as detailed as other plugins, but it’s a good option for a lightweight free directory.

User can submit listings from the frontend and can also manage existing listings from her frontend dashboard.

Various templates are available for displaying lists. This includes powerful search capabilities that allow visitors to filter by keywords, locations, categories, and/or tags. There’s also Google Maps integration, allowing you to view your listings on a map.

One thing the plugin lacks is built-in payment functionality. So if you want to monetise your directory (beyond ads), we recommend using another plugin.

Pricing is $21 with standard Envato licensing.


WordPress Wednesday – 6 Best WordPress Directory Plugins