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If you are looking for the best CAPTCHA plugin for your WordPress website, then this WordPress Wednesday is for you.

So, if your website has forms or comment sections, then you need a CAPTCHA plugin for your WordPress website. This helps to prevent bots from spamming comment sections. But more importantly, it prevents bots from submitting malicious form entries that can harm his website and users.

This list features some of the best WordPress CAPTCHA plugins to help you block spam and malicious bots.

But, what is a CAPTCHA?

Anyone who has ever used the internet has run into CAPTCHA problems. You may already know what a captcha is, but to cover all the basics, let’s take a quick look at what you should know before installing a captcha tool on your website. is a test to prove that humans are real people and not bots.

The word “CAPTCHA” is an acronym for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.” This is a challenge/response test that helps determine if the answer was generated by a human rather than a computer.

More than 10 CAPTCHA types are available on the market and you can add them to your website to block spammers. The popular capture types include text, image, audio, puzzle, math and word challenge captcha’s.

But why is it important?

Do WordPress sites need CAPTCHA?

Yes, ideally every website should have Captcha enabled. Here’s why:

Preventing Malicious Attacks: Hackers use a combination of malicious bots to infiltrate websites. These attacks include SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and brute force attacks.

Target input fields on your website, such as comment sections, login sections, password forms, and all other forms.

Spam Prevention: There are myriad reasons why people might want to spam your website. You may want to promote your own website, or your competitor may want to interfere with your business.

Captchas are important for blogs, community sites, and forums. If you run an online store or membership site, you should add captchas to all login and registration forms to avoid bot attacks and fake registrations.

Malicious threats and bot attacks are increasing daily. Attacks can overwhelm servers and slow down websites.

These attacks not only slow down websites, they can also disrupt search engine rankings. A captcha plugin can protect your website from such unwanted troubles. No need to deal with bots. Focus on real people visiting your website or ordering from your e-commerce store.

Now that we have a full understanding of what Captcha is, let’s take a look at the best WordPress Captcha plugins and tools.

Best WordPress CAPTCHA Plugins

Below are some paid and free WordPress CAPTCHA plugins. Each plugin offers different features and CAPTCHA types, so you can choose the CAPTCHA plugin or tool that best suits your needs.

1. hCaptcha

Hcaptcha For WordPress

hCaptcha protects your site website and user privacy and rewards site owners financially each time a visitor can actually solve a CAPTCHA.

This plugin can be considered as a replacement for reCaptcha. And can be used for most form pages.The hCaptcha plugin uses the latest advanced technology that distinguishes bots from real humans and creates a powerful layer of protection for her website from spam.

The technology used in this plugin is artificial intelligence and deep learning technology. Intended monetary rewards will be credited to the website owners or transferred to charities you support.

Other features include use of GDPR and CCPA in compliance with global privacy laws. To purchase this plugin and find out its price, you should first check with our support and sales team.The paid version is supposed to do more to secure your site.

Also, it also provides advanced reports that are very important to protect your site and users.


  • Uses artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques
  • Creates a solid layer of spam protection for your website
  • Provides advanced reports that are very important in protecting your website and your users Captcha
  • Functions used for various forms

2. Login No Captcha reCAPTCHA

Login No Captcha Recaptcha

Login No Captcha reCAPTCHA is one of the most popular Captcha plugins to use on your WordPress website. It does a great job of protecting your website from spambots. And it’s easy to handle.

The plugin makes it easy to add a Google no captcha reCaptcha checkbox to your WordPress and even WooCommerce logins.

This plugin can also be used on the registration page and the forgotten password page. Another attractive feature of this plugin is that you can add different themes and use them on other pages.

This plugin also blocks automated scripts from accessing her website and recognises real humans from bots, so very effective at keeping websites safe. Once installed, the plugin will automatically run on your WordPress site without the need for any unique configuration.

Compatible with various WordPress configurations and supports multiple different languages. It also does a great job of protecting her website from hackers.


  • This plugin simply adds reCAPTCHA as part of standard login, registration, and password reset forms.
  • Can be use with WooCommerce.
  • Add the ability to customise and use the registration page and forget password page
  • Functionality to block access to the site by automated scripts.
  • Support for multiple different languages

3. Really Simple CAPTCHA

Really Simple Captcha

Really Simple Captcha is a simple Captcha plugin. This plugin is widely used and very powerful. It does not work on its own and must be used with other plugins.

Anyway, this plugin is easy to handle. The user first enters the answer in Captcha. If the image file selected by the user is correct, you are authorised to enter.

If the user’s response matches the response that is stored in the text file, the plugin passes the submitted form. It works well with other plugins such as contact forms and registration forms. This plugin takes up very little space. However, it should also be mentioned that this is not an advanced secure capture plugin.

Rather than using commonly used PHP “sessions” to store state, this CAPTCHA plugin stores data in temporary files, unlike most other PHP CAPTCHA solutions. It doesn’t use PHP sessions, so it can be easily embedded in WordPress.

This takes up very little space, deters spammers and trolls, shuts down spambots, and uses very little bandwidth. This plugin isn’t complicated or difficult, but it’s not developer friendly.

Therefore, as a beginner, we recommend that you integrate a basic primary cache plugin directly into your theme.


  • Use in combination with other WordPress plugins
  • It takes up very little space.
  • Requires GD and FreeType PHP libraries to be on your server to create the CAPTCHA images
  • Executes temporary files instead of using PHP sessions to store statuses

4. reCaptcha

Recaptcha By Bestwebsoft

reCaptcha is another one of the most popular plugins to protect your WordPress from Spam. It can be used with most types of forms. It also has invisible protection to minimise user inconvenience.

This plugin equips your website with powerful anti-spam tools, allowing you to create a solid layer of protection for your website. This plugin allows you to disable the form submit button. You can check the valid key in the admin panel.

Users must confirm they are human unless they confirm they are not robots before submitting the form. This is for people’s comfort and bot safety.

This plugin provides users with dark and light colour themes. Supports multiple languages. In fact, it gives users the option of manual customisation to select the language. It can also be used for subpages.

You can hide reCaptcha for IP addresses listed as allowed addresses, disable the submit button, and check key validity in the admin panel.

The plugin also has a strong support team that can help you to resolve any issues you may encounter. After purchasing the paid version, you can also receive a money-back guarantee if you do not like the plugin.


  • Ability to hide reCaptcha for users with specific user roles
  • Can be use in most types of forms
  • Minimise user inconvenience with it’s invisible protection feature
  • Comes with a strong support team that will help and guide you in solving any problems
  • Offering themes in dark and light colors to the user

Aside from the Free version, there’s a premium version available.

5. Captcha 4WP

Captcha 4wp

Captcha 4WP also knows with its long name of Advanced NoCaptcha & Invisible Captcha is a powerful plugin that uses the latest updated technology to secure forms on your website and protect you from spam. This plugin causes even a slight inconvenience to your visitors.

Site administrators can use hidden checkboxes or invisibly perform security her checks. This plugin allows you to place multiple captchas on a single page. You can specify how often you want to enter the captcha. It can be used in any form.

Language selection and support for different languages ​​are interesting features of this plugin. You can customise error messages. There is an option for logged in users to hide the captcha. Also, the site administrator can choose her version of reCaptcha.

You can reduce the amount of spam on your WordPress site, improve the experience for your visitors and users, and increase trust between them. Using this service protects your website from automated attacks and spambots, improving your users’ experience, security, and website security.

CAPTCHA tests can be customised to your design needs with different types of tests, error messages, and language, but not UX customisation. Adding CAPTCHA tests to your forms is as easy as entering a CAPTCHA key and selecting which form to display.

The whole process above can be done in just a few steps


  • Creates the most minor inconvenience for users
  • Uses the latest technologies to secure forms
  • Perform security checks invisibly by admins
  • Use multiple captchas on a single page
  • Supporting different languages

Aside from the Free version, there’s a premium version available.


WordPress Wednesday – 5 Best WordPress CAPTCHA Plugins