Since 2016 when Elementor was introduced, it has completely taken over WordPress, as a preferred page builder. This plugin offers a different experience when designing web pages. Just about anyone can just use a drag and drop feature to create amazing site designs within a few minutes as you don’t need any coding knowledge!

Additionally, this page builder presents Ready-Made Templates for users to instantly fit on the site & get started quickly. And it gives you the choice to personalise all the features with its styling capability.

With thanks to the elements you don’t need to worry about hiring any developers, as you can do it yourself.

But why you might want to use element or add-ons… It’s never easy to meet your requirements to the most extent. As Elementor page builder offers over 80 elements, which you can use to create something more advanced and unique. But this is exactly why we have third-party developers as they had decided to expand the Elementor functionalities and develop some Add-ons for Elementor.

There are hundreds of add-ons available on the internet. So, you have tons of options to choose from and start using the right extension for your website.

These add-ons allow you to strengthen your design with its amazing features & layouts. In this short WordPress Wednesday post, I’ve collected 6 free and premium Elementor add-ons to help you.

1. Sina Extension for Elementor

Sina Extension For Elementor

The Sina Extension is a great free option that offers you 40 new Elementor widgets and 100+ ready to use blocks and pages.

Once you’ve installed the plugin you’ll find features for carousels, maps, charts, teams, tables, counters and more.  Sina has  a huge advantage as it’s fully translated into six languages, and includes translation files for an additional 16 regions.

Price: Free

2. Droit Addons

Droit Addons For Elementor Widgets, Blocks, Templates Library For Elementor Builder

With Droit Addons plugin it’s offers everything you need to extend the Elementor page builder capabilities. The plugin is completely responsive, cross-browser tested and lastly free.

With the free add-on, you’ll find over 23 new widgets, over 70 block sections and over 9 full-page templates so you have a ton of options. You can create some impressive pages with some banners, animated text, image carousels, or with icon boxes, FAQs, pricing tables etc. There’s a lot of things you can do with this add-on!

Price: Free

3. Master Addons

Master Addons

With this Master Addons for Elementor, you can design modern layouts for your website. We are here with another free plugin that adds more than 50+ new blocks, and 150+ ready to use templates for you to build.

With these it include layouts for pages, sections, footer and header designs. If you want more, well there is more but it’s a premium version that has additional blocks, including restricted content, image hotspot, flip boxes, gallery slider and more.

Price: Free

4. The Plus Addons

The Plus Addons

With this add-on, you’ll notice that it packed with a bunch of customisations. It is an all-in-one extension for the Elementor page builder.

This plugin is an easy way to build and customize your site quickly. This plugin has more than 300+ UI blocks that can speed up the creation process. You can quickly create some icon box grids, pricing tables, hero sections, feature lists, map sections, forms and more.

This Elementor Add-on also offers 18+ website templates for any type of businesses. Or simply you can use the built-in options to further customise colours, backgrounds, icons and more.

There is top-notch support, so if you ever have a question the support team can help you. Also, you can even purchase an extended license if you are a developer who wants to use The Plus on all of your clients’ sites.

Price: Free for Lite Version or Premium starting at $39.00 per year (1 Website) to $149.00 per year (Unlimited Sites)

5. PowerPack


The PowerPack add-on has a bunch of Creative elements contains inside. There’s are a total of 70 elements within this bundle. Which is very moderate compared to what other bundles are offering.

Nevertheless, PowerPack for Elementor package doesn’t have a free version which could be a big turndown if you are searching for free options.

Price: Starting from $49.00 (1 Year)

6. ElementsKit (Lite)

Elementskit Lite

ElementsKit Lite is a free option that offers 55+ custom widgets and 500+ ready to use page sections that are perfect ways to design your site to be unique.

With this add-on, it includes widgets for headings, buttons, tabs, social media, logos, facts, accordions, CTAs, lists, business hours and more. Also, ElementsKit includes special builders for mega menus, headers and footers so you can design your site however you want from top to bottom.

Price: Free


WordPress Wednesday – 6 Best Elementor Add-ons for WordPress