Anyone who has spent a big length of time online is aware of this fact, that a number of websites run slowly. As this can be trouble some for people who have a slow internet connection. But as web designers, web developer and even the webmasters can do things to ensure their site runs quicker for visitors. In this post today we will be focusing on 12 ways on how to speed up your WordPress site.

1. Changing Web Hosts

In some instances, the reasoning behind a slow website may sit with the actually place you have your website hosted. In order to fix this, it may be in your  best interest to switch to another host, consulting web hosting reviews to find what works best and what features you.

2. Image Sizes

Images should be of a small size, if the image are too large, it will take longer for the entire image to appear.  Loading multiple images of this caliber will only make things worse. Some choose to compromise by linking the small image to a bigger image.

3. Image Sizes Attributes

Putting the height and width information of an image inside the image tags can increases loading speed. If you have not done this the browser will spend more time opening it.

4. Updates

Staying up to date with the latest version of WordPress as the updates will usually have a few things that improve the functioning of the blog and fix previous problems.

5. Less Plugins

If possible you should take any plugins on the site and replace them with direct codes. You will have more control over customization, functionality and reduce potential security risk.

6. Placing JavaScript down the bottom

JavaScript is popular and widespread in its use, placing them at the bottom of the page, just before the closing </html> element, ensures that your clients browsers are able to download the maximum number of components, decreasing load times and improving performance.

7. Keep The Code Clean

Never overdo it on the coding. Keeping everything clean and simple will quicken loading times. If there are any errors in the coding they should be fixed promptly.

8. Removing Unnecessary Widgets

Many WordPress sites contain widgets that aren’t really needed, some show how many people are on the site etc. This takes up a lot of room and can prove distracting. Removing these things will equal quicker loading.

9. Optimising Your Database

Your database should be optimised, either through the use of a plugin or manually.

10. External Links & Files In One

Putting external links and files in one defined location can put less strain on the HTTP requests, speeding things up.

11. Reducing CSS Files

Combing multiple CSS files into one big one. It may take up more lines but the less individual CSS files inside your theme means more faster it’ll load. Just simply copy and paste the code from the individual CSS files into the one file in your theme.

12. Reducing JavaScripts Files

Just like the above tip, coming multiple JavaScripts into one big one.  The less individual .js files the theme needs to read the faster it’ll load. Again like the above tip the simplest thing you can do is just copy/paste the code from individual Javascript files

Did i missed any ways that we can improve the speed of wordpress sites, just post in the comments to show everyone your ways or give tips ?


12 Ways To Increase The Speed Of Your WordPress Site