Showcase of the Best 20 Websites from May 2013

It’s been a busy month for the web industry as see hundreds of designs and today’s post we will have a look at 20 of the best websites that been built during the month of may. Within this collection you will see many of these website using the current web…Read More

15 New & Inspiring Examples of Flat Web Designs

Trends in web design are always changing through out the times and recently there has been a pull towards using a lighter simplistic designs. Flat Web Design is a minimalistic approach where less images are used and where large surfaces have been met by filling them with a single but…Read More

12 Great Examples of Flat Web Design

Today’s I will be featuring 12 Great Examples of Flat Web Design but you may wonder what is actually  “Flat Web Design?”, Well it just means designing without the  gradients, pixel perfect shadows and skeuomorphism that’s been trending of quite a while. With many site getting re-designed and new websites…Read More

10 Web Design Trends to Look Forward to in 2013

So far the year 2012 has brought upon some amazing changes in web design. Web development has become a much smoother subject to jump into learning, not to mention the countless open source libraries useful in streamlining the process. And yet it’s seems that the  global development and design community…Read More

13 Brilliant & New Examples Of Responsive Web Design

The reason for the popularity of responsive website design right now is the need for making websites accessible to mobile users that are soon to be accountable for a bit over 10% of the world internet requests. So today post I’ve have rounded up 13 new examples of responsive web…Read More

23 Great Examples Of Single Page Websites

One of most love thing in developments on the web has been the rise in the use of single page websites by everyone from web designers to large companies to promote their product, app or portfolio.  The single page websites look great with many having very simple designs, large typography…Read More

Freebie Tuesday 12th of June – Countdown Flip Clock PSD

This is perfect for web designers or developers that have a website under construction or renovation or if you have something you wanna launch or release after a certain amount of time. The countdown will help the visitor, user or customer know when to come back or how much he’s…Read More

20 Most Inspiring Web Designs From May 2012

Today’s post we’ll have a look at some websites that been produced throughout the month of May. Today’s collection is comprised of websites that been well built and that offers many styles such as bright and colourful, artistic, simple to suit any taste. 1. Modjool 2. Onside Sports Agency

20 Most Inspiring Web Designs From March 2012

Today’s post we’ll have a look at some websites that been created throughout the month of March. Web design sure has come a long way in recent years, and we can see all kinds of creative and unique websites popping up and most of them being made responsive. In this…Read More