8 Best Alternatives to Google Analytics

When you think of installing analytics, 99% of the time you will just reach out for Google Analytics. And you wouldn’t be alone I use it here. As the platforms have strong integration with SEO and the connection that using Google products is beneficial to ranking suggests that Google Analytics…Read More

Freebie Thursday – 12th of August – Travel App

Booking your vacation on super easy app. Travelo offer two user experience booking form and a perfect UI design. Travelo UI kit is compatible and works smoothly with Adobe XD with well layered and organized, responsive resize, global color and text styles, and with free fonts family from Google Fonts…Read More

WordPress Wednesday – 6 Best Real Estate Themes

Whether you are a real estate agent or just simply a homeowner who is wanting to sell a few properties. You will need a site to get your business moving forward. Building a site may seem like a intimidating task, But thanks to WordPress themes it make it easy for…Read More

What’s New for Designers & Developers for August 2021

As designers or developers, we are continually looking for all of those design resources, tools and apps that can help make our life easier and increase our productivity & creativity. So today this post is here to showcase what is new for designers and developers for August 2021, below I’ve…Read More

31 of the Best Made Websites from July 2021

It’s the last day of July. So it’s time to showcase some brilliant website design inspiration. This time I have collection thirty one of the best websites that have either been made or published during July. In Today’s post, I’m publishing 31 of the best websites that have made that…Read More

8 Free Stock Video Sites in 2021

Do you need a video? Stock videos are of good quality, royalty-free short clips that can be used in different film-making, business, or personal projects in all situations. Assets like these come in handy if you run into some problems with video production. For example, you may not have been…Read More

Freebie Thursday – 29th of July – Cheapsman Typeface

This free font is highly recommended for designers who like designs with a vintage theme but are still minimalist. Cheapsman typeface can be downloaded without any cost. This font is included as one of the free sans serif fonts. The letter design is minimalist and simple, so it can be…Read More

Freebie Tuesday – 27th of July – Eirene Sans

Eirene Sans is a sans serif type family inspired by humanist typefaces with some grotesque characteristics. Simple, modern and functional are the principle features of this type family; the uppercase glyphs present a sophisticated personality. There are 4 styles available for free. Download from Tomás Castiglioni’s Behance Page

10+ React UI Component Libraries & Frameworks

React has grown into one of the most popular front-end frameworks for developers. Also, the community has grown at a rapid rate over the last couple of years. React component libraries, not only optimise your UI development process. But also provides extreme flexibility due to it is high modularity. But…Read More

Freebie Thursday – 22nd of July – Beer Package Mockup

Say hello to a photo realistic Beer Package Mockup. You can use freely to showcase your next beer branding project. Select the smart object layer in the psd mockup and insert your design into it. Hit save and you’re done. Have fun! Download from Mr Mockup

Freebie Tuesday – 20th of July – Canvas Square Mockup

With this realistic Canvas Square Mockup which you can use freely to showcase your next designs, texts or artwork. All you have to do is place your artwork inside the smart layers, hit save and you are done. Have fun! Download from Mr Mockup

6 Static Site Generators for 2021

With 42% of all the websites today powered by WordPress, there’s no doubt WordPress is the king of web development. However, it’s still open to vulnerabilities from many sides. Now, running a WordPress powered website requires you to keep an eye on core updates for one, being on top of…Read More