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JavaScript libraries are a library of pre-written JavaScript which allows for easier development for JavaScript based applications, it’s especially great for AJAX or other web-centric technologies. Today’s post you will see what are some of the most relevant JavaScript libraries & jQuery plugin that you can find which could be the right solution for your current development task as these can help fix any issues you may be encountering.

1. Epoch


Epoch is a general purpose charting library for application developers and visualization designers. It focuses on two different aspects of visualization programming: basic charts for creating historical reports, and real-time charts for displaying frequently updating timeseries data.

2. App.js


App.js is a lightweight JavaScript UI library for creating mobile based web apps that have to behave like native apps, sacrificing neither performance nor polish. App.js is cross-platform, themable platform-specific UI designs, configurable native-like transitions. And it supports built-in widgets for general use-cases.  The goal of App.js is to provide a robust starting point for mobile webapps, handling general scenarios, and maintaining compatiblity with other common JavaScript libraries.

3. Midnight.js


Midnight.js lets you switch headers on the fly, all you have to do is create your nav or header per normally would do as long as it works with position:fixed and then Midnight.js helps you change that header when necessary for different sections.

4. fn.js


fn.js is an opinionated JavaScript library that pushes you to to adopt strategies that encourage a functional programming style, as it aims to support functional practices over performance or established conventions. As fn.js will guide you to be on the right path as fn.js internals will force avoidance of side effects, object mutation, and function state.

5. scrollReveal.js


ScrollReveal.js in a simple way is for you  to create and maintain how elements fade in, triggered when they enter the viewport. By adding a data-scrollreveal attribute to an element, it will automatically be revealed (using default values) as soon as the element is within the viewport. However, scrollReveal.js allows you to define custom reveals, using descriptive language.

6. Countable.js


Countable.js is a JavaScript function to add live paragraph-, word- and character-counting to an HTML element. Countable does not rely on any libraries and is very small in size, as Countable takes the value from an HTML element and counts paragraphs, words and characters (without and with spaces) when those numbers are then returned in an object which are accessible by a single parameter in the callback function, this library has been tested in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and IE (7+).

7. Fitter Happier Text


Fitter Happier Text is a JavaScript library for per-formant & fully fluid heading that was inspired by FitText, as Fitter Happier Text replaces each node with an SVG text node and sets the viewBox attribute based on its width and height.

8. Gander


Gander, in its most basic form, wraps itself around functions to provide execution times. Times are provided in sub-milliseconds when the precision is available (process.hrtime, and milliseconds when not. Generally, though, gander exposes callbacks that are invoked before and after a function is called so that you can perform thorough investigations and/or mad science.

Gander supports CommonJS/node.js and AMD/require.js imports. You can also use it in your web app via a normal script tag and it will add itself to the window object.

9. Hammer.js


Hammer.js makes it simple to add touch gestures to your website, recognising touch gestures as well as mouse gestures and pointerEvents. It even has support for multiple instances at the same time, so you can create multi-user touch interfaces.

10. Boba.js


Boba.js is a small, easily extensible JavaScript library that makes working with Google Analytics easier, as Boba supports the old ga.js library but also works with the new analytics.js library. It has one out of the box function, trackLinks, and makes tracking everything else child’s play.

11. Select or Die


Select-or-Die is a jQuery plugin to style select elements. If you feel like adding a placeholder that’s displayed before anything is selected. Once a selection has been made the placeholder will be removed until the user clicks the SoD again. You can also add a prefix that’s displayed in front of the selected option.

When enabled “Keyboard Cycle”, it allows the user to cycle the list using his/hers arrow keys. Lets say an option have been added to the native <select>, then you might want to update the SoD to reflect the native <select>. Then it’s just a matter of running the update method and the SoD will update with the new option.

12. Flickerplate


Flickerplate is a cool jQuery plugin that lets you flick through content. This plugin is by definition a jQuery plugin and so is required. It also requires Modernizr for touch detection and the jQuery.Finger library for touch events. Both jQuery and a custom build of Modernizr are supplied.

Flickerplate is configurable through a variety of ways. You can either setup the options through the Javascript call or you can set the options via data attributes on the actual element. Some options can even be set globally and on each list item.



12 Great JavaScript Libraries & jQuery Plugins for Developers