It is the last day in January so it’s would be the perfect time for all of us to take a look through some of the best websites that been produced during these last 31 days.

In this set of web inspiration, we will see what were some of the best designed websites that been launched during January, These types of roundup is a great idea to see what others web designers have been doing during the month, so we take away some ideas and inspiration and put in them into our own sites.

1. TaskUs

2. The WOW Company

3. Q

4. Drifting Creatives

5. NSS Magazine

6. Opus One Solutions

7. IGK

8. Heartbeats

9. Frontier

10. Samaritan Village

11. Epoch

12. HEXA Digital

13. Tattooed Sailor

14. Large Outdoors

15. The North View Group

16. Sing

17. Built By Mechanic

18. IBC

19. Profoto Design

20. Boutik

21. Evoc Sports

22. Wokine

23. Yoga Buzz

24. Icon Creative Design

25. Money

26. Parallax

27. Viporte

28. Shift

29. Ginza Six

30. CKS Performance

31. Concentric Design


31 of the Best Made Websites from January 2017