Today is the last day in February so it’s would be the perfect time for all of us to take a look through some of the best websites that been produced during these short 28 days.

Included in this set of web inspiration, we will see what were some of the best designed websites that been launched during February, These kinds of roundup is a great idea to as we can see what others designers have been doing during the month, so we take away some ideas and inspiration and put in them into our own sites.

so lets begin…



3. Tap Taro

4. Serjeants’ Inn

5. Kearny Point

6. NYA Designs

7. Swagger and Jacks

8. The Blonde Salad

9. Upstream


11. Flourish

12. Scale

13. Anagram

14. District Mobility

15. News Corp

16. KTW

17. Roketto

18. Mark Maurice

19. Prashant Sani

20. Xperta

21. President De Internet

22. Bear Ideas

23. Pixel Pink

24. Symbio

25. Ghost Horses

26. Pez

27. Thimus

28. Time is Money


28 of the Best Made Websites from February 2017