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Designing funky, unique websites has become a crucial task for any one in web industry, not only does it help keeps our brains flow with creative ideas but also those websites can creative excitement of a colourful, funny, artistic ways. In this post we’ll have a look at some of the funkiest websites live out on the net.

1. Halfbrick

2. My Sweet Design

3. Bitbots Toys

4. Biba

5. Made By Water

6. Designzillas

7. Forest Edge Music Festival

8. Jays Jays

9. Tijunana Flats

10. Roaaar

11. Filmtrip

12. Creative Edge

13. Kidd81

14. Julio Silver

15. Brand Neusense

16. Play Stop

17. Super Kix

18. Matt Mullenweg

19. Living On Impulse

20. Yipori

21. The Skinny by PacSun

22. Buy Me A Soda

23. Fatih Tanrıverdi

24. Jóvenes Contra La Violencia

25. Webvisionary Awards 2010

Did i get one or more funky websites wrong ?. Why not comment on what your favourite funky website.


25 Funky Websites For Your Inspiration