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One of most love thing in developments on the web has been the rise in the use of single page websites by everyone from web designers to large companies to promote their product, app or portfolio.  The single page websites look great with many having very simple designs, large typography and amazing  graphics too making them some of the best looking sites.

These website often use the very latest HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery as they are a great way to create a site that has maximum impact.  Here is a roundup of 23 single page websites featuring lots of different styles. So if you are about to design a single page website today’s post is just for you as you will certainly find some amazing inspiration.

1. Hatbox

2. Rueda Film

3. Two Fish Illustration & Design

4. Thomas Bagge

5. Speed Texting

6. Owatonna Skate Park

7. Gentle Media

8. Labwork

9. Directr

10. Thameem

11. Wandesign – Portfolio of Jason Wan

12. Free Range

13. Revolver Studio

14. Valeria Letens

15. Marie Lambert

16. Frederic Christian

17. Danger Of Fracking

18. Design Embraced

19. rtraction

20. Drop Test

21. Creative Sloth

22. Simone Marcarino

23. The World We Live In


23 Great Examples Of Single Page Websites


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  1. Single page website design is the best for the small business who mostly involved in the offline business and just want to create their online identity. Mostly this type of single page web design would very clear and simple.

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