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Using texture is a good way to add depth, detail, and a layer of interest to a web design. Whether it’s in big doses or just a few subtle patches here and there, texture can help give personality to your website. Today’s post I’ve gathered some great examples of texture usage in web design, from discrete textured fonts to complete textured backgrounds.

1. Olly Sorsby

2. Queen City Merge

3. Enochs Fish & Chips

4. Shawn Johnston

5. Pursuit

6. The Mischief Co.

7. Paper Nomad

8. Eye Scream Design

9. Andy German

10. Bones Brigade DJ’s

11. Shop Locket

12. Pulp Fingers

13. Postable

14. G’Nosh

15. The Soup Peddler

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15 Great Examples of Textures in Web Design


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