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Infographics is a way of showing information through graphical representation as they not only show the information in a neat and clean manner but also is very easy to understand. Through inforgraphics, a large amount of information can be presented in a well summarized format. Today’s post is all social media .

1. What’s Really Scary About Social Media?

What do social media professionals think is most frightening? This infographic shows what they told shoutlet in a survey conducted October 2011.

2. North Africa Facebook Demographics

Find out more about the average North african Facebook user.

3. In Case of Emergency, Use Social Media

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can help you stay informed in the event of an emergency. this infographic shows what happed in natural disasters within the US

4. Middle East Facebook Demographics

Find out more about the average Middle Eastern Facebook user. After crunching the numbers and comparing the Middle East data, this is what been found.

5. 5 Ways to Make Your Social Media Strategy More Effective

This infographic details five strategies that can help your social media marketing and overall online PR. The infographic emphasizes how essential it is to keep your company casual and relatable. The bottom line is most people will not be drawn to your company or brand unless they feel it is applicable to them personally.

6. Social Media: A History

The term “Social Media” is relatively new, but the origins of digital fraternization go back decades. In honor of Social Media Day, here’s a quick trip through the milestones in Social Media’s colorful—and continuing—evolution.

7. Twacked–When Good Twitter Accounts Go Bad

When good Twitter accounts go bad. Whether it’s malicious intent or simple human error, Twitter users are increasingly at risk when it comes to protecting their privacy and reputation online. This infographic details several of the most recent and now infamous Twitter hacks, and examines common entry points for hackers, including weak passwords and malicious email attachments.

8. Google Plus: Killer Facts and Statistics

This infographic provides a visual presentation of stunning Google Plus facts and statistics. It clearly illustrates data about countries represented on Google Plus, showing the number of users and their gender; furthermore, it provides a clear vizualization of top five people on Google and top ten occupations and companies.

9. Twitterpalooza

10. Not an Infographic, But Useful: Google+ Cheat Sheet

An “infographic” that lists all Google+ Tips, tricks and functionalities.

11. Facebook or Google+ : Which is better in user privacy and security

Security and privacy may be in the form of secure protocol, encrypted connection, storing your data, sharing info with third-parties and such.So which of your favorite network is more secure?

12. The Social Election Experiment

13. Twitter Facts and Figures

Five years ago Twitter was just an idea with three people working on it. Fast forward to 2011, a roundup of some amazing facts & figures

14. College Students – Is Twitter Hurt Your Grades?

Everyday, social media sites like twiter are becoming more and more a part of our lives. To many twitter is nothing but a distractio and with recent studies it is apparent that twitter can actually encourage engagement within the classroom as this infographic like to show

15. Facebook & Teachers: Should You Friend Your Students?

16. Facts About Facebook Infographic

17. Over-valued Social Media Companies

This infographic talks about a company called Color. Color raised over 40 million in funding without any revenue or users. This is something new in the social media realm. Before a website ever received real funding it would always need to build a user base. Now a good social media idea is all you need for 40 million bucks

18. Social Media Usage in the UK

19. Twitter Statistics – Twitter By The Numbers

Twitter just celebrated its fifth year as a technology this year. It began as a small project among a few coworkers at a podcasting company in San Francisco called Odeo. Thanks to Twitter, the world is closer and more “real-time” than ever. Here are some notable statistics regarding Twitter’s five year existence

20. Social Media Monitoring Tools

Oneforty recently surveyed 150 social media professionals to learn about what their main concerns were when it came to social media monitoring. The list of tools at the bottom shows the most popular tools according to survey respondents who answered a question regarding which tools they use.


20 Interesting Infographics Thats All About Social Media