Inspiring Mountains Badges

For outdoor enthusiasts who find joy in hiking, camping, and all things adventurous, we’re thrilled to introduce a collection of outdoor badges. Let the majestic mountains inspire you to create something truly beautiful, perhaps even custom hiking apparel?

Crafted in a sleek and contemporary geometric style, this set of 15 files in various formats exudes a strong 70’s vibe. The gentle yet whimsical lettering on the labels only adds to the nostalgic atmosphere. While the text in these vectors is non-editable, a font link is provided for your convenience. The rest of the design elements can be customized to perfectly align with your vision. These badge designs are ideal for adorning t-shirts, stickers, posters, or branding projects, injecting a touch of adventure into every creation.

Download from PixelBuddha


Freebie Thursday – 18th of April – Inspiring Mountains Badges