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If you run a physical store, you determine what types of products you want to sell, how to arrange them, and the design of your store. You can do the same with an eCommerce website, but first, you need the right tools to help make your online store success.

Many eCommerce platforms let you build an online store from scratch, sell your products or services, and even handle marketing tasks like sending email announcements. Here today post I’m posting some of the best eCommerce platforms that help you run a successful online store. Just have a look at these platforms, and see which one is the best fit for your products.

But what makes a good eCommerce Platform.

All good eCommerce platforms let you build your online store from the ground up, starting with store design. But if it’s just your first time having an online store, you’ll might want an option with that comes with an easy-to-use interface, but for more experienced store builders you might want to total control over all aspects of the store at the cost of more complexity.

1. Shopify


Shopify is a giant in the best eCommerce website. It does not require much of your effort to start selling products online. You can also move your existing online shop to the platform in full and benefit from all that Shopify delivers.

Your presence in Shopify is fully customisable and you able to add new sales channels, additional asssets and other customer beneficial features. Also it contains store management and shopping cart functions along with numerous apps and plugins that will help you stand out from the crowd. Besides, it is packed with marketing and SEO assets for you to take to your advantage as well.

Price: Basic Shopify $29.00 per month / Shopify $79.00 per month / Advanced Shopify $299.00 per month

2. BigCommerce

Big Commerce

BigCommerce is one of the most suitable solutions for building online shops due to offering a broad number of features, extensions and all that comes along with it. BigCommerce aims to improve businesses with a high-quality design, you can expect top-notch assets that will streamline your store, plus it’s also built around improving your online presence using SEO tools.

BigCommerce has various well-designed layout outlines that will suit your business best. You can rock your ideal colour styles and create the look of your dream. Even if you are super picky, BigCommerce has something for you. It’s a sophisticated online store builder you will be blessed and impressed that you stumbled across. With BigCommerce’s 99.99% average uptime, your store is always active, ready for new orders even when you sleep.

Price: Just fill out their the form to learn about BigCommerce enterprise pricing.

3. Volusion


Volusion is a complete eCommerce website builder with creative, selling and growing features of all kinds. You go step by step, by starting for free and only then decide whether Volusion is a fit for you or a skip.

But likely, once you’ve started working and utilising the insanely capable editor, you will be hooked forever, and with your store design you find that Volusion has countless themes both free and premium at your service to use out of the box or customised to your liking.

How you will market your web store is very important and with that in mind you find that Volusion comes with a set of marketing tools to give you the needed boost, from SEO tools and social media management and to having access to full reporting and analytics, so you will know how well your store is performing and never be guessing.

Price: Personal $26.00 per month/ Professional $71.00 per month / Business $269.00 per month

4. Bookmark

Bookmark Ecommerce

Bookmark is a generic page editor with a solid addition of an eCommerce website builder. You have all the resources, the tools, the elements, you name it, Bookmark delivers everything that you need to run your online business successfully. Bookmark is packed with goodies that will benefit you largely.

With Bookmark, you can sell unlimited products and rock a shopping cart on your domain. There are no transaction fees what makes things smoother for both parties. Edit orders, sell on popular marketplaces, like Amazon and eBay. You can manage your store from your phone using Bookmark’s Android or iOS app.

Price: Professional $11.99 per month / Business $24.99 per month

5. 3dcart


3dcart just defined convenience, as it comes with twenty years under its belt, it is undeniable why it is one of the most dependable eCommerce website builders on the planet. 3dcart is a highly recommended option if you are looking for a mobile-friendly and multipurpose design for your online store. You can even use one of the fifty free themes that are stylish and modern, which these are perfect for selling any product on the web you can also use, edit and alter the theme of choice and make it your own.

It gives you access to two hundred built-in features and offers you to choose from more than one hundred payment options and even syncs with reputable sites such as eBay and Amazon. Their customer service provides 24/7 assistance, so any concern will be addressed in no time.

Price: Startup Store $17.10 per month /  Basic Store $26.10 per month /  Plus Store $71.10 per month /  Pro Store $206.10 per month /

6. PrestaShop


PrestaShop may be free and open-source, but this user-friendly eCommerce solution comes loaded with many of the same features as paid eCommerce platforms. You can host PrestaShop on the Google Cloud Platform or your own web server. Just keep in mind that the self-hosted which gives you complete control over customisation.

PrestaShop isn’t a drag-and-drop store builder like others on the list; it might be helpful to know some coding knowledge if you are wanting to improve your store’s design where you can also purchase a theme from PrestaShop’s Marketplace You can also buy a theme from PrestaShop’s Marketplace or choose to upload.

If you own multiple storefronts you can use PrestaShop to access all of them through one dashboard. You will notice when you open the dashboard, everything you need is in the left menu bar where from there, you can view your orders, create invoices, print delivery slips, manage discounts, check sales reports and more.

Organising your products simple, enabling you to sort them by attributes, brands, suppliers and categories. You find various options when adding a new product to your store, manage SEO, adjusting shipping information, change product quantities and set a pricing through easy-to-navigate tabs.

Price: Free self-hosted store

7. Open Cart

Open Cart

OpenCart is a self hosted eCommerce platform that allows for total control over your store. You can install OpenCart directly on your own server or choose to open a cloud-based store instead.

Although you need some coding experience to get the most out of OpenCart, but if you can combine your coding skills along with the available extensions, you’ll have the capability to fully customising your store. They included administrative pages, such as product categories, page designs, orders, customer lists and marketing campaigns are just the minimum to get your store started.

OpenCart’s has an extension store that have over 13,000 free and paid extensions, these extensions consists of themes, payment gateways, sales reports and other helpful modules that allows your store to grow and change as you get more customers.

Price: Free

8. Ecwid


Ecwid allows you to cross-sell on different platforms, but its features for social media sales stand out. Millions of users seek Facebook Marketplace and Instagram daily, which can give you a huge boost in traffic if you decide to connect your store socially. Ecwid is a great platform for this as it automatically syncs all of your products to Facebook Marketplace and allows you to link to your Ecwid store.

It also easy to use since you can manage all of your sales from one control panel and you have access to your store on platforms like Instagram, eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping and Wix.

The eCommerce platform has a focus on selling from various platforms; it sets you up with a starter site that you can customise to suit your needs and you can also embed your store into an existing website.

Price: Free / Venture $15.00 per month/Business $35.00 per month / Unlimited $99.00 per month


8 Platforms to build an eCommerce Website