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Validation of your code is often overlook in the benefits that provides developers and designers. It’s possible to code HTML and have websites to initially work properly. But all coding languages have rules for properly syntax, grammar and vocabulary and browsers problems could arise in times when the browser receives new updates to keep with the online advances.

Those who don’t take their time to validate their HTML websites may find that their newly website may work well initially but problems will arise later to the design code being 100% right plus validating your code will make you a better coder in the later in your career. Today we will be going through the reason why you should always validate.

1. Making it Compile with modern Browsers

By validating your HTML code as it will help you ensure that errors in the code are corrected to display correctly with the browsers and their updates.

2.Search Engine Indexing

We all know that all the search engines send out search bots that crawl the internet and index and catalogue web pages. Errors in the code can prevent those search bots from properly indexing your website, which can results in lower rankings. Validating your HTML code will help ensure that your website is read and indexed smoothly.

3.Use A Debugging Tool

HTML validation is a great debugging tool when used to be certain that you do not make any beginner mistakes when coding, making it a great tool for everyone. It cleans up your code and makes it as efficient as it can be and now for some great tools.

Using Mozilla Firefox as you browser i suggest these tools

Google Chrome users

In my mind i think the following debugging tool is the greatest ever since it works for anyone

4. Maintenance is Easier

Validated HTML is easier to maintenance because the site will be coded using easily recognisable code and will make it easier for you to update and maintain for the future or someone to pick up when you leave the project.

5. Professionalism

Properly validating your HTML code will help detect mistakes that prevent their HTML code from working properly and this can helps keep your professionalism from being damaged by overlooking these simple mistakes and keep you motivated to become the best coder you can be.


Why You Should Validate Your HTML