As a Magento user you know that Magento is an open source digital commerce platform and cloud-based omnichannel solutions that empower merchants to integrate digital and physical shopping experiences.

As the Magento community is fully dedicated and embarked theirselves to deliver the best and useful extensions and themes for its users to sever their purposes with ease.

As you see with Magento Extensions it’s a collection of extensions that can add extra functionalities that you might want on your e-Commerce website.

So today’s roundup you will find a bunch of useful extension such as currency/shipping conversions, automation tools, better caching systems, social marketing tools that could help your Magento store stand out.

1. Slider Revolution for Magento – $28


If you are looking for a slider for your Magento site than Slider Revolution is right for you as this slider is an all purpose slider solution that allows for showing almost any kind of content with highly customisable, transitions, effects and custom animations.

This slider comes with a easy visual editor that allows you works with a simple drag & drop functionality. This slider is fully responsive built with SEO optimisation, plus this plugin features tons of unique transition effects, an image preloader, video embedding, autoplay that stops on user interaction and lots of easy to set options to create your own effects.

2. Login Notifier – Free


The Login Notifier sends an email with useful data to the administrator each time a user successfully logs in or fails to connect to the Magento Backend. The purpose of this plugin consists in improving the security of a Magento backend. If someone attempts to login, it will also send the user name they tried logging in with, as well as their IP address, User-Agent, Timestamp, and the Referral URL. When a user logs in successfully the extensions sends an email to the administrator with the date, user name, IP address and store all data into database.

A Login Report is available on Reports menu in Magento Admin Panel. If you see multiple attempts to login at times you are not logged on to the site, this means someone is attempting to brute force their way into your site, and you should ban the offending IP address from your site. Especially if they are trying multiple names, or sending them rapidly, one after another.

3. Age Verification Popup – Free


Age verification popup is a useful extension to verify visitors’ age if the sold products OR the displayed content is not suitable for children and people under age 18. If user doesn’t verify the age then it will redirect to any other page link that is suitable to view.

This extension will provide complete control to admin to manage pop-up content & image and also the link to page that user will get redirect to incase of not verifying the content. Admin can select the pages that can be visible without verifying age.

4. Magento Performance Speed Booster – $25


This booster module will speed up your Magento website response time using full page cache techniques.

This extension designed to rocket up your e-store speed, optimize its performance, decrease page loading and response times, and reduce server load – all to improve your clients’ shopping experience and boost the conversion rates. Loading speed of Magento store will be boost up 10x faster to less than 1s.

5. Facebook Auto Poster – $19


Facebook Auto Poster for Magento Store is a simple, flexible, yet powerful solution to provide information to your buyers, advertise, promote your products, special offers and campaigns on Facebook. The extension helps you post status about your product after add new product automatically. It can save your time with feature post multiple product on Facebook with just one click. Additionally, you can post status on multiple Facebook page and Facebook account at the same time. The extension also does not change any core file of Magento, so you can update your installation with total peace of mind.

6. Share a Refund – Free


Share a Refund is here for businesses of all sizes. Shipping just a few packages a week or several thousand a day, this cost cutting app will lower your shipping expenses from FedEx and UPS.

The best part, there’s no additional work to you or anyone on your team. Simply signup and watch us bring in the savings. Any package that is delivered 1 minute late is eligible for a full refund from FedEx and UPS. But finding the late shipments is difficult, and filing refund claims takes time and must be done quickly. Share a Refund manages all tasks required to reclaim the money you are already spending. We make it easy for you to save money on shipping!

7. WordPress Integration – Free


FishPig’s Magento WordPress Integration is an extension for Magento eCommerce that integrates your WordPress blog with your Magento store. The extension is compatible with Magento Enterprise, Magento Professional and Magento Community Edition.The extension now comes packaged with full translations for Brazilian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French and German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian (nb_NO and nn_NO), Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

8. Instagram for Magento – $22


Add an Instagram feed to your Magento Website! Show Instagram images from a user or any #tag easily via the Magento Admin area.CDL’s Instagram for Magento module creates a sidebar mini gallery as well as a full gallery page, each of which can be configured separately to use different user or #tags.

9. Magento Email Templates – $22


The transactional emails sent through your Magento store are critically important emails, which should convey important information to your customer. Customising these emails is a simple and effective way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

It allows you to convey the information you are trying to communicate in an effective way and generate a higher level of customer engagement. Make them look beautiful and just like the rest of your magento store using Magento Email Templates.

10. Bars – Free


This module allows you to add a customisable notification bar to the admin panel to leave a message for all Admin users on your development, staging, preview or production environment.

11. Easy Contact Form – $18


The Easy Contact Form Extension enables the e-commerce store owner to incorporate an contact/inquiry or website feedback form in their website easily. This form enables the visitor to submit the details of inquiry/feedback in the provided form in the website. Once the form is submitted the data is sent to the store owner in HTML format. This Extension enables you to embed the quick contact form anywhere in your site easily.

CAPTCHA enabled Easy Contact form to protect your website from spammers. You can configure Contact form to send email to your or save messages to database admin panel or in both.

12. Blog – $99


Blogging is one of the best marketing tactics now a days, Blog Extension enable powerful blogging features to your shop. By Adding blog to your store you can write blog articles for New Product launch, Up coming products, or anything else you would like your customers and visitors to know about your site.

13. Store Locator for Magento 2 – $199


You are doing great business, both online and offline but the connection between these two channels seems rather weak? Your customers can hardly find your local stores, then you lose a number of in-store customers coming from websites, each day.You values the seamless user-interface and clean design but powerful functions must also be at A+ level?Then you will definitely love Magestore’s Store Locator Extension. With advanced search criterias and friendly user-interface, Customers are just a few clicks away from your stores using search-for-nearest store and direction on Google Map.

14. Advanced Product Video Extension for Magento – $19


Advanced Product Video is a very useful feature to highlight product features by adding videos to product page with customizable carousel slider and in product video listing under description tab. Extension supports different types of videos like Vimeo, YouTube, and local video files. Show video as lightbox popup with title and description information.

15. Campaign Monitor – Free


Campaign Monitor makes it easy for you to get started by automatically creating segments for you based on what we’ve found to be the most actionable audiences in Magento by using your rich customer data in Magento to segment your customer base and send the personal, hyper-targeted email marketing campaigns that drive valuable ROI back to the business. Send 2500 emails to 500 people for as little as $9/month.

Research shows that personalized, relevant email marketing campaigns have at least 26% higher open rate than generic ones. By connecting Campaign Monitor and Magento, you can unlock this opportunity for your business and start sending hyper-targeted, personalized emails to your base.


Using Magento? Try these 15 Magento Extensions Out