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Code editors for developers are in no shortage whatsoever. But, there is always going to be a type of software that will stand out, and in the world of code editors, it’s Sublime Text.

Sublime is widely and purposefully used coding editor that has helped programmers to become full-scale developers. One of the best things about Sublime Text lies in its flexible functionality and with the ability to extend the editor with custom packages and plugins.

What made Sublime Text stand out from the rest is the integration of a package manager that can be used to add custom plugins and custom Sublime Text themes to personalise the coding experience. Each code editor has something to offer, and Sublime Text offers a thoroughly friendly development environment for those who are working heavily with back-end and front-end programming languages.

This has driven to the development of thousands of Sublime plugins that add the most versatile functionality to your development environment. This post today showcasing the best Sublime Text plugins for both the version 2 and version 3.

1. Package Control

Package Control is very essential plugin that you need to install right after installing Sublime Text. This plugin is used to install, upgrade, remove and view the all the sublime plugins or packages easily.

2. Change​Quotes

Converts single to double or double to single quotes.

3. Nginx Log Highlighting

A Sublime Text 3 package that adds support for NGINX access log syntax highlighting.

4. Bracket​Guard

A Sublime Text 2/3 Plugin which immediately highlights incorrect brackets. Balancing different kinds of brackets is a requirement which can be found in a broad set of programming languages. Nevertheless, Sublime Text does not highlight obviously wrong parenthesis. BracketGuard changes this.

5. Bitbucket

Bitbucket plugin for Sublime Text 3

6. Naomi

Sublime Text enhanced syntax highlighting for JavaScript ES6/ES7/ES2015/ES2016/ES2017+, Babel, FlowType, React JSX, HTML5, SCSS3, XML, PHP 7, phpDoc, PHPUnit, MQL4. Basic: Git config files.

7. Emmet for Sublime Text

Emmet for Sublime Text

8. Alignment

Easy alignment of multiple selections and multi-line selections

9. GitGutter

A Sublime Text 2/3 plugin to see git diff in gutter

10. Sublime​Linter

The code linting framework for Sublime Text 3

11. GhostText

Use Sublime Text to write in your browser. Everything you type in the editor will be instantly updated in the browser (and vice versa).

12. A File Icon

Sublime Text File-Specific Icons for Improved Visual Grepping

13. Emoji

A simple Sublime Text 3 plugin to insert emoji from the command palette

14. SFTP

Spend less time managing file transfers and more time coding. FTP, FTPS and SFTP support for Sublime Text 2 & 3 that is blazing fast, with smart features, flexible workflow options and top-notch support.

Price: $30.00

15. Terminal

Launch terminals from the current file or the root project folder

16. File​Diffs

Shows diffs between the current file, or selection(s) in the current file, and clipboard, another file, or unsaved changes. Can be configured to show diffs in an external diff tool.

17. Bracket Highlighter

Bracket Highlighter matches a variety of brackets such as: [], (), {}, “”, ”, #!xml <tag></tag>, and even custom brackets.

18. Color Highlighter

ColorHighlighter is a plugin for the Sublime text 2 and 3, which underlays selected hexadecimal colorcodes (like “#FFFFFF”, “rgb(255,255,255)”, “white”, etc.) with their real colours. Also, the plugin adds colours picker to easily modify colours.


Sublime Text Plugins for Front End Developers