There are thousands of online stores that uses Shopify for their eCommerce platform. Managing an eCommerce platform on your own can be a frightful task, especially when your store starts to take off, and the activity increase.

All of that leads to more maintenance required and more investment needed to help maintain an healthy status of the store. This is why many have opted for Shopify for their eCommerce solution as it an all-in-one answer for running an eCommerce store, for corporate brand to individuals needs. So everyone can benefit from the services that Shopify provides.

Though Shopify does take care of a lot of things at once, there are still essential design aspects that you will need to take care of yourself. Accomplishing the look and feel of the homepage, generating descriptions and metadata for products, activating external tools for more in-depth analytics, adding new content for the purpose of creating organic traffic, and other small edits that make a huge difference. Shopify store designs are by no means in short stock.

However, Shopify themes market hasn’t really picked up over the years, with only a handful of themes being available for free; comparing the availability to platforms such as WordPress, so today I’ve have collected 10 Shopify themes that you can sort out and hopefully use for your store design.

1. Dropshipping

Drop Shipping

The Dropshipping shopify theme is an multipurpose theme that gives merchants greater flexibility when they customising their online store. Within each section, you can easily add, reorder and remove chunks of content such as products, slideshows, videos or collections.

This theme is very suitable for all as all the section are easily moved by drag and drop. It helps for makes easy to build your own pages without coding skills. It allow you to fully customise every shopify pages. Text, images, buttons and even widgets such as countdown timers all snap into place with ease.

The theme feature has add customisable theme sections, responsive design, fonts served by Google, advanced group filtering, ajax shopping cart With nice success message, notify product with carousel slider, multi currency system, compatible with all major modern browsers, simple & powerful theme setting option, full width slider, based on paira shopify framework, google’s rich product snippets, super seo optimized and more.

Price: $84.00

2. Canvas


One of outstanding criteria that you find with the second Shopify theme called Canvas Store is its simple but clean and creative layouts, modern design with bright and beautiful images in order to highlight products and banners. This theme is suitable for diversified commodities, especially for selling fashion, accessories, furniture, hair cutting tools, cups, household commodities, technologies, gifts. more than that, it is easy to customise for supermarket and open new marketing campaigns like noel, new year holiday and other occasions on the whole year.

Last but not least, the SEO optimization with: rich snippets, clean and well structured code base, mobile friendly, CSS + JS compression makes your site friendly with search engines. The core of the theme is built with new web technologies: Bootstrap 3, HTML5, CSS3, Font Awesome 4, Svg, shortcodes, multi- language , multi-currency, liquid,ect.

Price: $59.00

3. Gemma


Gemma is absolutely an efficient tool to build up a website that brings substantial revenue. This quick install theme has a lot to give you. It comes with Shopify Builder, Multiple Theme Colours, Box Layout, Newsletter Popup, Notification Bar, Ajax Wishlist & Popup and many more things for the visitors. We have tried to make our theme most user-friendly since you will build an eCommerce site with this it.

Also, Gemma has a smart Mega Menu, Responsive Layout, Cross-Browser Compatibility, 20+ Sections, Slider, 2 Footer Styles and many more attributes to build up a rich website. On the other hand, people’s engagement is the most valuable thing on a site. We cared about this issue since we research the industry and anticipate the real-time usage of the theme. Therefore, Discuss Comment, Product Share, Post Comment, SEO Optimization and Contact Map are there to catch the visitors.

Price: $56.00

4. Kutty


Kutty is a fashionable and colourful Shopify theme specially designed for online stores selling toys, kids clothing, and baby belongings. The theme is combined with selected kids friendly fonts, colours, and animations that will exhibit what kids like in a catchy look. The theme’s well-structured dropdown menu visualises the best baby products that customers are looking for directly at the top of the menu on their first visit and quickly catch their minds. As well, the excellent products sections let you add your new, featured, best selling, and special products in proper and attractive locations.

On the other hand, its created as an SEO friendly and fastest loading theme, whether you have lots of contents and products that all load in a short time without delay. As well, this is a responsive and mobile friendly Shopify theme created with impressive features like countdown timer, multiple currencies, advanced filters, carousel slider. So you can create a wonderful feeling for your clients when purchasing items from your website.

Price: $29.00

5. Donnie

Donnie Shopify Theme

Donnie is a beautiful and good-looking Shopify theme designed for the shops selling artificial hair, hairdos, shampoo, conditioners, dry shampoo, hairspray, and other hair spa therapies. This is a responsive and retina ready design, so it ensures your website will look marvellous and work smoothly across all modern devices to give your customers fantastic viewing experience.

The theme also includes awesome products carousels to put new, featured, best selling, and special products in a suitable location. As well the custom slideshow brings several enlarge and excellent advertising banners with a smooth transition to make your viewers always stick with your site.

Also, the theme is fully SEO optimised, so it will double the rate of your product selling drastically with high conversion rate through search engines. Say thanks to the multiple currencies support, and you can easily take your store to the international market in a short time. Scroll down and check out the many more best features given below.

Price: $29.00

6. Melani


Melani is multipurpose Shopify theme is a robust theme adorned with numerous useful features for the authors and visitors. Setting Melani multipurpose Shopify theme as your website you can sell almost all kinds of products and service online. You can display Men and Women Fashion, Readymade Garments, Kids Fashion, Ornaments, Cosmetics, Herbal Products, Furniture, Sports Products, Shoes and everything in the best way in Melani Shopify theme.

Melani has lots of variations and creativity for the users, and this theme has 6+ Home Variations, 4 Header Variations, 4 Slider Variations, Shop list & Grid View, Variable & Countdown products, Multiple Blog Pages and FAQ page as well. We have worked best on the user’s convenience in this theme. This quick install theme has Shopify Builder, Theme Colors, Newsletter Popup, Notification Bar, Ajax Pop Cart, Ajax Wishlist, Quick View, RTL Support and Multiple Currency.

In addition, to engage your visitors more into your business we have put options like Disqus comment, Facebook comment, Product review, Product Video, Testimonial options etc.

Price: $39.00

7. Annabelle


Annabelle is a free Shopify theme, this theme doesn’t have a specific niche, but it would mostly work well for most apparel stores. The homepage slide variations ensure that you can show off your products. You can also choose between overflow and full-width sliders. The homepage featured banners come in 3 different styles. They have magnifying effects so your customers can get a better look at the products you’re trying to sell.

The homepage is where most of the magic happens with the Annabelle theme. You get featured products carousel for people to slide through your offerings. There’s also an Instagram gallery to get more followers. The product pages are as strong as you can find, with a beautiful customer review section, sizing chart and social sharing. The theme also provides a collection page template and product zoom.

Price: Free

8. Venture

Venture Theme Shopify

Venture Shopify theme is your go-to free solution for outdoor activities and adventure sports. As there’s a style made just for outdoor brands. The header module includes a large image and overlaying text. This allows you to explain your company or talk about a promotion. It leads into your product categories or favorite items, and all organised into beautiful image galleries and links. You’ll immediately notice that the Venture theme is made for large product categories. Therefore, you should avoid this one if you’re thinking about only selling a handful of products.

The multi-column menu is a unique version of a navigational menu. A slideshow is available on the homepage as well. You can only place it on your homepage, but it’s a powerful tool for displaying all of your promotions or improving on the amount of product exposure you have. As for a free theme Venture is one of the most feature-rich. It has a promotional banner, designed explicitly for promoting specific products and offering discounts to your customers. This is shown towards the top of your homepage, prompting people to buy right off the bat.

Price: Free

9. Supply


Supply is the best Shopify theme if you want to make an online store that sells large amounts of inventory, the homepage goes right into the selling process, with large collections and galleries. It’s similar to something you might see from places like Amazon, where they go directly into the product information and skip the creative banner images. The colours include blue and light, both of which look clean and elegant. The theme has social media icons, colour palettes, customizable homepage sections and a mobile-friendly design. It’s also worth mentioning that all of the free Shopify themes get free updates.

Supply theme is made for larger catalogues. Therefore, filtering is a huge part of this strategy. The collection filtering offers the chance to filter anything from price to brand. You can even customise the filters based on the uniqueness of your brand. The homepage includes several modules for building featured collections. For instance, you might consider making a collection of your most popular products, or your customers might want only to see men’s or women’s fashion. Finally, the slideshow runs automatically, flipping through your banners and supporting high-resolution images.

Price: Free

10. Simple

Simple Theme Shopify

The Simple theme has a pretty spot-on name since the minimal storefront template is clean and beautiful. Both of the styles have plenty of white space, and unlike some other minimalist themes on the market, you can sell a large collection of products with this one. There’s a sidebar menu featuring an accordion menu so that your products are all shown to your customers. This way you can consolidate a wide range of products into your sidebar without taking up too much space.

One rather unique feature with the Simple theme involves image animations. You won’t see these on most Shopify themes, but they’re great for creating an interesting transition between images. Overall, we like the Simple Shopify theme for all sorts of industries. It works for any company that doesn’t want a cluttered-looking website.

Price: Free


10 Best Shopify Themes For Your Online Store