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Craft CMS has grown into the platform of choice for developers and agencies and it’s all due to its flexibility and extensibility through using Craft CMS plugins.

Basically, plugins are a powerful way of appending new functionality into your self crafted Craft CMS website. A plugin is a standalone element that acts as an add-on or extension to the core platform also it either extends the already added functionality or adds something that been missing from the core.

Having the right set of Craft CMS plugins, you can significantly enhance the functionality, efficiency, speed, security, and user-friendliness of your website. Luckily, some clear winners will benefit just about any type of site using Craft CMS.

Before adding any new Craft CMS plugins to your Craft site, you need to keep certain factors in mind because the plugin you choose can, quite literally, make or break your site.

For all Craft CMS Plugins make sure you

  • You have a clear idea of the functionality you need.
  • Is the plugin you want to use, is up to date, has technical support, and is maintained by the plugin team.
  • What the number of active installs and reviews, as these two factors show the usability and benefits other users have got from the plugin.

For this post I went ahead and listed 25 New Craft CMS plugins for 2022 that you could have a more relaxed time extending the capabilities of your Craft powered projects.

1. Sprig


Sprig is the first and free plugin in the Craft CMS Plugins roundup that allows you to create responsive components from Twig templates and/or PHP classes. These components can be re-rendered on user-initiated events (clicks, input field changes, form submissions, etc.) Using AJAX requests without having to write a single line of JavaScript.

Price: Free

2. Feed Me

Feed Me

Feed Me is a Craft plugin that makes it very easy to import content once or on a regular basis. Support for XML, RSS, ATOM, CSV or JSON feeds allows you to import content into posts, categories, Craft Commerce products (and variations), and more.

Price: Free

3. Spoon


Use spoons to group matrix blocks, hide blocks and/or fields and organize block layouts with tabs. The spoon doesn’t touch the content, it’s just a layer above the default matrix field type.

Price: $59 Price includes 1 year of updates. $29/year per site for updates after that.

4. Migration Assistant

Migration Assistant

Create migrations that allow you to easily move settings and content between Craft website installations with one click, no coding required. You can choose what to migrate and create your own Craft content migration file that you can commit to your version control system.

You can then apply migrations to other Craft installations to instantly create and update settings and content without having to enter data multiple times. Migration allows you to keep your different website environments (local, staging, production, etc.) synchronised and up to date.

Price: $89 Price includes 1 year of updates. $39/year per site for updates after that.

5. Sherlock


Sherlock is a security scanner and monitor to keep your Craft CMS website safe. A must-have plugin for any website that stores sensitive or sensitive data and needs to protect it from cyberattacks.

Price: Lite Free to Pro $299 Price includes 1 year of updates. $149/year per site for updates after that.

6. Self Licences Manager

Self Licences Manager

A plugin for plugin developers who automatically generate licenses for their plugins. You no longer need to call the Craftnet API to obtain a license and manually fill in the license field for each plugin. This solves the problem for developers who want to use their own licensed plugins in their projects.

Price: Free

7. Helpdesk Support

Helpdesk Support

Allows your website users to create and manage tickets through your selected helpdesk provider: Add the Dashboard Widget for a quick look at all active tickets (not Solved, Resolved, Closed, etc) and quick links to Create New Ticket or View All Tickets.

Helpdesk sidebar nav icon will autoupdate to the Provider selected in the plugin settings, and clicking this main navigation link will show a list of all of that customer’s tickets (including Solved, Resolved, Closed, etc).

Click a ticket’s subject to view the details of that ticket, including a sidebar with all details (ID, Requester Name, Date Created and Last Updated, Assignee, etc) and a list of all of the conversations/replies to that ticket, as well as a form to add a reply with any attachments. Or use the main menu’s Create New Ticket option to submit a new ticket directly from Craft.

Price: $49 Price includes 1 year of updates. $19/year per site for updates after that.

8. ZealPush Notification

Zealpush Notification

ZealPush Notifications gives website owners the ability to customize desktop notifications by creating notifications or editing existing notifications to display to website users and resend when needed. The plugin also provides the ability to send icons and images with notifications.

Price: Free

9. Web Payments

Web Payments

Dramatically improve your payment experience with the Web Payments API and the Apply and Google Pay apps! Improve sales and reduce cart abandonment by eliminating all checkout friction and making the entire process one-click.

Individual items can also be purchased effortlessly and with one click! This plugin provides an easy-to-use twig tag that renders the correct web payment button for the user’s current platform, such as Google Pay on Chrome and Android or Apple Pay on Safari and iOS.

Price: $49 Price includes 1 year of updates. $19/year per site for updates after that.

10. Videos


The video plugin for Craft CMS allows you to connect to YouTube and Vimeo to watch or rip videos for use on your website. Videos are available as plugins that can be attached to any element that supports custom fields such as posts, users, and categories.

Price: $99 Price includes 1 year of updates. $29/year per site for updates after that.

11. Redirect Manager

Redirect Manager

It provides a clean user interface for administrators and non-admins of the Craft plugin that provides an easy way to enter and support 301 and 302 redirects.

This is especially useful if you are migrating pages from an outdated website and want to avoid dead links and maintain your page rank for SEO. However, it is also useful for (big) changes to the site structure (url).

The plugin records and displays the date of the last hit and the number of hits for each redirect visited.

A new (experimental) feature, redirects, also provides an option to enable capture of all pages to handle all non-existent URLs. The plugin registers and counts hits to non-existent pages in other sections and you can easily create new redirect rules directly from missing/non-existent URLs by simply clicking on the URL.

Price: Free

12. Lightkeeper


Lightkeeper adds the Lighthouse test widget to any post or category with a public URL, allowing developers and content editors to test any page without leaving their dashboard.

Also it adds the ability to automatically collect important per-visitor performance metrics to help developers understand metrics such as maximum content rendering, first input delay, cumulative layout offset, and time to first byte.

Price: Free

13. Translator Pro

Translator Pro

Translator Pro is an easy-to-use and powerful multilingual solution for Craft websites, Craft Commerce and other plugins. This plugin makes it easy to manage translations in multiple languages ​​you need.

In addition to “normal” strings, you can also use this plugin to translate development strings. All translations can be accessed and managed directly from the database rather than from the translation files.

Price: $19.99 Price includes 1 year of updates. $9/year per site for updates after that.

14. SearchIt


Set powerful custom filters for advanced searches in the Craft CMS control panel. Use the power of branch and element queries to create endless filter options. Make your customers happy!

Price: $39 Price includes 1 year of updates. $19/year per site for updates after that.

15. Sidebar Shortcuts

Sidebar Shortcuts

This plugin adds the ability to add a simple sidebar link to your Craft CMS dashboard. And it’s useful for quick access to various plugins and other important things!

So, if you have a settings page for a plugin that you visit often, for example “cell/settings appearance”, you can add a shortcut to the sidebar and go there with just one click instead of three! Add shortcuts to or Craft CMS documents to quickly find the information you need!

Price: Free

16. Environment Label

Environment Label

The Environment Label plugin adds a colourful banner to your Craft CMS dashboard so you will never forget the environment you are using. The colour and text of the environmental label is configured using a plug-in configuration file or control panel settings screen.

Price: Free

17. Vanilla Forums

Vanilla Forums

The Vanilla Forums plugin allows you to integrate single sign-on (SSO) with Craft CMS and Vanilla Forums. This means that the Craft CMS login is used for authentication. The user will then be automatically logged into the Vanilla forums without having to log in separately.

Price: Free

18. List Builder

List Builder

List Builder is the best Craft CMS mailing list builder. Increase conversions or completely customize your mailing list with auto-generated inline forms and pop-ups.

Price: $49 Price includes 1 year of updates. $19/year per site for updates after that.

19. Dynamic Email Template Pro

Dynamic Email Template Pro

This plugin allows you to create and manage email templates used on your Craft or Craft Commerce website. Emails can be sent dynamically from applications using tokens.

You can create and manage these tokens and add them to your email templates. Finally, you can also manage email templates in multiple languages ​​and determine who has access to what based on admin and user permissions.

Price: $39 Price includes 1 year of updates. $19/year per site for updates after that.

20. SS Craft Membership

Ss Craft Membership

The SS Craft membership plugin integrates seamlessly with Stripe, allowing you to accept membership payments and protect your content from non-subscribers. This will help you set up your membership integration on your site.

Price: $49 Price includes 1 year of updates. $29/year per site for updates after that.

21. Time Traveler

Time Traveler

The Time Traveler plugin allows users to choose the time zone for their account. When you select a time zone, all dates are immediately displayed in the selected time zone, no additional front-end conversions are required. Additionally, anything you post, including time, will be published in that time zone and converted appropriately to your system’s time zone.

When you enable the plugin, you can use any time zone in the dropdown, but you have full control over which time zone is displayed, and you can even rename your time zone to something better than PHP’s default time zone label.

Price: $29 Price includes 1 year of updates. $10/year per site for updates after that.

22. Express Forms

Express Forms

Express Forms is a powerful form plugin for Craft CMS. It includes all the features available for the built-in Craft Contact Form plugin and more. Simple to use, intuitive and out of the way if you want to create simple forms or handle your own templates and customisations.

It’s designed with a “developer first” mentality to make it scalable. It also includes some built-in and popular API integrations. Don’t waste valuable development time using alternative form plugins. Express Forms makes it easy to fill out forms.

Price: Free or $49 Price includes 1 year of updates. $29/year per site for updates after that.

23. Craft Remote Backup

Craft Remote Backup

Craft Remote Backup makes it easy to create remote backups without leaving the Craft control panel. Along with a few CLI commands, it allows you to take regular snapshots of your databases and resources and keep them safe away from the office.

It provides an easy-to-configure setup page and an interface in Craft’s Utilities section for creating new remote database and volume backups.

Price: $29 Price includes 1 year of updates. $19/year per site for updates after that.

24. Smart Google Analytics

Smart Google Analytics Craft CMS Plugins

This plugin provides access to vast amounts of data related to how users find and interact with your site. For example, you can see how many people visited a particular page, how long they spent there, where the user lived, how a particular keyword performed, and more.

Price: $49 Price includes 1 year of updates. $9/year per site for updates after that.

25. HTML Cache

Html Cache

This plugin generates static HTML files from dynamic Craft CMS projects. Once the HTML file is generated, the web server serves it instead of processing the heavier and slower PHP script. 99% of visitors receive static HTML files.

A cached file can be served thousands of times. That 1% could be a POST request (like an AJAX form). Finally, sections with logins don’t work, and admin panels aren’t cached.

Price: Free


25 Craft CMS Plugins for 2022