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jQuery plugins are constantly being released, and it is no surprise since there is a large community of jQuery developers making these awesome items, and its for good reason as these plugins help us to reduce our work load, giving you outstanding results and with their awesome functionality but the only problem is find them but don’t worry as I been on the search in find the best ones. So today’s collections features 20 new plugins that you really need to check out.

1. Scroll Table Body


Scroll Table Body is a cross-browser lightweight jQuery plugin that allows an html table body to scroll while the header and footer stay fixed. It works with cells that span in multiple columns (colspan), horizontal scrolling and with fixed width or fluid tables. The browser support for this plugin any version of IE8 and up, and with the most recent versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

2. Are You Sure?

Are You Sure

Are-you-sure is a simple and light-weight “dirty form” JQuery Plugin that suits modern browsers. It helps prevent users from losing unsaved HTML Form changes by promoting the user to save/submit.

3. Which Triangle


Which Triangle is a small jQuery plugin that helps you divide up an element into four triangle and test the coordinates on them

4. jQuery File Upload


This plugin provides a single or a multiple file upload that includes a progress bar that will works with any type of server-side platform whether it is with google apps engine, PHP, Ruby on Rails etc that supports any standard HTML form file uploads. This plugins supports any version of IE8+, Firefox, Safari, Opera or Chrome. This plugin also supports the Drag Drop function that is supported in IE10,Firefox,Safari,Opera,Chrome.

5. Zebra Tooltips


Zebra Tooltip is a lightweight jQuery plugins for creating simple but smart & visually attractive tooltips that features nice transitions and that does offer a wide range of configurable options. This plugin detects the edges of the browser window and makes sure that the tooltips always stay in a visible area of the browser by placing them either beneath or above the parent element and shifting them left or right so the tooltip is always visible. This plugin works in all major browsers (Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer 6+)

6. Question Mark


QuestionMark.js triggers a modal window that display the keyboard shortcuts for your app when the user pushes the ? key. It similar to what we see happen on apps like Twitter, Gmail, GitHub etc.

7. Pace


Pace is an automatic page loading progress bar that allow you to get a beautiful progress indicator for your page loads and ajax navigation. You don’t need to hook into any part of your code as Pace will automatically monitor your ajax requests, event loop lag, document ready state, and elements on your page to decide the progress.

Pace supports IE8+, Firefox 3.5+, Safari 4+, Opera 10.5+ and many other modern mobile browsers as well.

8. Conditioner


Conditioner is a javascript library for loading and unloading behaviours based on the state of their surroundings. You can define the required state, conditioner takes it from there. Modules are loaded separate from each other to prevent each other from getting into fights. Conditioners exposes an API that allows for structured peace negotiations between modules. Conditioner is based on RequireJS so you’ll need RequireJS to make it fly

9. Albumize


Albumize is a jquery plugins that lets you manage a collection images in a web page as an album. With albumize you can browser albums, add cover images, switch between albums. This plugin supports nearly all modern browsers.

10. Arbitrary Anchor


With Arbitrary Anchor jQuery plugin you can easily create useful and neat dynamic anchors for scrolling by simply adding a jQuery/CSS selector after the hashtag(#) into your page’s URL. This plugin extends the normal anchor functionality that is an anchor tag with a name vaule attribute will stil get to scrolled to as normal. This same goes for an element with an ID which matches the hash.

11. Livegraph

LiveGraph for jQuery

Live Graph is a jquery plugin for the creation of simple bar charts from a simple JavaScript object or an HTML table. This plugin allows updating of the values used to create the bar chart by dynamically adjusting the height of the bars and rescaling the graph. Charts created with this plugin can easily be linked to a website’s backend using AJAX to allow a graph to automatically update to display a set of data.

12. Captall


Captall is a jQuery plugin that is used to show a caption over an image or any DOM element.  It has a massive amount of options making it adjustable for everyone’s needs. In fact with plugin you can show not only text but also images or links or whatever you like and let them slide, fade or stay fixed.

13. jQuery Form Validation


jQuery Form Validator is an easy way to validate user input while keeping your HTML markup clean from JavaScript code. Though this plugin has a wide range of validation function its design to required as little bit of bandwidth this is achieved by grouping together validation functions in “modules”, making it possible for the programmer to load only those functions that’s needed to validate a particular form

14. Speedo Notify


Speedo Notify is a small, powerful and real customisable jQuery Notify plugin. With this you can advertise your products, announce your users of a promotion, announce your users that you’ll not be available or you can use it as you like.

15. ohSnap!

Oh Snap

Oh Snap! is a simple notification jQuery plugin that is designed to be used in mobile apps for showing alerts. The plugin creates a div with classes .alert .alert-color so you will want to have something like. The alerts are automatically bound to a click event.

16. Bootstrap Switch

Bootstrap switch

Bootstrap Switch is a plugin that you can use to create HTML5 switches using the same Bootstrap Markup for creating radio buttons and checkboxes as switches. All the customisation can be also done using the data-attributes

17. Colpick


Colpick is a simple “photoshop” style jQuery colour picker plugin. It’s interface is familiar for most users and it is lightweight. By only using JS & a single CSS file this plugin can be easy implemented into any type of project. This plugin supports from IE7+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome.

18. HeadShrinker


HeaderShrinker is a simple jQuery plugin that is used to shrink your website header or navigation items when the windows does down below the fold. This plugin is great for those who wanting to create a single page website.

19. ContextJS


ContextJS is a lightweight jQuery solution for contextual menu. Currently there are two versions for this plugin. First is to be used with Twitter Bootstrap (bootstrap.css specifically) and the second is if you don’t want to use bootstrap.css there is a standalone stylesheet to give you the menu a basic style.

20. Immersive Slider


Immersive Slider plugin will let you create a unique slider that changes the whole container to match the viewing slide like we see at Google’s TV website. This plugin will let you assign a background image for each slide without doing all the hard work. You will just need to simply include the latest jQuery library and jQuery Immersive Slider JS & CSS files inside your document head and create some simple HTML markup.


20 New jQuery Plugins Worth Checking Out


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