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GitHub is one of the largest and best open-source community that been hosting millions of public repositories for years as users can easily host their new and innovative projects every day and one of the most popular JavaScript Libraries is jQuery as many developer and even designers are familiar with their functionality and features. So in today’s post is a roundup of the 15 new & just plain awesome jquery plugins that you can find directly on Github and you are certainly welcome to fork these plugins and creative another awesome way of improving these plugins.

1. JCanvas


jCanvas brings the jQuery’s powerful syntax and capability to the HTML5 canvas by allowing you to quickly create canvas-based apps that can utilise layers, animations, events, and much more and jCanvas will works on all modern browsers and platforms, including iOS and Android.

2. Freewall


Freewall is a cross-browser and responsive jQuery plugin that been made to help you create many types of grid layouts: flexible layouts, images layouts, nested grid layouts, metro style layouts, pinterest like layouts . This plugin comes with some nice CSS3 animation effects and call back events. As Freewall is a option for a all-in-one solution for creating dynamic grid layouts for desktop, mobile, and tablet.

3. Flot


Flot is a jQuery plugin that will adds some navigation controls on top of the canvas layer to allow users to pan or zoom the graph. This is even more helpful for the touch screen users.

4. Circliful


Circliful is a jQuery plugin that will help to show statistics inside cicles as it uses the HTML5 canvas to show percentage at center and also using circumference.

5. sGlide


sGlide is a super flexible & light-weight jQuery plugin that generates a simple, feature rich & mobile ready slide which can be customised and styled by using regular CSS

6. TosRUs


TosRUs (Touch Optimized Slider R Us) is a one-stop-shop jQuery plugin for scrolling/swiping through all different kinds of content. On a desktop, tablet or smartphone, inside a HTML element or as a lightbox popup.



Pixelate is a simple library and jQuery plugin that will allow you to pixelate any set of images and optionally reveal them on hover.

8. Block Scroll


Block scroll is a jQuery plugin that help you to turns a set of elements into a blocks and displays them one screen at a time. The idea is to break up your page into chunks for better presentation and user-flow. Block Scroll automatically turns your page responsive.

9. notifIt


NotifIt is a JQuery Plugint that allows you to send notifications of everything you want and when you want, simply and quickly. Easy to learn and use. Customize with your favorite colors, define the size you want, set the opacity, make a sticky one and muc

10. Mappy


Mappy.js is a jQuery plugin that allows you to select places on a map and as well as picking places, with this plugin you can add/edit ones to integrate with your own database.

11. Responsive Lazy Loader


The Responsive lazy loader jQuery plugin  allows you lo load the most appropriate image renditions according to the current breakpoint and to the current display into the CSS grid-system.

12. Shifter


Shifter is a jQuery plugin for simple slide-out mobile navigation. The Shifter plugin works by checking for target elements in the DOM and binding events to them.

13. Sidebars


Slidebars is a jQuery plugin for quickly and easily implementing mobile app-style revealing menus and sidebars into your website.

14. jQuery Tip Cards


jQuery Tip Cards plugin let you create a layout of cards with a card-like interaction that you can see on Google Tips Page. and in this plugin you can use one of several new animation options, so that you can personalise it.

15. noUiSlider


noUiSlider is a lightweight range slider jQuery plugin that offers a wide selection of options and settings, but it is this plugin is less bloated than the jQueryUI slider. As the noUiSlider plugin supports touch on a wide range of devices, including those who are running iOS, Android, Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8.


15 New & Awesome jQuery Plugins on GitHub